That’s right, iPhone users can choose to selectively send an SMS text message instead of the iMessage to the recipient. Note: With iPhones that have iOS text-to-speech enabled you will need to tap the > arrow button to reveal this additional texting option.
The message should immediately send as a text, which can be identified as such because the speech bubble will appear as green rather than blue.
Do be aware that by sending messages as text SMS rather than over iMessage you man incur charges with your cell provider, depending on what your text messaging plan allows for. This is a function since iOS 5, and it only works when the message is sent but not delivered.
As far as I can tell, you can’t turn off iMessage for people unless you remove their email address from the Contact, or go back to the old Nokia way of doing things with multiple entries for each person.
The recipient probably doesn’t  have that specific email address linked to your name in their address book and so instead of your name, your email address will appear as the sender. Your conversations might be split into multiple conversations because your texts send as an iMessage  are perceived as being from a different sender that those send as SMS. Because you as the iMessage sender are not directly affected by this issue you are probably not aware it is happening until a frustrated colleague or friend points it out to you. Now go on and share this with all of your friends that have been sending you messages from their email address. Hi Lolag, if your text is send with iMessage (blue) than you will not be billed individually for your text.
I know this is an older conversation but my wife’s 5C was sending text from her icloud acct. When my fiance iMsgs me sometimes his number shows up and not his name that’s in my contacts? Hi Bella, please make sure your iMessage is turned on at the top of your Messages settings screen and refer to this apple support article if you need more help. Hi Laurie, Check to see if your iMessage is turned on at the top of your Messages settings screen. Find the Best Cell Phone and Plan for You PhoneDog's innovative comparison tool can help you save on cell phones and plans.
I really like using iMessage, and text messaging is okay until you’ve used something like iMessage. I don’t think that taking one of these pre-existing applications and making them stock on every platform should ever happen (they each have their own issues, after all) but I do think it’s time to redesign the standard text messaging system to include more options. Which is, in my opinion, exactly how SMS should be at this point: used on an as-needed basis. It’s obviously not the end of the world, having to switch from one to the other (or switching between multiple messaging platforms, for some) but I do feel like messaging could be simplified by just enhancing stock text message applications throughout all platforms. Previous ArticleWith such an isolated release, will LG's G series continue to live in the shadows? If you just recently upgraded to an iPhone for the first time, you’re more than likely checking out all the new features and familiarizing yourself with the user interface and all the apps. You might be asking what the heck is going on with the different colors in the Messages app; some of the conversations are blue, while others have a green theme. Before you had an iPhone, you were most likely text messaging friends and family the traditional way, where text messages are sent through cellular towers — the same way that phone calls are made. Secondly, text messages are limited to 160 characters, while iMessages can be as long as they want.
Whilst an SMS message MAY take a few seconds under normal conditions, an SMS can take hours at times such as New Years Eve.
I just switched from an iphone to a windows phone and none of the texts I send are being replied to. My friends don’t receive my messages and I have no idea how to get rid if I messages. Shouldn’t you leave it on but then turn on Send as SMS when iMessage is not available?
Can you receive or send any text message through iMessage if you’re not connected to wifi?
November 19, 2012 By Jaden Easton-Ellett 3 Comments iMessage is a great service that allows you to send messages to other iOS devices through a Wi-Fi network. Step 3) – When you find an iMessage that has failed to send you will want to tap and hold until you see the Send as Text Message option appear.

You can actually skip the whole process and temporarily turn off iMessage in Settings -> Messages. The open-source nature of Android, offers plenty of room for third party developers to create something innovative. For sending iMessage remotely from Android or Windows, you need to download the jailbreak tweak called as “Remote Messages”. When you install the Remote Messages app, it will integrate itself with the iMessages, contacts, and other message-related stuff. From the security point of view, you can easily control the ports you want to connect to when you are using the Remote Messages app. For downloading the Remote Messages app, go to Cydia store from your jailbroken iOS 8 device and search for the app in the BigBoss repository. It is a fact that only a small percentage of people will utilize this tweak for serving their requirements. Additionally, there are times when trying to send a message through iMessage is slower than sending text messages, or they won’t deliver at all due to some unforeseen error. SMS has the wonderful advantage of working under just about any reception situation, and of course it works when Apple’s iMessage servers are down too. Though many carriers offer unlimited texting plans, many users have downsized their general SMS plans if not canceled them outright, and began to rely instead on iMessage exclusively, which is free. Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! Start conversations did not give me the option to choose phone number and the phone number was not there, nor could I add it. Then in Settings go to General, scroll down to Reset then select “Reset Your Network Settings.” Once everything has reset, make sure you are connected to Wi-fi.
You have probably noticed this before, as some of the messages that you send will show up with a green background, while some have a blue background.
But if you share an iPad or Mac computer with another person, you might not want them to see your iMessages on that device. So if you decide later that you want to use iMessage again, you can simply follow the steps in this article to return to the same menu and turn iMessage back on. You will know that it is turned off when there is no green shading around the button, as in the image below.
This article will show you the simple steps needed to see the timestamp for a text message on the iPhone.
You can easily create group messages, share images (and gifs!), see when the other person has read a text message (if they enable it) or see when they’re replying with an ellipses bubble next to their name when they’re typing, and send and receive messages faster than standard text messages.
It’s not just iMessage either; there are other messaging platforms that “do” messaging better than standard text messaging as well. Stop with the restrictive, respective messaging apps and let smartphone users communicate with each other as effectively as possible, no matter what platform they’re using. Plus, the service syncs between all of your Apple devices, so if you get an iMessage from someone, a notification will pop up on all of your devices at once, and you can answer on any of your Apple devices.
There’s certainly nothing wrong with this, but there are some downsides to traditional text messaging. With iMessage, you can register multiple emails so that friends and family can send you iMessages to any of the email addresses you have registered. While it does use up data if you’re out and about, it uses very little data, seeing how a single iMessage is merely bytes of data (compared to your monthly data allotment of 2 billion bytes per month, or 2GB on average, depending on your plan). The lack of reliability is why the emergency services never rely on SMS and use 2 way radio or pagers where there is confirmation of a timely receipt.
After a few days, I realized that the responses were going to my old iphone, not the new phone. This avoids having to use up your text message allotment, and can additionally help you avoid roaming charges. Keep in mind that an iMessage will be on a blue background, whereas a text message will appear on a green background. When you see this option, tap on it and your iMessage will be sent as a text message instead.
This is the reason why Android hosts some extraordinary features that iOS still cannot offer. It also accesses your camera roll for making it possible to send and receive messages from any web browser that can communicate with your iOS 8 hardware.

Enter the IP addresses that you noted in the last step followed by “:” and then the port number. The messages that have the green background are regular SMS text messages, and they are for conversations that take place with people using non-Apple products, such as an Android or Blackberry device. The solution to this is to turn off the iMessage feature on your iPhone, and instead send everything from the Messages app as a text message. As you have probably figured out, this list is just a small piece of the pie that represents the amount of messaging apps available to smartphones. It’s great (well, I think it is) but there’s one major problem that I have with it - not everybody I talk to uses an iPhone, and the likelihood of that ever being the case is zero. SMS and MMS as we know it takes a while, and creating groups with standard texting can be a total nightmare. Furthermore, iPhone users can have both their phone number and email addresses registered with iMessage. Could it be that the folks I text have me in their phone as an imessage contact and that is why they are getting the “can not be delivered” message?
My hb, who also has an iPhone, gets messages I sent weeks ago out of the blue, and lately messages I send do not go through. It of course also allows iPod Touch and iPad users to take part in Apple’s messaging experience. When you talk about sending and receiving messages remotely on your PC, Android will offer plenty of solutions in this regard.
It is a nice idea to set a lengthy username and password so that the intruders don’t use your iMessage feature remotely. Nonetheless, this app shows that you can perform innovative functions on your iOS 8 devices, once you jailbreak them.
But you don’t have to wait forever to send out your message, because if you have any cellular signal at all on the iPhone you can fall back to sending texts. Ultimately that potential just means you should be cautious of sending messages as texts like this, since even if you have unlimited SMS the recipient may not. Just for grins I turned off the imessage option then turned it back on and her phone number magically appeared as an option to send from. On the surface, iMessage doesn’t look like it does anything differently from standard text messages except for turn your speech bubbles blue instead of green so that you know when you're communicating with a fellow iBro and you can pat each other on the backs for using the same platform. I just wish that a system similar to iMessage could be put into place of the standard text messaging system.
Essentially, conversations in blue are iMessages, while conversations in green are regular text messages.
With iMessage, it’s almost instantaneous, just like an IM conversation on the computer. So for example, if I wanted to send an iMessage to an OS X user, I would send it to his registered email rather than a phone number. Since I cannot tell right away that the message is not delivered, it’s been very inconvenient.
However, you can play around with the features and get access to your iMessage from any network of the world.
It is difficult that Apple will provide this feature by default on their devices due to security issues. And I’m not saying that because I currently use iOS, it’s just because iMessage has become my favorite stock-yet-exclusive messaging system for smartphones.
When you jailbreak your iOS 8 device, you can send iMessage from Android or Windows using their web browsers. It also supports 64-bit devices alongside every other piece of hardware that can run iOS 8.
Simply pay $4 fee for buying the jailbreak tweak Remote Messages and send iMessage from Android and Windows. In this article, I will show you how to send remote messages for iOS 8 devices using your Windows PC, or Android device. I have erased the phone completely, have a new SIM card and started phone as new, no restoration.

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