Somewhere in your pain you took to the internet to search for the ways you can turn the tables on her and make her love you like she used to. I literally sat in front of my computer for a few months, pounded out 30,000 words and put together the most comprehensive game plan for getting your ex girlfriend back. In my opinion, the age and maturity level of a woman can have a direct correlation to how hard she is willing to fight for a relationship. I am going to talk a lot about each one of these categories so you have a good idea of how this applies to your situation.
I remember dating in high school ten years ago and thinking I knew everything there was to know about relationships.
For example, when I was a senior in high school I remember dating a girl and thinking we had the perfect relationship. We all love to hear those stories of two high school sweethearts beating the odds and ending up together but have you ever taken a look at how challenging those odds are to beat? However, the thing we are trying to focus on here is the actual mentality that girls have at this age in relationships. Between the ages of 15-18 there isn’t going to be much logic behind your girlfriends decisions.
This is really where women start developing a barometer for what they want out of a relationship. The thing I have always found most interesting about this age for women is that they experience a lot of things that they learn they don’t want out of a relationship.
Well, I would have to say that any girl within this age is still going through a maturing process.
Lets assume that this 25 year old woman has just graduated from college, she has just started a new job and she is maturing every single day.
She basically explained to me that when her and her friends were in college they were in party mode.
Believe it or not but pretty much every woman walking the face of the earth wants to have children.
Well, the first thing we have to understand here is that SHE was the one who broke up with you.
Those who are familiar with my work know that I love going into great details on things and this section is going to be no different.
However, before I really dive in to the heart of what made her want to break up with you I feel the need to warn you about something.
Now, I know that is a bit presumptuous of me but I want you to think about something for a second. The point here is simple, assume that your ex girlfriend wasn’t completely honest with you about the cause of the breakup. I am pretty sure that you get what I am saying here since you probably hate how you feel after you fight with your girlfriend. We kind of touched on this above in the age section and we are going to touch on this again here.
Now, I think it goes without saying that I have dealt with a lot of relationships in my life.
As a man I can honestly say that I didn’t start thinking seriously about what it took to create a long lasting relationship (potentially ending in marriage) until I was out of college for a while. Above I established that the average age a woman gets married is 27 years old (really its 26.9 but I rounded up.) How old do you think men are before they get married?
So, we have the men who get married at 30 years old and the women who get married at 27 years old. Women are a little bit different than men in that they have to be re-assured that they are the only one that matters to you every so often. I had a girl once tell me that she shouldn’t have to ask for my attention, I should just know to give it to her.
You see, in their mind if they have to ask you to pay attention to them then that means you didn’t care enough in the first place to give them the attention they feel they are entitled to. Of course, the less attention a woman usually gets the more it drives her nuts and the more she gets upset with you. Lets assume for a moment that the reason that your ex girlfriend broke up with you was because you weren’t giving her enough attention.
So far you not paying enough attention to your girlfriend caused her to think about her insecurities which eventually created resentment towards you for making her feel that way. This resentment she feels is going to lead her down a path that you don’t want her to take, the breakup path. Since you have obviously dated before I am sure you are well aware of this period of time at the beginning of a relationship when everything is absolutely perfect. Though, if every day was like that then I bet relationships start to become kind of boring.
If your girlfriend became addicted to how she was feeling during the honeymoon period it can be a bit troublesome when reality kicks in and she starts to realize that you can’t feel that way forever. Essentially what we have here is a self fulfilling prophecy where she keeps jumping from relationship to relationships wondering why she can’t ever hang on to a man. Speaking personally, I can forgive someone for cheating on me but I couldn’t ever be with that person in a romantic way ever again. Well, truthfully I am one of the most dedicated men you will ever meet when it comes to relationships. Call me crazy but I have this internal belief that most people walking around in the world tend to be good people. In this particular scenario, where your ex girlfriend is the one who broke up with you, you are going to be fighting an uphill battle. Unfortunately, the mere fact that you want your girlfriend back tells me that you are not in a state where you are super emotional. Out of all the couples that I put back together do you know which ones I am the most proud of? If you can take out a piece of paper and actually list out 10 things that are going to change to make sure you are a more successful couple this second time around.
I have always found that people process information a lot better when you number it in steps.
Look, whatever you are doing right now to get your ex girlfriend back is not working so I think it’s time to try a different approach. The one X factor here that I haven’t really gone into is the fact that she was the one who broke up with you. If you try to get her back right now (which I know for a fact you do) it is not going to go very well because she isn’t in the right emotional mindset to take you back.
Lets say that you just received some bad news and you are going to be forced to break it to a woman.
So, as your ex girlfriend sits around waiting for you to beg for her back and you don’t the dynamic begins to slowly change. Well, if you are implementing the no contact rule and not talking to her you are obviously not going to be begging for her back. One of the advantages to owning a large website full of women (like the sister site to this one, Ex Boyfriend Recovery) is that I have a large database of women to quiz on what they are looking for in potential partners. I am obviously going to be letting you in on them but first I feel it is important to explain why it is essential that you become the man of your exes dreams.
No matter how much women insist that they don’t think about things like that I guarantee you that they do. When you give 5,000 women 20 qualities to choose from in describing their perfect man you begin to realize that beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder. Out of the 20 qualities listed I was able to notice three consistent trends among everyone who answered my little survey.
The number one mistake that I see men make when they are trying to get their ex girlfriends back is that their mindset is completely wrong. I want her to respond when I want her to respond and I want her to text me when I want her to text me.
My name is Chris, and I help millions of guys per year improve themselves, and get their ex girlfriends to come running back. We had a big fight that day as I pretty much said she was chatting to another guy again and deleting a lot of the chat history only leaving traces of it. I told her that we should wait a few months before the engagement and take some time apart just so that I could get a little less dependant on her. She eventually came over with her mom and gave me a letter which said that she was breaking up with me. So I have dated this girl for 2 months and a week before prom (I’m in high school), one of her friends told her that I kissed two other girls at a party. I took some time to think things through, went overseas for a couple of days in between and really collected my thoughts.
She’s always the first one to talk face to face we never talk on Facebook or something like that. A sense of desperation may rule their days, so they come looking for the most expeditious way they can make peace with their former girlfriend. You see, most break ups are usually triggered by some kind of fight you had with your ex girlfriend. Perhaps you and your ex girlfriend really did not fight that much, but something happened and it resulted in fire and brimstone raining down upon you.Do You Even Have a Chance of Getting Your Ex Back? So now you are in this dark and dreary place of the mind, wondering if you even have a chance at re-attracting your ex gf. Whatever unfolded, you want her back in your life and you need to figure out what you need to do to help her get over the fight the two of you had. If your relationship with your ex gf blew up because of a horrible fight, you have your work cut out for you. I can’t even say I know everything about how women think and process everything around them. Even your ex-girlfriend does not completely understand all of the confusing emotions running through her mind. I hope so, because this is not going to be a 1,2,3 step plan to get things squared away with your angry ex-girlfriend. And I bet you are still running it through your mind, trying to figure what the heck you did or said that was wrong. Each piece we will discuss should help you build some skills in what you need to know and do in order to turn things around. But I am pretty darn sure I can get you a lot further down the right path than if you were just trying to wing it by yourself. Relationships that succeed and survive conflict and hard times, experience a 5 to 1 ratio of good to bad interactions. Ok, now that you have a pretty decent idea how we are going to spend the next few minutes, let’s just dive right on in. Well, no matter how much you think you know about the underlying reasons why fights unfold, you have much to learn about the psyche of your ex-girlfriend. Anger, Fear, and Love are probably the most powerful emotions you will encounter in your Life. And like a volcano, anger often times is never totally extinguished and can seethe and bubble up underneath. It turns out that the anger that fuels so many of the fights you have had with your ex-girlfriend has  deep biological and psychological roots.
Once unleashed from deep within your brain’s limbic system, these intense feelings can run right on out and crash the party….
And once anger or rage comes bolting out from your inner core, it can sometimes feel like you have lost full control. Typically, pent up feelings can bubble up underneath and all it takes is a few wrong words or actions that will result in the beast being unleashed. I am sure you have experienced these feelings within yourself and undoubtedly you have seen occasions where your ex gf became so upset and angry with you, that you hardly even recognized her. The anger we either carry within us or that forms and bursts out, can easily lead to a transformative event. Unfortunately, more often than not, this transformative event is negative and carries with it some serious adverse effects.
Nevertheless,  once the genie is out of the bottle, it is mighty difficult to put her back in her place. If you guys had a fight which precipitated a break up,  don’t count on her cooling off any time soon. There has been considerable research that shows that our brains, while disposed to morphing into mind states from which anger can come flooding out, is incredibly resilient and capable of dealing with this monster.
Well, a study from the University of Wyoming in which a number of MRI scans were conducted, revealed that our brains are are equipped with all kinds of helpful capabilities. It turns out that our brain hosts within it a capability of buffering and tempering those emotions that it also helps produce.
You said or did something that contributed to starting a fire in the mind of your ex-girlfriend. Well, it is pretty clear that a big, raging fire is building in the mind of your ex girlfriend. Well, according to these researchers, one effective technique is to call upon your ex girlfriend’s brain to help you out. Research shows that it is very difficult to stay angry at someone if you believe they are genuinely sorry for their actions. The data also shows that your ex girlfriend’s  brain chemistry responds very positively when you help her think about a positive accomplishment she once achieved. Once your ex-girlfriend enters into that state of mind, she is much more conducive to listening to what you have to say and potentially agreeing with your recommendations.
Later, when we discuss some of the tactics you can employ, you will see that several of them revolve around forgiveness techniques and and positive imaging. But we are going to have to do something about tearing down that wall of anger your ex gf has raised. Cheating on your Ex or being cheated on, is probably the worst thing that can happen in a relationship. If you cheated on her, then you chances of re-attracting her and re-building trust levels is poor.
On the other hand, if she cheated on you and the discovery of this fact created a terrible fight and a full break in the relationship, ironically, you have a pretty solid chance of resuming the relationship in the future…assuming you wish to do so.
The concern about another affair occurring and the loss of trust can frequently  spearhead angry and resentful feelings. Nevertheless, if you are looking to discover some ways to bring more closure to these past indiscretions and reduce conflict in your relationship, then read on! I mean, we all have some tendencies that lead us to act up and not consistently treat our girlfriends with charm and sensitivity. A big problem emerges when we consistently mistreat and disrespect our girlfriend by word and tone. What I mean is that you and your ex -girlfriend have already fought and I presume that the two of you are no longer an “item”. Namely, helping those of you who wish to re-attract your ex-girlfriend after you find yourself in a bad predicament.
There is nothing wrong with that, so long as it is emerges from a truth…the essence of her and what it means to you. So we are still talking about the things that can really upset our girlfriends to the point of them wanting to break up with us or worse. When I coach the ladies and try to help them with their relationships, one of the common complaints I hear from them is that their Ex “has no clue”. You can be walking around enjoying the day and be completely blind to the internal battle that might be going on in the mind of your girlfriend. This mismatch or lack of understanding you have of your girlfriend’s emotional needs (at that moment), can lead to misunderstandings or even melt downs. It is not always easy and it sure in the heck is far from foolproof, but I think I have you covered on this one.
If the two of you fought and it led hastily to an emotional split, but has all the signs of a very temporary interruption in the relationship, then perhaps the best course of action is to allow for a short “Cooling Off” Period.
That allows for each of you to recover your senses and realize how stupid it was to fight and endanger the relationship.
It does not necessarily mean the entire relationship should be put on a long term hold as that could actually cause more damage. If the two of you had a spat, but the relationship foundation is otherwise solid, then just allow for some time to go by so you each can find a better frame of mind to discuss and resolve the issues.

Later in this post,  I will describe how you go about approaching your girlfriend and solving the issue.
Perhaps, both of you have a practice of nipping these problems in the bud after a few hours have passed.
Sometimes I see couples that have a solid relationship, but then something serious happens that causes anger and emotions to get out of hand and one or both of them declare they are breaking up. How does one go about re-attracting your ex-girlfriend when on the face of everything, the relationship seemed to be pretty solid? But you need to ask yourself some hard questions about the strength and history of the relationship to arrive at whether this is the proper course of action. If your break up falls into this category, then a longer cooling off period probably needs to be put into place. It may take a few weeks for you to gain the proper perspective and experience some much needed healing.
Most guys that come to my website or purchase my ebooks are dealing with what I would characterize as a Final Straw type of Break up with their ex girlfriend.
The relationship has likely taken a turn for the worst and things may have been rocky for a good spell. With this kind of falling out, there is little doubt that the couple (or at least one of the individuals) is fed up. So if you find yourself in this boat, just remember what Yogi Berra said…”It ain’t over, until it’s over”! If you are of the mind to try and win her back, then you will likely be best off by instituting a 21 or 30 day No Contact Period. Ok, so now that the Cooling Off Period or No Contact Period has ended, you should be in a more advantageous position to initiate first contact. I have written extensively about how to reach out to your ex-girlfriend through the strategic use of text messages.
In my e-book, The Texting Bible, I provide numerous examples of “First Contact” text messages designed to get a response from your ex girlfriend. If the two of you had a really bad falling out, then I think it would be effective to reach out in a unique way through a grand gesture.
It is important your ex understand that you are not just sweeping away all of the previous troubles.
Trust me, she has not forgotten the ugly words or acts that may have taken place between the two of you. While making a loving and special gesture will not get you completely off the hook, it can help you with moving through the process that I am about to discuss. So what might be a “grand gesture” that will help get things moving in the right direction?
I can think of a few such as arranging for a bouquet of roses to be delivered to her with a note saying you seriously wish to discuss ways to improve the relationship going forward. Of course, these examples I described above should only be implemented after you have already initially and successfully made contact with your ex girlfriend.
As mentioned, this is usually accomplished through tactical texting which then leads to a Meet-up where the two of you can start patching things up.
I think of the Meet-up following the period of No Contact as the meeting before the MEETING. Once it is clear that you both are wanting the same thing, then it is time to discuss having a more serious discussion about how the two of you can avoid a break up from ever happening again. This is a prime opportunity to suggest you wish to meet with her in a special setting which is what we are going to discuss next!
When you meet to talk to your ex gf be sure it is NOT at the place where the two of you argued. You don’t want any of the those bad memories of the past being resurrected in the current meeting you are about to have. There is a technique that is called “mirroring” which you can use to keep the tone of the discussions positive and constructive. If you move slowly and under full control, as opposed to jerky and nervous movements, your ex girlfriend will likewise follow suit. Don’t immediately go in for a hug unless you are really sure your ex girlfriend is open to your affection. Sometimes the Ex will harbor some resentment and will not be quite ready for physical contact.
One of the first things you want to do is express that you understand why she would be upset about how things evolved. Showing empathy is an anger buster and it is entirely possible your ex girlfriend still harbors some angry feelings. Sometimes the best thing you can do is ask an open ended question and let your ex gf just vent and purge her pent up feelings.
An open ended question is the type of question you ask that can’t be answered with a simple Yes or No.
It can be a huge way to regain trust and help her alleviate whatever pain she may still be holding inside. It is not always easy for someone to share their feelings, particularly if those feelings have been bruised.
Your aim is to reach a stage in the discussion where you each can find some common ground and arrive at a mutually agreed upon solution. Just as you agreed on the problem, now turn your attention to jointly coming up with a solution.
If you and your ex gf are both part of developing a long term solution, the chances of it being implemented and it “sticking” is far greater.
Well, for starters, if you want the solution to stick, then you need to reach down into the psyche. Whatever you choose to do, it needs to stand out in your memories and you both need to participate in the activity to brand it into your psyche. Those actions increases the possibility of both of you sticking with the plan you agreed upon.
She may say all the right things and her outside demeanor may suggest that everything is just fine….but don’t be so quick to believe it. Let’s explore some of the things you can do to regain your ex girlfriend’s trust after the fight. Hugging your girlfriend will give her a much needed sense that you care… that she is safe and that she can count on you. Humans need to be touched and there is a tremendous therapeutic benefits for the hugger and the person being hugged. A hug reduces her stress, helps with regulating her breathing, relaxes the tension she may hold in her body, and aids the immune system. It is only natural for your girlfriend to be somewhat concerned that this making up is just a short term phase and that whatever the problems were before, they may return. Even though it may seem unecessary to you, reassure her that everything is going to work out fine. Make no mistake, working in some make up sex can help forge the trusting bond you seek to re-establish.
When two people quarrel and when there has been a lengthy break in the relationship, the bond or connection between the two lovers is damaged.
Many guys are ready to get on with the next thing, whereas your girlfriend is probably much much inclined to want to cuddle and savor the positive feelings she is experiencing. In those early days and weeks following the re-attraction period, be sure to give your girlfriend a healthy dose of cuddling.
And like the dum dums we can be at times, guys will often experienced self induced forms of amnesia. No matter how often I tell guys about the importance of really “listening” to your girlfriend, they seem to either forget the importance of this skill or they fail to understand how to listen.
I coach men, women, and couples and I am telling you that one of the most common complaints I hear from the ladies is: “He never listens to me”.
To effectively rebuild trust, you need to rebuild the good memories the two of you enjoyed together. Now, I also want you to build new positive memories with your girlfriend in the weeks and months to come. To strengthen that connection and to help ward off any insecurities your girlfriend may have that past negativities will be repeated, simply paint a bright future. Better yet, get her talking about what she want to do with you in the future and what the relationship should look like in the future.
By talking about this, you are helping your girlfriend build ownership into a future that includes YOU and happy times. To demonstrate your goodwill and intentions about improving this problem, you will spend an entire day doing EVERYTHING that your girlfriend wants to do or talk about. You remember that movie with Jim Carey called, “Yes Man” where magically he could not say “No” to anything?
It is usually a fun filled adventure and along the way you will learn something about yourself and your girlfriend.
I saved the best thing I could teach you on this topic of re-attracting your ex girlfriend, for last.
Studies reveal that the most successful couples spend much more of their time saying positive, kind, and considerate things to each other.
Think of each act of kindness or instance of consideration or positive comment as a healthy deposit into your couple’s Trust Account.
Here’s my situation, my ex and I who are 10 years apart have been together for a little over a year and things have been great up until about a month ago.
Give her more time, do 21 days nc and make that nc active and post it social media, so she would miss you..
Hi Amor thanks for your reply, now We also work in the same place, but rarely see each other while at work. Do you think this is a case of grass is greener or if she is just trying to see what else is out there other than me? How do I combat this confusion to show her I am INDEED the one she always thought she was going to marry?
As far as I can tell she has gone out at least 3 times a week for the past two weeks and recently just got back from a weekend party festival this past weekend. Yes, I finished reading the cheating article, and i know that i have to keep blind faith in order to get back with her.
Right when I started begging her to come back I noticed she was talking to me more and even asked to hang out. Maybe you have gone out on a few dates with a man and then suddenly he stopped returning your calls. There are times when something you did or did not do may have hurt the relationship but there are also plenty of times when a man pulls away due to his own insecurities and feelings of inadequacy. If you are dating a man who is not ready for a serious relationship, but he starts getting signals that you want to take the relationship to the next level, this could be something that would cause him to pull away.
Some men may think they are interested in pursuing a serious relationship but when things do start to get serious they get very anxious and may begin to pull away.
When a relationship starts to get serious a lot of men think that they may not be able to spend time with their friends or continue doing the things they used to enjoy doing before they were in a relationship. Many times when a man is falling in love and developing serious feelings for the woman he is with he has a difficult time understanding and dealing with his own feelings. Enterprise ready open source applications are far too few and evaluating them is sometime very tough deal. Zen garden  is an interesting and deeply spiritual aspect of Japanese gardening traditions.
All those plans for the future that you had, all the romantic getaways that you were going to surprise her with aren’t possible anymore. I don’t want you to repeat the same mistakes that occurred in your old relationship with her. I want this relationship to be so good that it would be impossible for another breakup to occur. However, this page doesn’t tell you everything you need to know about getting your ex girlfriend back. So, before we even start looking at the reasons on why she may have broken up with you I think it’s important to look at the stage of life your ex girlfriend is in.
Sure, they may say they are but at this age they have absolutely no idea what they want out of life. Sure, most women are controlled by emotions pretty much all the time but the thing you start to see as they get older is that they start putting more logic into their decisions. You see, in high school they were always under their parents roof and had to abide by the dating rules that they set. However, once they got out of college she began to notice an interesting change in the dynamic. Of course, there are risks associated with having a child later in life and most women are aware of these risks. No, they know if they did that then they would scare away every man within a ten mile radius. In fact, I applaud women who are looking for such a serious commitment but you didn’t come here to hear me praise women who want serious relationships. Now, if we apply what we already know about the super serious mentality (that women are looking for serious relationships) it could potentially mean that when she sat down and really thought things out she didn’t consider your relationship as developing into something that could potentially mean marriage. My point is simple, no matter how bad things were at the end deep down your ex girlfriend probably still cares for you a lot. However, what’s not normal is getting into a fight every other day over unimportant stuff. I remember we would have these horrible fights where we would both say things to each other that we didn’t really mean.
If you were a woman and your main goal when it comes to relationships was to find someone you can marry would you find that type of behavior attractive?
I talk to both men and women every single day about them and when it comes to this particular issue (a mans future potential) there is one thing that I continually see. So, the disconnect that applies to the (future potential) is the fact that your ex girlfriend may already be at the stage where she is looking for something super serious and you aren’t. Most girls are smart enough to know that constantly hounding a guy to pay attention to them isn’t the way to go about a situation. In her mind she probably thinks that she did everything she could (without overstepping her bounds) to get you to pay attention to her.
Lets say that your ex girlfriend broke up with you because of this reason (the honeymoon period being over.) Lets also assume that she has moved on to another guy. Of course, your girlfriend is madly in love with you so she tries to forgive you and decides to stay with you.
Sure, we are all flawed, that just goes with the territory, but underneath all those flaws our hearts are in the right place.
In fact, it could be eating away at her so much that SHE breaks up with you because she feels you deserve better. I mean, you came here looking for a way to get her back if she was the one who broke up with you, of course you think your relationship is worth fighting for.
You know, the type of couple that gets back together and does whatever it takes to stay together?
Take out a piece of paper and tell me exactly what YOU can do differently this time to carry your weight in the relationship?
If you can’t do that then I am afraid to tell you that your ex is not worth fighting for.
So, I have identified 3 key steps to winning back your ex girlfriend assuming that she was the one who broke up with you. Well, you won’t have to worry about that here because I ALWAYS go into great detail to make sure you understand every little thing I am trying to teach you. Of course, doing that at this point is a little risky considering you probably aren’t her favorite person in the world right now. If you are reading this page then that means that your ex was the one who probably broke up with you.
It would be smarter of you to wait until her emotions reset or wait until she starts missing you to get her back. You see, she was probably angry that your relationship failed and that puts her in an angry mood.
Well, a few days ago (since I knew I was writing this guide) I decided to send out a mass email to women quizzing them on the most important traits that a man has to have in order for them to fall in love with that man.

The truth is that if you are able to successfully influence your ex girlfriend you can make her take the actions you wanted her to take if you were to control her. She insisted that we still went on it and that giving her the ring meant that it was a promise to one day get married. Didnt want to speak to me, and her dad pretty much said that I must stay away from her for a while. That she thanked me for how well I took care of her and that how sad she was about her having to hurt me. We talked about marriage and she said she was ready to marry me so when I went and asked her dad for her hand she broke up with me saying she wasnt overjoyed by that so she isnt in love with me. I talked to both of the girls and they said nothing happened and I tried to convince her of this. Just some background info, she’s older than me, around 34 while I am 30, we were together for nearly 2 years as well. After 2 weeks, I sent her a text and she said she was going on a holiday that very day itself, and only back next weekend. But this time she was saying that my hair looks nice and she was really touching it and touching my face and just saying you’re looking better you know. What Do You Do Now?9 Ways To Regain Her Trust After The FightHow do you re-attract your ex-girlfriend after arguing and fighting with her? In this case, both of you are the ultimate losers because the fight resulted in you both losing each other.
Bring up the topic about how much you enjoyed the experience of brainstorming solutions to the relationship issues you both experience. Put yourselves into those nice places that are in your minds  It will awaken the positive neurons of your brains and help with transforming the way your ex girlfriend thinks about you. We started getting into an argument once a week for the whole month over small stupid things that eventually escalated to into a big argument. She often stated that she wanted to marry me but leading up to the break up she was saying she is confused. She has been with me since 16 and hadnt been exposed to that world much (she was always curious about it in our time together). Do you think I should still reach out to her at that time even though she is in this crazy partying phase?
What should i do now if she keeps saying that we are just friends, and she said that she has feeling, but she still does not want to get in the relationship with anyone now.
Perhaps you have been dating a man for a few months and things seemed to be going well and then he begins to seem more distant.
To help shed some light on the subject of why men do the things they do, we put together a list of the top 5 reasons why men pull away. Some men are not interested in pursuing a serious relationship and all they want to do is have sex with an attractive woman. One is that he was only interested in sex and you had sex with him very early in the relationship. If all he is interested in is having sex and you don’t give it to him, he will move on but this is not the type of man you want to be with anyway. There are plenty of men that are looking for a woman to settle down with and start a family.
One reason for this is because although a lot of men want to be in a relationship with a woman, most men don’t want to feel like they are losing their freedom or losing their sense of self.
They may also be worried that their identity is disappearing and being replaced with a new identity of being a couple.
It may not make much sense but if a man has been hurt before in the past, he may actually sabotage a relationship so that he can end it on his terms rather than suffering the pain of falling in love and being dumped again. If things between the two of you are not the same as they were in the beginning, he will lose interest.
Sometimes a man will begin to pull away because he needs a little time and space to figure things out. I want the two of you to connect emotionally on a level that neither of you has ever experienced before.Do You Even Have a Chance of Getting Your Ex Back? Sure, I had been on dates and new a thing or two about women but I had absolutely no clue what it took to have a successful relationship. However, in college they get their first taste of freedom and with that freedom comes an endless possibility of men. On my other site, Ex Boyfriend Recovery, I had an interesting chat with a 25 year old woman who explained this phenomenon to me.
Rather than talking about the latest party they were going to attend they started talking about how they wanted more serious relationships. Thus, it is during this super serious mentality that they begin to realize that their time is very valuable and they can’t waste it on prospects (aka men) who are just going to string them along.
Instead, they opt to get you hooked in the relationship before they let out their true plans, to get married. No, you came here because you want to know what your ex girlfriend is thinking if she is within this age range.
So, rather than sitting around trying to change the past why not focus on how to improve the future?
She may have given you a reason that you think is true but trust me when I say that it could be more than just that reason. Sometimes both of us would scream at the top of our lungs to each other and then after the fight was over we would both frantically apologize and promise it would never happen again.
They mature a lot faster than men do because they realize that their time is much more valuable.
Instead, they’d rather drop hints like breadcrumbs and hope you are smart enough to follow the trail to what they really want.
Well, she is going to be in for a rude awakening because the honeymoon period won’t last forever with this new guy either. If it isn’t, then I know my worth and I would be willing to walk away to find a situation where I know for a fact my dedication will be matched.
Unfortunately, no matter how hard she tries she can’t get past the cheating and it starts to carry over into other aspects of your relationships.
Now, if you haven’t noticed already you may notice that when I write one of these pages I tend to write a lot.
Of course, you can’t only appeal to her on a logical level like most business people try to do. I want you to make her feel like she made a massive mistake because that is really the only way you are going to convince her to take you back. If you could draw a perfect scenario up it would be one where she is the one who begs for you back.
One of the main reasons why we fought was because I said she doesn’t show that much affection towards me and she said I got angry too easily. I spent a lot of time with her at this stage, and I just noticed that she was a lot more pulled back.
She then confronted me about her needing her space and that she was not going to be in a relationship with a detective always over her shoulders. She says she never was in love with me and cant see a future she was just comfortable so she went along with things. The morning after prom I snapchatted her and asked if she wanted to go on a walk with my dog. Or maybe it was just something that happened and you both sort of fell into this break up situation. We would cool off for a day and I would apologize and everything would be fine until the following week. She switched her shift to work a bit earlier than what she normally does and she never does that.
She wants to be with me but she also wants the freedom of being single and being able to go out etc, as all we ever did was devote all of our time to eachother, so much so that I kind of began to smother her.
I’m not sure how to proceed as she is trying to lose herself in the partying world and I feel any effort I put out to contact her will be associated with negative feelings compared to the good feelings shes trying to chase through constantly partying now.
When I sent her flowers to her office she got super mad at me, said I was marking my territory at work (everything I did pushed her away farther).
When a man begins to pull away from a relationship it can be confusing and frustrating for a woman.
A lot of guys are interested in the thrill of the hunt rather than the happiness of a fulfilling and committed relationship. There are also a number of men who are interested in dating and spending time with multiple women but they are not ready to settle into a serious relationship just yet.
This sometimes happens when a woman acted a certain way in the beginning of the relationship when she was trying to attract a man but then her true personality comes out later. If you give him the space he needs, it won’t be long before he is chasing after you once again. I have found that one of the best ways to affect the future when it comes to breakups is to actually understand what caused the relationship to end.
No, when it comes to relationships with women you also have to take the emotional factor into account.
So, in order to achieve this scenario you try way too hard to control things and you end up falling flat on your face.
She replied that she was overwhelmed by how fast we were moving and how she wanted to go back to how we were at the start. After trying my best to convince her that we could make it work and that I could change, I eventually broke down in tears and accepted her decision.
When she came in were both pleasantly surprised but her face lit up so bright when she saw me, and had that beautiful happy smile that I haven’t seen for a while. I finished NC already without giving in, but she replied texts in a long time, and she insists talking to her as a FRIEND. It can often leave the woman wondering what is wrong with her or what she did to drive him away. The other possibility is that you would not have sex with him and when he finally realized it wasn’t going to happen, he moved on. I got slightly suspicious again when I discovered she was watching porn, when she became self righteous about never watching it in the past.
I want her back and love her im just torn because she is very stubborn and determined with her decision.
We both said hi to each other and she touched my arm in a flirty way as I asked how she was doing complimented her hair and kept walking.
She also mentioned that she was worried that breaking up with me could be the biggest mistake she ever made.
She turned me down because during our whole relationship I never said I love you but one time and I took it back.
Besides a phone call immediately followed up with a text message saying I would like to return your clothes.
However, she was kind enough to tell me what my problems were and how I could become a better person. The thing is that I don’t understand why she comes to me just to say me those two things? So I left her alone NC for 6 days when I decided to text her and see if we can talk about things. Sometimes people just grow apart for whatever reason but when things change some men will feel like it’s time to move on. I said that this is not something we can do considering that we were dating already for a few months. I think she got a little scared since her parents had a terrible divorce but I dont want to tell her that.
I told her what my faults were and was mostly apologizing as I knew exactly where I went wrong. I’m just trying to apply the no contact rule, but is it going to work if she’s coming to say Hi and how are you? She said she’s done a lot of thinking and feels we are at different places in our lives and that its best to just not be together. I worked with her that day for about 2 hours and she would ask for my help and call but I kept it professional.
She has not contacted me at all since she asked me a few weeks ago asking what I had been up to.
Since we broke up she has stated she is trying to do things that will help her to think as she is not sure how she feels. We went to look at dresses just a month after I got to her and she like one of them in particular. She texted me the following morning and told me she accepted my apology, we had a text conversation for the next hour going through our realizations and left it there. So of course like any man who wanted to give his girl what she wanted, I put down money for it. First I texted her asking if she was out, then I asked if it was a good time to talk She readily agreed and my emotional self took over again. The following day, I texted her saying I saw this post on Facebook that reminded me of her. I left that day thinking to myself about what had just happened but I didn’t want to put too much thought into it.
After a while she mentioned that while she appreciated me trying to win her back, I had to calm down and collect my thoughts and let things evolve. She texted back saying it was memorable as well, but why was I communicating with her now and not before, when we were a couple?
I haven’t called or text her and have been going to the gym a lot more since this whole break up started 11 days ago. I apologized for blaming her and said that this was just a very stressful situation for me.
She also said that whenever a guy would talk about it with her in the past that she would just feel weirded out, but not with me.
Throughout the months, I realised I had certain insecurities when I felt rejected and would thus become very clingy and needy as well as suspicious whenever she was chatting to another guy on whatsapp of facebook. I then just would send her funny messages or experiences that I went through and then a small reminder text and she would take her time to respond and would sometimes show emotions to this or would just ignore a text. I had my reasons though because she liked to delete her messages and would outright say that she didn’t when I confronted her about it. She agreed and seemed excited but then last minute cancelled because she felt uncomfortable. We kept the same sort of message pattern as before with funny experience then reminder when it fit.
This would lead to the occasional fights where I would just go silent and sulk a little then confront her about what was bothering me.
She would get over sensitive and lash out, and then I would just do my best to quickly resolve the issue. Anyways, as the story goes, we were looking at wedding venues and told all our friends to get ready for it.
We then went to look at rings and as she said she would like the engagement to happen soon and that we could wait a year to get married afterward, I said ok that sounds like a nice idea. Then two nights ago (only 17 days after the breakup I decided it was best that I begin no contact.
She didn’t initiate conversation so I was under the impression that she was just doing it out of guilt. She ignored read the last two messages I sent her but didn’t answer my question about how her eve was. She did however like the pic I uploaded that a mate of mine took of me and she said that she is happy I am enjoying my eve. I agreed eventually, but said she will have to wait and see when I actually give it to her, and then joked about whether I would give it to her. I really want to give it all I got and show her that I am the best version of the person she fell for originally.

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