Shortly after the broadcast, around January 1970, two bootlegs surfaced that contained recordings of the exact same acetate that was used for the WKBW broadcast.
For completeness, the audio file presented here features the end snippet found on The Get Back Journals 1 edited onto the end. This is a longer 5-minute edit but otherwise, it sounds the same as the 4-minute edit on compilation three.
Finally, after this song ends, the tape ends, and the DJ recaps again, reading a small passage fromthe September 20, 1969 Rolling Stone article.
Paul a explique que Get Back etait a l’origine une chanson engagee, et les maquettes montrent qu’il voulait au depart brocarder ceux qui pensaient que les immigrants vivants en Angleterre devaient etre expulses du pays.
Lorsque la chanson fut enregistree, les paroles avaient ete reecrites et parlaient de jojo, de Tucson, Arizona (Linda Eastman avait vecu durant un temps a Tucson), et de Loretta Martin, qui pensait qu’elle etait une femme, mais qui n’etait qu’un homme (« Thought she was a woman but she was an another man »). And yes, I wondered about the bare, and very dirty, feet as well… I very much doubt it adds in any way to the image itself. The last one is clearly supposed to be Beauty and The Beast, but my first thought was Le Petit Prince. The Beatles along with Billy Preston on keyboards played in the cold wind for 42 minutes, about half of which ended up in the film.
The rooftop at 3 Savile Row still looks similar to to when The Beatles played their concert in 1969.

This is one of the only photos taken that day that shows John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Ringo Starr & Bill Preston in the same frame. Way down the street on the opposite site (I'd say number 10 or 12) is a police headquarter, I think it was already there when they played the concert. Lisa Corbett:March 23, 2013 at 6:25 pmIs it possible to buy prints of the Saville Row concert ? This would be Glyn's second compilation and was constructed with the intent for future release but, essentially, it became the prototype for compilations 3 and 4. The home taper had recorded over the second half of track 4, all of track 5 and the first half of track 6 for this song.
Chantee du point de vue de quelqu’un qui « ne peut pas supporter que les etrangers viennent voler le travail des gens », elle leur enjoignait de rentrer chez eux (« get back ») ; mais la satire aurait trop facilement pu etre mal comprise. La chanson se classa en tete des charts en Angleterre, aux Etats-Unis, en Australie, au Canada, en Allemagne et en France. Wendy has dirty feet because she explored Neverland with Peter Pan and it would make sense considering that she was only wearing slippers when she flew over there.
What Do Actors Brian Austin Green, David Faustino, Mark Wahlberg & Scott Caan Have In Common??? Des annees plus tard, Paul repondait aux questions de journalistes qui avaient entendu des editions pirates de cette version et qui se demandaient s’ils avaient eu une periode raciste, repondait-il.

Parce que c’etait un rock, on supposa que le retour en question etait un retour aux sources, et la publicite qu’Apple fit dans les journaux pour l’album, dont le slogan etait « Les Beatles comme la nature les a voulus », sembla confirmer cette hypothese.
En esta gira Macca pasa por Brasil y mete mas de 184.000 personas en un solo show en el Maracana.Imperdible!! The second release was titled The Silver Album Of The World's Greatest (Jarris Records) which featured several songs but not the entire acetate. This is amazing and I am still trying to figure out the method used to make the models stay in the air without motion blurs. This demonstrates that WKBW's actual source tape for the Get Back broadcast featured only one channel of stereo. C’est le premier morceau live des Beatles, en cette ere electronique, et aucun machin electronique n’a ete utilise. Since they feature none of the DJ dialog heard in the broadcast, the bootlegs can surely be sourced directly back to the acetate. Perhaps the person who taped the acetate didn't realize it or it was done intentionally to preserve the unique integrity of the original acetate.

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