Every positive or negative thing that happens to you, every loyal friend and back-stabbing enemy, every success and failure, is the result of your thoughts and actions. If you want a specific outcome, you can alter your own behavior to attract that outcome to you.
If you want to learn how to manifest a woman using the law of attraction, you’ve come to the right place. Your thoughts and expectations form self-fulfilling prophecies, so if you expect nothing but negativity, you’ll continually find yourself pushed aside.
No matter how scary it may be to approach a woman, or to put yourself in a situation where women can approach you, you have to crush your fears and hope for the best! Before you step into the dating world, make sure you can walk in there with your shoulders back and a smile on your face. The law of attraction simply states that your mind is powerful enough to sway the events in your life. Your brain can nudge the pendulum to swing in a positive direction, or in a negative direction. That attitude doesn’t attract your love, so why should it attract someone else’s?

Tell yourself that your cologne smells great and you’ve got a great conversation-starter.
If you feel like you have a strong grasp on what it is what women want, you will feel better about your chances. Claim Your Free EBookGet your free copy of the Mastery Of Money & Romance EBook, and learn how to manifest your dream relationship. We’re going to teach you how to alter your perception, RIGHT NOW, so you can learn how to attract men using the law of attraction.
When you treat yourself as someone unworthy of love and affection, you’re sending negative signals out to the universe.
This is one of the most important pieces of the law of attraction, and it isn’t isolated to the dating world. Be respectful to service workers, smile at strangers on the street, and do favors for friends.
You can’t spend most of your life being rude or unfriendly and expect your dating life to be full of love and sweetness!
The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

If a certain behavior, activity or even outfit repeatedly fails to meet your needs, get rid of it and replace it with something totally new.
Approach your dating relationship like a scientist looking for the cure to loneliness, or like a chef trying to improve the taste of their lasagna.
If you use the same recipe today that you did last week, you’re going to get the same result! Even if you know that the guy you just sat down with is not going to be right for you, be kind and loving to him.
Just try to make the date as positive of an experience as you possibly can, and consider it practice for next time.
If you both part ways feeling good about some aspect of your interaction (regardless of whether or not it led to a second date), you will both be setting yourselves up for more positive dating experiences.
Do you pursue women who slouch when they walk and constantly talk about how no one will ever love them?

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