Whether you want to know the local weather or the weather at a destination, Siri can do it. Best Siri tip I discovered is with the Apple headphones plugged into an iPhone or iPad you can hold the MIDDLE flat button to talk to Siri!
I use Siri more than I did with IOS5 primarily to launch apps, though the sports features are great for checking on my Big 10 teams. I like Siri’s integration with Music as it saves tapping around to play tracks from my music library.
I’ve found Siri to be about worthless for anything except the weather and ready messages. In the last post I gave you some tips that can help to get back with your love and today I want to focus on flirting with text messages and how you can use it as a powerful way to get what you want. As you are leading into flirting with test messages, make sure that you keep it FUN, not intimate and too close.
In addition, if your main goal is to get your ex back and you are looking for a proven text messaging system that can help you doing so then be sure to check this very recommended program. But even though there are tons of perks to texting your crush, there are also some major downsides. Source: ShutterStockGiving One-Word Answers Few things are worse than the dreaded "K" text message from your crush, especially after you've just sent a long text full of feelings. Over-Analyzing Every Text Message He SendsI know that text messages can be frustrating and confusing sometimes (like I said, it's hard to read emotions through words alone), but don't act paranoid and start over-analyzing every single thing he says to you.
I did i kik message him to much now i think he,s ignoring me because he read all my kik messages but wont reply what should i do i really like him i have never felt like this. Give us your juiciest, wildest, weirdest and embarrassingest (it’s a word) hook up stories! The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! Most of it is exactly what others are saying, but I’ll do it to remind me to take clothes out of the washer and dryer, to set meetings, reminders, check sports scores, standings, schedules, stats, movie times, movie reviews, send texts, etc. Use Siri for weather (current and forecast), converting ounces to pounds, writing out posts on forums or emails, when Costco is closing, how to get to Greenlake Park (it will automatically use Maps). When using it to compose a message it doesn’t get it to where anyone would understand it.

This kind of message screams BORING and when you want to flirt with someone, boring is out. It’s only OK to send multiple text if you send them within seconds of each other, as though it were one thought. The real fun starts when you are together in person, so think about how you can wiggle in an invitation to coffee, breakfast, lunch, movies or something like that.
I hope that my blog will help you to get your ex back and that you will find it to be useful for you. As a shy girl, texting has always been a much easier way to break the ice and get to know the dudes I have crushes on.
A lot of times, there is no deeper meaning to his text - most guys don't play games like that.
I understand if she didn’t reply for four days and then a few days later or the next day, she opens the message and replies because it shows she was most likely busy. You can also identify relationships to Siri by assigning contacts to relationships, like wife, girlfriend, dad, mom, brother, cousin, etc. One day, I asked Siri to create a meeting with one of my contacts and it added him as an attendee by default – I did not expect that.
Again, we don’t want you to look desperate or like a stalker before you even get to the flirting part! If you want to keep it even lighter, you could plan something for a group so that it doesn’t feel like there is a lot of pressure. There is much less pressure than speaking on the phone or in person and it just has an easier, more casual vibe. It's fine to make him wait about 20 minutes once in a while, but always making him wait is going to make it seem like you're not interested at all.
I was once talking to this guy who would wait about 5 minutes and then be like, "Uh, hello, lol." No, not LOL.
If you have nothing to add to the conversation except for, "Ugh, so bored at school," just don't. For the best results with sports, you’ll want to be fairly specific with team names, since there is some crossover between different sports. Obviously, in order for this to work you’ll need to have an email address for that person you want to add to your meeting. Hopefully, you’ll be able to use some of the tips here to improve you flirting with test messages, there by improving your score, so to speak.

That makes it much easier to get confused by what someone is really trying to say and that leaves room for some mishaps.
If you text your crush like crazy, you're going to come off as needy and annoying, even if you're not trying to be. There's nothing weird about answering right away - we all have our phones on us all the time! Of course, there are times when a simple "okay" will do, but don't make one-word responses a habit.
If you've noticed that that's what's been happening, stop texting first and make him chase you a little. That guy I mentioned before used to do this to me all the time - he would be all like, "hey," and then proceed to say absolutely nothing of substance. If you're really worried, you can wait about a half hour every once in a while, but don't stress over it so much.
I ignored him for a few days, until it was apparent that it wasn't working - so I gave a polite response about not being interested and he left me alone. There needs to be a happy balance here though, because if you wait too long, like over 24 hours, it sends the message that you aren’t interested at all! Yeah, it was awkward and hard, but I felt a lot better afterwards and I think he respected my honesty. If you're going to text him, have some conversation starters ready and when you sense the convo beginning to drag, end it with a quick, "Oops, just got super busy! I think the kids of today are going to grow up in a world where keyboards are the odd, old device that is rarely used. So keep it to around 10 minutes or so and never more than an hour or two, unless you are honestly busy. If you are too busy to text, a polite message letting them know that you can talk now always works, too.

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