One of the most amazing mysteries to women is knowing when a man is authentically in love with her. For some this may seem gushy, but for those that have truly experienced the ecstasy of true love you know what I’m talking about. Get your free online issue of Bella Petite Magazine today to see what all the buzz is about!
Most women study all the signs of his behaviors and still seem to come up bewildered when it comes to the true knowledge and revelation of his heart- clouded in mysteries  like a sunken treasure in the ocean seas, it becomes her mission to unearth his adoration and affections.Well Ladies, I hate to state the obvious, but the most sure-fire sign of his love for you is when he tells you. When he is willing to risk his heart in your hands, because he is in love with you, he is ready to be fully committed to you.

Despite the old cliche “You Complete Me,” in reality this is the real emotion a man has when he feels that he has found the woman that he wants to spend the rest of his life with, for him he has found his piece of heaven, his real home with the woman that completes his soul. A successful, womanizing lawyer marries the woman of his dreams, who knows nothing of his "extracurricular" activities! Those three little words “I Love You” are like the most important words that can be uttered out of a man’s mouth, and trust me when he says it- he really means it.
So ladies, instead of running around in a tizzy asking all of your lady friends whether or not they think the man is in love with you, look at the clear tale signs that are quite simple, does he walk the walk, and talk the talk that shows you without a doubt his fidelity of love towards you?
Now obviously there are those that can say the words, like a gushing facet, but the real deal-breaker is when he not only say’s these three little gems, but he backs it up with incredible evidence. He has become transparent, honest and above all vulnerable. You have not only become his life, his world his everything but his main priority, with that he is willing to make you the only woman in his life.

He awakens in the morning with you on his mind, and he goes to bed with you on his mind.This man wants to be your everything, and he wants to make everything around you beautiful, he has become your knight in shining armor. He is sincerely tender-hearted, self-sacrificing and this man would not only die for you, but he would live for you. Oh My!When a woman receives this type of love, she has not only reached heavens doors, she is in rapturous amorous love. He is drunk with the scent of her smell, the taste of her lips, and she is everything lovely to him. His feelings come through to the core of his fingertips, when he holds you enough to make you swoon and melt by his love.

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