Mary reasons that, because Ariel was a princess, she surely had to learn to be literate at some point in her life.
So why does Ariel waste all her time playing charades with Prince Eric, instead of slipping him a post-it note with “MERMAID. The Huffington Post originally shared the post from Mary’s Facebook, and Buzzfeed picked it up from there.
Walt Disney’s 1989 contemporary film version of The Little Mermaid and consequent story books were a return for Disney to the traditional story genre.
Like Hans Christian Andersen’s Little Mermaid, Ariel too is interested in the world above and she wants to experience it all. One day whilst disobeying her father she rescues and consequently falls in love with a handsome prince named Eric.
Ariel seeks out the sea-witch Ursula, with whom she strikes a deal where by Ursula turns her tail into legs for the exchange of Ariel’s beautiful voice. With some help from her animal friends the day is saved and Ariel gets her 'Happily Ever After' ending after all.
I know that some rides like Star Tours, and Toy Story Mania, by necessity need to use screens as part of the ride. In Ariel's transformation to a human, why not use an animatronic with fiber optic sparklers around her legs, or even a Pepper's Ghost trick to make it look like her fin changes into legs? And why have a screen Ariel overheard when I guess they could have built a little Ariel animatronic to make it look like the real Little Mermaid is circling above? Maybe that's a good thing as it might mean that there is some space behind these screens that they could use to put in a real scene. I just ask because the screens are very close to the ride vehicle, just figured there was a wall a foot behind them or something.
I personally have no problem with the use of screens where it is appropriate, it's not like the entire Mermaid ride is nothing but screens they are only used in three place (best I can remember). And at the risk of starting another argument, I just don't understand you deep seated hatred of this ride? I would also say that I love the BoG restaurant area, and that 7DMT just might turn out to be a very nice ride if they had the same level of details. What I really would like to see would be a diagram that shows the space in the Mermaid show building, as far as screens are concerned. Plus, I believe there were rumors that the old plans for FLE used some really neat magic trick where Cinderella would transform from the maid into a ball gown in front of guests eyes.
I figure that a Pepper's Ghost type trick could be used to switch between two version of Ariel, perhaps masking the transition with the use of fiber optic pixie dust or something.
I haven't ridden Potter or even Spiderman yet, I always just visited Disney parks in Orlando, though I am interested to see Potter in the future when I make it back out there. Maybe this diagram explains why some scenes don't have a lot of real estate to play with.
The ride would be better if they had real actresses playing every Ariel animatronic and interacting with each guest.
I'm not known for giving Disney any slack, but at what point do you say people are being unreasonable.
Peter Pan has the pirate ship flying to London, a nice little scene with a fiber optic (I guess) pirate boat at the end, much more whimsical than Peter Pan, Wendy, and the lost boys lining up to wave good-bye. Remember, Mermaid will be where it is for a long time, probably four decades or more, I think it is better to do it right the first time and let the quality bring people back into the parks. The Little Mermaid is a great Disney release perfect for the kids that grew up on it and want to relive the tale or new kids that need a little gem to watch.
When Snow White almost drowns while she is on the run from Regina's guards, Ariel saves her just in time. When Regina, who's currently in Neverland and searching for her son, Henry, who's been kidnapped by the malevolent Peter Pan, stumbles upon Rumplestiltskin, she suggests that the two of them join forces in order to defeat the demon child.
Rumple and Regina give Ariel a briefing on what she must do once in Storybrooke and Rumple gives her a shell, instructing her to give it to Belle as she'll know what to do with it. Ariel, who's been dolled up by Belle, struggles to walk in heels as her new best friend aids her towards her true love, Prince Eric, who, in Storybrooke, is the local fishmonger.
After Regina undoes the Dark Curse in order a vanquish a threat brought on by Peter Pan, everyone in Storybrooke is transported back to the Enchanted Forest, including Ariel and Eric. In Storybrooke, Zelena uses her magic to disguise herself as Ariel, pretending to wash up on the shore where she's found by David and Mary Margaret, who take her to Granny's Diner after she explains that she's been searching every known realm for Prince Eric, who's been missing ever since the new curse hit. Because Black Beard was using the Jolly Roger to torment so many people, including some royals from Arendelle, the Queen used her magic to miniaturize the ship and trap it in a bottle. In which case, the problem must be that Ariel doesn’t understand how dingle-whozits (translation: pens) work.
In the comments of both, fans have tried to justify Ariel’s behavior, saying that not revealing the bargain with Ursula may have been a clause in the contract, or Ariel knew saying a sea witch stole her voice would make her look completely insane. Like many of Disney's more modern evil women, she is represented as overweight and powerful.
Not since Sleeping Beauty in 1959 had there been a traditional story reworked in the Disney formula.
However her plans are nearly thwarted by Ursula who poses as a beautiful princess with Ariels voice.

It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. I know that there are screens used extensively in Mermaid, but I guess I just chalked it up to limited space, but now I'm not so sure. Maybe this is why it is hard (at least for me) to get into the magic of the ride as you switch between screens and animatronics and nothing feels like it is connected. The screens are just another tool in the imgineers toolbox, I see not reasonnot to use them.
You can't deny it, this is the second thread you have started to criticize elements of the ride, not to mention discussions in other threads. I can't imagine disliking a ride SO much that I would feel the need to continually post about it on a website. I really think the animated effect for the transformation works better than any animitronic would. Toad where Toad winds up in hell and the ride ends, which I think kind of works as it is part of the story, and is a neat scene visually. Unlike so many other animation studios the Disney classics always manage to hold up over the years. An optimistic, charming and romantic mermaid, who fell in love with a human after rescuing him from a shipwreck. Rumple tells her that the only way to kill him is to die yourself, and so Regina suggests that they instead simply find a way to contain him long enough to get Henry back. The mermaid is a tad offended when she sees him chopping fish by the docks, thinking it means he may not like her, but Belle convinces Ariel to go to him, and she obliges.
However, Eric is soon kidnapped by a band of vicious pirates aboard a ship known as the Jolly Roger, and so she assumes his captor is Captain Hook.
They ask Hook, who's memories are still in tact, if he came across Eric during the missing year, but he lies and says that he did not, going on to escort "Ariel" to Mr.
However, Ariel was swept up in the spell, meaning she's brought to Storybrooke while trapped inside when Ursula opens an underwater portal in order to retrieve the ship. When Ariel seeks her help she informs Ariel that it will cost her her voice then and that to 'get your man' you dont need a voice. Perhaps the fact that The Little Mermaid was a box office hit encouraged Disney's consequent string of traditional stories such as Beauty and the Beast and Aladdin. Of the three uses in Mermaid the I like the overhead one the best, I don't thing they could have gotten anywhere near the same effect if they had used animatronics. So don’t miss out, pick up The Little Mermaid on Blu-ray before Disney closes the vault once again on this classic. Like all mermaids during a year's highest tide, Ariel was granted legs by the mythical sea goddess Ursula, and planned on using that to her advantage to gain her beloved prince's heart. When they reach shore, Ariel reveals that she's in love with a prince named Eric, whom she previously saved during a shipwreck.
Rumple reveals that he may have something back in his shop that could do just that, but has no way to cross realms in order to get there. Eric soon notices her, remembering her from their brief encounter back in the Enchanted Forest, and after he removes his gloves he immediately grabs her and passionately kisses her, much to Ariel's, and an onlooking Belle's, delight. She ambushes Hook in an ally one night and holds a dagger to his throat - one that one of Eric's men found in the armory of the ship and used to escape - but it soon become apparent that Hook hasn't seen the Jolly Roger since the curse undid.
Gold's shop in the hopes of finding one of Eric's possessions and using a locator spell to track him. With a distilled version of Wonderland's mushrooms, she and Hook regrow it, breaking the bottle and freeing Ariel.
Rather, she suggests that Ariel needs to remember the powerof 'body language' and that men dont 'like a lot of blabber..
Also, in DCA space was an issue, since they built Mermaid to fit into an existing space in the park, so the size and shape of the ride was constrained by the space they had to work with.
If I remember right, the top shot is not really visible for a long period of time and was more of a transition turn. However, not everything went according to plan, and Ariel had to go for many years as a mermaid, alone, and mute.
Regina then leads him to a beach and uses a conch shell to summon the mute mermaid Ariel, who holds a grudge against the former Queen. Before long, a noise is heard in the sky as the Jolly Roger tears through the protection spell and heads downwards, containing all those who journeyed to Neverland to save Henry, and some additions. He inspects the dagger and notices the signature of Black Beard, deciding to pursue the notorious pirate and claim his ship back, and Ariel tags along, wanting to be reunited with her prince. Hook finds his cloak, which they then follow to the docks, watching as it's sucked under water. When Ursula throws Hook overboard out of anger, Ariel rescues him, telling the unconscious pirate that he can thank her later before hauling him onto his ship. But eventually, new opportunities arose for her to finally get her happy ending, and she's going to do all that it takes to ensure that she gets it. Ariel then turns her tail into legs, stating that it's a gift given by a sea goddess, Ursula. Regina uses her magic to give Ariel her voice back and asks for her help, giving her the magical bracelet that will grant her legs and offering to make this transition permanent should Ariel retrieve a helpful magical item for them to use against Pan.

Belle is ecstatic that Rumple has returned to town, and before long, the ship docks, allowing Ariel to reunite with old friends such as Snow White. On the way, the cloak given to her by Eric gets caught in a bush and Hook tears it with his hook to break her free, much to her dismay.
They deduce that he drowned, and "Ariel" is devastated, leading Hook to admit how he betrayed her during the missing year. He soon comes to, and Ariel slaps him around the face for making Black Beard walk the plank before he could tell her where Eric was.
After she rescues the prince and falls madly in love, her interest turns from material to romantic desire. I know it is post-wedding for Ariel, but she got married on a ship, and the scene looks very cramped. They then attend the ball, during which, Ariel dances with Eric, and he seems to like her back. The mermaid questions why she would help Regina, and the latter explains that the place she's sending Ariel (as mermaids are able to cross realms) has her beloved Prince Eric among its residents. They soon find out that the shell projects a message recorded by Rumple and in it, he asks Belle to find an item in his shop. The mermaid then presumably leaves with Eric and begins staying with him, the two of them happy to have been reunited with one another. She begins berating him, but he doesn't care, and she goes on to admit how surprised she was to hear that Hook might have been involved in Eric's kidnapping due to all the stories she heard of him being a hero helping Snow White reunite with her family in Neverland; Hook denies these claims, making clear that he's a pirate and nothing more. She appears disgusted, and makes him swear he's sorry on the name of the woman he loves, and he swears on Emma Swan.
She explains how she saved that awful man in order to get the information she needed, and the circumstances surrounding the Jolly Roger's entrapment.
In the end of the story, with no real cost to herself Ariel gets her man and everything else she 'wants' too. He claims to have seen her before in his dreams and concludes it was a gift given by Ursula. They soon arrive at the ship, and as Hook and Black Beard sword fight, Ariel searches for Eric, but he's nowhere to be found.
This then allows her to curse his lips, before revealing herself as Zelena and informing him of Ariel's true fate, as well as explaining that the next time his lips touch Emma Swan's, her magic will be drained. She thanks him for freeing her, and goes on to point out the flaws in his plan to restore Ursula's singing voice (and thus her happy ending).
Disney turned the story from a 'meditation on spiritual values into a much more conventional tale in which the heroine is rewarded at the end with a marriage- an ending that Andersen specifically rejects’ (Hastings 2004).
She puts it in the cabinet it once lived in, and once in place, a magical light appears, unlocking a hidden door.
She resurfaces just as Black Beard is about to be killed but manages to stop Hook from doing so, pointing out that only he knows where Eric is and needs to tell them.
Emma, who's being trained in magic by Regina, hears of where Ariel is and uses mirror magic to check up on her, seeing her and her prince kissing passionately on a beach, very happy together. The mermaid uses her underwater portals to bring Ursula's father, King Poseidon, over to Storybrooke. Black Beard laughs when he realizes this entire event was a rescue mission, mocking Hook for having gone soft, and reveals that Eric has been stranded on a deserted island.
He returns his daughter's singing voice and brings her home with him, while Ariel presumably returns to her prince. He refuses to tell them where unless Hook gives up the Jolly Roger, but he refuses, making Black Beard walk the plank.
Regina, disguises herself as the goddess and gives the mermaid a way for her to keep her legs.
However, before they can leave, the two unwelcome visitors arrive with guns and tie the two girls up. Ariel is dismayed, now unable to find out the whereabouts of her true love, and removes the enchanted bracelet which grants her legs and swims away into the ocean, saving Black Beard in order to get the information she needs. The Evil Queen then shows up, revealing her true identity, and she forces Ariel to leave with her love, for if she doesn't, both she and Snow will suffer. The girls manage to escape their binds by turning Ariel into a mermaid again, and once free, they head to the mines and stop the men from destroying the item.
When Snow White casts a new curse, Ariel and Eric are outside its proximity and so are able to remain in the Enchanted Forest, living out their happy ending with one another. They become upset and state they were only trying to save their sister, whom Pan has prisoner. However, when she attempts to call out for him, she discovers that Regina has taken her voice. Later on, Ariel swims back to Neverland to deliver Pandora's Box, and in return, she is given full control over her legs and tail.

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