However, some people do not like the ideas of the hoop nose rings or any other piercing stuff. Every girl needs a good stud; don’t let your mind wander, I’m talking about stud earrings! Multipacks of stud earrings are economical and smart for those of us with multiple ear piercings. Just like sports, body modifications should be fun, so practice piercing safety whenever you play sports or participate in physical exercise.  Summer sports, here we come! The grand prize winner will receive an awesome $50 BodyCandy shopping spree (as well as internet fame and prestige of course)!
Shell necklaces are a fabulous fit.  They combine the sustainability of found product integration with the brilliance of modern technology for a neat embellished look that makes any momma a little more of an earth mother.
The tragus piercing is on my own personal bucket list of things that I want to get done this year. Tragus piercing procedure is as followed: the ear is cleaned and marked with a surgical marker, and then the forceps are used to clamp and secure the ear in place.
Due to the small amount of nerve endings in that area, tragus piercings are generally not too painful.
Photos of tragus and anti-tragus piercings are very popular on social networks such as Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, and Twitter. A long time practice in New Guinea and several Asian countries, nose piercing is increasingly socially acceptable and is an ever growing way to make fashion statement and express one’s personality on the global scale. People are also essentially different and while some are prone to scars especially keloid scars, others may not get any scars at all and yet others may develop small scars that are hardly noticeable. A piercing on the nose don’t result in scars in ordinary circumstances, however several factor such as allergies and infections can lead to scars ranging in size from small scars that are hardly visible to huge scars that are very apparent on the piercing. Nose piercing scars can be classified into two broad categories, namely, common scars and keloid scars. Some people especially those from African and Asian descent are more prone to keloids are at higher risk of developing keloid scars after getting their nose pierced.
One lady in an online forum for example reported getting a nose piercing scar because she used to remove the nose ring every morning when going to work long before the piercing had had time to heal, only to re-insert it later on in the evening.
Changing or removing the jewelry before the piercing has healed fully can also trigger an infection. Nose piercing experts recommend using jewelry made of niobium, stainless steel or titanium as these ones are very unlikely to cause allergic reactions or cause infections.
All the above factors can be downplayed by practicing proper nose piercing aftercare measures which not only reduce the chances of migration of the piercing and formation of scars but also ensure faster healing of a pierced nose.
If you are also extremely worried about getting visible scars, you should consider getting small sized nose rings such as a 20 or go for a septum piercing rather than a nostril piercing since any scars due to septum piercing will be hidden inside the nose. A hypertrophic scar which is also referred to as “The Dreaded Bump” may as well form after you have pierced your nose. Hypertonic scars on a pierced nose can very easily be confused with keloid scars since they don’t drain any pus or fluid.
However, unlike keloids which are usually darker in color and go beyond the boundaries of the piercing area in random shapes, hypertrophic scars are usually tender, red or pink in color and stay within the boundaries of the piercing area (as a ring or small dome around the piercing hole). Unlike keloid scars, hypertrophic scars are also susceptible to bleeding when subjected to trauma such as knocking or scratching, but as with keloid scars, some people are more prone to hypertrophic scars than others. Hypertrophic nose piercing scars heal by themselves after some time unlike keloids which tends to be more permanent. With the exception of keloid scars that require medical attention, most scars that result from piercing your nose fade away by themselves over the years but this can be prohibitively long.
Otherwise you try using sea salt hot compresses or soak, chamomile tea soak, and tea tree oil dab (diluted with some skin-friendly oil to prevent rashes) and topical antibiotic cream and gels among other home remedies to help get rid of nose piercing scar. From fun and playful, to natural tribal nomad, to classic glamour, and even work ready accessories, there’s a trend that is ready and willing to be your new signature style. Think about all the goodness you can get with that: belly rings, nose rings, tongue rings, plugs, lip rings, earrings and so much more.
These piercings are usually performed while you’re lying down, as the thick cartilage requires more pressure to puncture. The tragus gets in the way when talking on the phone, listening with headphones (especially ear buds), or using any kind of earpiece. For instance, a ball captive ring that is too big or too small will irritate the new piercing, stunt healing, and will look silly.

The piercing is placed on the little vertical cartilage ridge above the lobe and next to the intertragal notch, the channel at the bottom opening to the ear canal above the earlobe and below the tragus.
These are contemporary piercings that are rising in popularity among teens and adults alike.
There is however the ever-so-present concern for nose piercing scars especially among those people who plan to have the piercing on for a specified period only, for example, till after school when they will move on to start a career. Piercings on the nose can leave scars for various reasons such as tugging at the nose ring and infection among others that we’ll be looking at in more details in the next section, but the risk of developing scars on your pierced nose can be minimized with appropriate pierced nose aftercare practices.
According to the American Academy of Dermatology, the likelihood of a wound to develop scars increases with increasing magnitude of injury and healing time.
The former are typically flat, small, and red or pick colored and typically fade away over time. The keloid scars can continue growing until they develop into full blown keloids that transcend beyond the injured tissues in the pierced area. This leads to damage to the wound tissues which can culminate in the formation of scars during the healing process. This can happen when someone keeps touching the piercing area with his hands or picking at the scab formed inside the nose with unclean fingers or fingernails. For example, when the jewelry is removed too soon, the hole can block leading to poor drainage of the piercing.
This often happens when jewelry (nose stud, rings or screws) of poor quality are used on anew piercing. For example, using harsh cleaning products such as alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, Betadine, and Neosporin to name but a few can lead to formation of scars.
They can sometimes be characterized by a section of dry flaky skin near the scar area and often continues thickening for as long as six months. However, scar therapies and various home remedies such as sea salt and chamomile soaks can help to speed up the healing process for a hypertrophic scar. So how do you get rid of a scar on your pierced nose without having to wait an eon for it to go away? Before we talk about the nose rings, we should talk about the piercing process of the nose. Without the experience of the nose piercing, it is very difficult to pierce the nose, and it is very dangerous. You do not need about the permanent look of your nose, because you can change the rings for your nose. It looks adorable to wear graduated sized studs, with the smallest gem on the top and the largest on the bottom of the lobe.
Multiple gem earrings going down the ear with a trendy ear hugging stud earring on the bottom looks fantastic.
Large silver or gold tone basic hoops add a little bit of 90’s urban flair to your current style. Just because you have stretched lobes does not mean that you cannot wear trendy hoops as well. It is wise to avoid use of all of those items on the freshly pierced ear for several weeks to allow for proper healing.
You also need to be careful of material if you have sensitive skin: solid grade 23 titanium, 14kt gold, and bioplast body jewelry are all hypoallergenic options that are perfect for a fully healed piercing. Then a 18-14 gauge hollow needle is inserted through the ear, exiting towards the face, where it goes into a receiving tube during the jewelry transfer. Both piercings are very unique, beautiful, and trendy.  The large range of jewelry that can be worn in them makes them very versatile to fit anyone’s personal style.
This article will discuss scars that result from piercing your nose in more details and explain how to get rid of them including the hypertrophic scar.
In that context, any factor that delays the healing process for a pierced nose increases the chances of getting scars. This often leads to chemical healing or drying out of the tissues around the wound leading to formation of scars. Because of those reasons, many people consider the hoop nose rings as the good way to express themselves to the others. Stud earrings are versatile and can be worn from day to night while still being relevant and complimentary to either kind of outfit.
The cartilage in pretty much every part of your ear can be pierced; do not just limit yourself to just lobe piercings.

Even if you only have a single ear piercing you can take part in this trend by using a earring to ear cuff piece of chain jewelry. Tunnel plugs with hoops, especially embellished with beautiful drop dangles to create drama and glamour, are huge right now. Pinterest is THE premier place to go for inspiration of all kinds; it also makes me feel better about life and helps me find new ways to express my piercing addiction. You can wear barbells, studs, or small hoops in this beautiful little piercing, which is a wonderful addition to your style. There’s a much higher chance of contracting germs on those ear pieces as well, which may cause an infection or rub on the piercing, detracting from healing and causing general discomfort.
I think that barbells look more pleasing on a smaller tragus; the BCR can be too overpowering on a small lobe. Both tragus and anti-tragus piercings have a similar procedure, healing time, and aftercare regiment. I love how delicate and girly the tragus and anti-tragus can look with sparkling studs or dangles, and how they can have a little bit more of a rock and roll appearance with a BCR or spiked barbell. The daith, conch, rook, helix, and tragus are just a few of the myriad of options for more unique ear piercings. I can get lost in there for hours gazing endlessly at sexy pierced and tattooed people, alternative fashion, yummy cupcakes, sugary sweet style,  kitten photos, hilarious memes, art, jewelry trends, hair color, makeup and nail tutorials, and basically anything else you would ever need inspiration or motivation to do, be, or create.
Pinning pays off big if you are the lucky winner of the BodyCandy Pin to Win Sweepstakes You have to be in it to Pin it to Win it, so do it!
It’s contemporary, and generally acceptable in the workplace due to its subtle placement.
This may startle you, so be prepared and try to relax, any jumping or movement during the piercing can seriously harm you and cause an inaccurate piercing.
Healing time for a tragus or anti-tragus piercing (or any cartilage piercing for that matter) is anywhere from 3 to 9 months. If you are looking for a piercing that will get you noticed without being too in your face, then the tragus and anti-tragus piercings are for you!
You can remove the jewelry from your body if you want to get the better look of yourself without any accessories. 14kt gold are always a standard, as you can wear a pair of gold and diamond earrings to your wedding, prom, or even to work and they will always remain classic and brilliant.
Pinterest is a dreamy escape from everyday life and a fun place to organize all of those beautiful images that are thrown at us daily in the digital universe.
Follow your piercer’s aftercare guidelines closely; the piercing should be cleaned and observed regularly even after healing to maintain its health. From simple silver or gold cuffs, to dangle and elaborate chain cuffs, you can find them on the runway or on any young street fashionista. Show off your unique point of view by buying the earring in several colors and mix and match the designs to coordinate with your style.
Pinning etiquette suggests that you be yourself, be respectful, and give credit with every pin you upload or repin. Also, if the piercing is placed too deep, it can pass through the ear and cause many problems. Large flower studs, simple gemstones, cute little animals, bows, pearls, gold or silver ball studs, and many more styles are available. It is so important to gather and curate the pins that inspire you to live the life you want to live and be the person you want to be. As always, make sure you are getting pierced by a professional and stay very still during the procedure.
Because the tissue is vertical, getting the piercing at the proper angle is integral to the anti-tragus piercing’s success.
It means that you have found a true professional who cares more about your safety than money.

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