Since these applications are e-mail based, they don't provide the same speed of communication as an instant messaging service. There are a number of services available allowing users to send text messages from computer.
The service offered by Textem allows Internet users to send text messages from the company's website at no charge. People who want to use a very simple service to send online text messages may want to consider SMSEverywhere.
The Text4Free service allows users to send text messages from their computers, as well as photos, audio files and graphics.
People who are interested in using the OnlineTextMessage service simply type in the recipient's cell phone number, the sender's e-mail address and the subject line. Instant messaging is a quick way to communicate back and forth, but it isn’t much help if the person on the other end of the conversation has stepped away from the computer.
There are two separate methods for sending an SMS (text message) to your chat partner, depending on whether you currently have an active conversation going with the contact. If you don’t already have your friend’s number saved in your contact details, type the phone number in the text box using the standard phone number formatting of “(555) 555-5555.” Click “OK” to bring up a new instant message window specifically for sending text messages.
Type your instant message as you normally would and click “Send” to send the message as a text.  Keep in mind that uncle Bob may not have a text package and receiving text messages could end up costing him money, so it’s a good idea to call first and make sure he wants to get texts from you.
Even if you didn’t already have an open messaging window or your chatting buddy isn’t currently online, there is still an option for sending text messages.
To plan ahead for future text messaging in case you don’t always have a family member’s number handy, Yahoo Messenger lets you save a cell phone number ahead of time.

Open the “Primary” tab and type the cell number in the text box labeled “Mobile.” Save the number by clicking the “Save and Close” button at the bottom of the window. With the contact’s cell number saved you are now able to get in touch with coworkers or engage in fun banter with friends and family through text messages without having to leave your computer or pick up your own cell phone. Tech Tips Weekly - If you don't want our Tech Tips newsletter every day, then sign up for this weekly newsletter to get the best information of the week. WorldStart's Daily Deals - Every week, we send out great deals in our Daily Deals newsletter. Just For Grins - Each issue includes a couple clean jokes, some funny quotes, and a hilarious reader's story. Depending on the cell phone provider, long messages may be cut off or split into multiple texts. Not everyone checks their e-mail regularly throughout the day, which may create a lag time between the time the message was sent and when the recipient sees it.
The recipient of the message will be billed at the normal rate set by his or her cell phone company. To reduce the risk of people using its service to send harassing or offensive messages, each outgoing message is tagged with the sender's IP address. The sender must also choose the recipient's cell phone carrier from a pull-down list of international providers.
If you have an urgent message that needs to get to a friend or co-worker, Yahoo Messenger lets you send a note as a text message directly to the cell phone of anyone on your contact list.
If you already have an instant messaging session on your screen, open the “Actions” menu in the toolbar at the top of the window.

Find the name of the person in the “Friends” or “Address Book” lists in the main Yahoo Messenger window, and then right-click the person’s screen name and select the “Send SMS” option. Open a new instant messaging window by double-clicking the contact’s name, and then open the “Actions” menu again. Many of these deals are exclusively for our Daily Deals newsletter subscribers and can't be found with our regular specials.
The cell phone company often has a special domain available where computer users can send a message that is forwarded directly to a cell phone. Txt2Day will turn this information over to a law enforcement agency if requested to do so by the recipient. Some companies will require a user to click on a button to acknowledge that they agree to the terms, while for others using the service implies agreement with them. Click the “Send SMS Message” option in the drop-down menu to open a prompt asking for the contact’s cell phone number. Plus, if you decided you don't like our newsletters (don't worry, you'll love them), unsubscribing is fast and easy.
It's best to know what you are agreeing to when using this type of service to keep in touch with people you know.

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