Scientist Simon McKeown claims that in a new A.I concept, a person can leave instructions to construct his or her digital life form after death, one that will evolve and never die.
McKeown's digital lifeforms are avatars that not only interact with humans but also evolve over time.
In the near future, people would be kept alive forever so that they are on hand to talk and interact with living relatives.
McKeown's claim is anchored on the advanced capability of computers within the span of 50 years to develop synthetic digital life.
McKeown and his peers began referring to the avatar as a future "life form" that would know every detail that a person experiences such as exam results, driving test outcomes, holiday experiences, love life and so forth. McKeown's "Preserved Memories" concept is being presented at the ongoing Brave New World Exhibition in Dox Centre for Contemporary Art.
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The soul is believed by some to be the divine and immortal part of the human being, and some believe it is the actual vehicle by which people are resurrected.
Though Jesus is currently the best-known example of a resurrected figure, he is far from the only one. The concept of resurrection is found in the writings of some ancient non-Abrahamic religions in the Middle East. And again Jesus commanded His apostles: "Cure the sick, raise the dead, cleanse lepers, drive out demons. The emergency crew first rushed him to a local hospital, but staff there were unsure of what was wrong with Conrad – he was hardly the typical heart attack victim – and did not know what course of action would best aid his survival and recovery. Conrad was admitted to the University of Pennsylvania’s hospital, where as per instructions of a Dr Benjamin Abella, he was given a 24-hour cooling treatment to reduce inflammation and slow metabolism – two components that seem to be key for helping the body recover from resuscitation injury. In fact, as new technology and knowledge of the body enhances our proficiency at revival from death, it is transforming our ideas about the nature of death itself.
Death is a necessary caveat for every living thing and – as the sole species (we think) capable of conceiving of its own demise – it’s constantly on our minds. Today, around 95% of death certificates use this event to note the time of passing, and for the vast majority of human history, this thinking reflected reality.

Even then, doctors presumed that within moments after blood ceases to flow the victim’s brain begins to break down, soon rendering them into a vegetative state – even if their heart was restarted.
In a remarkable 2011 case, a woman in Japan, intent on committing suicide, wandered into a forest and overdosed on pills. Resuscitation is still a very young field, however, and experts say there are several major areas to tackle.
In addition to using hypothermia, researchers are also figuring out ways to directly prevent cell death at the biological level. In the 1700s, Good Samaritans in several European cities began to take a keen interest in reviving people who appeared to have drowned. Casarett recounts several remarkable tales of people who defied the odds by coming back to life after an hour or more without breathing and without a pulse.
Hibernation is the way animals like bears and squirrels ramp down their metabolism to survive winter. The biggest difference between resuscitation as shown on TV medical dramas and reality is the likelihood of success.
This was the suggestion of Simon McKeown, an academic at the Animation and Post Production department of Teesside University. The avatar will absorb data feeds and could interact with people in the context of their physical well-being and emotions. It is said that Guru Shukracharya with the help of this Sanjeevani Mantra used to make dead bodies come alive. However, theological debate ensues with regard to what kind of resurrection is factual – either a spiritual resurrection with a spirit body (i.e.
A few existing Egyptian and Canaanite writings allude to dying and rising gods such as Osiris and Baal.
One can trace the roots to the mythological mention of Lord Ganesha who was granted life after being beheaded by Lord Shiva.
A person gets frozen or put in “cryosleep” and then unfrozen at a later date with no aging taking place, or other ill effects. Following that treatment, Conrad lay in a medically induced coma for several days, during which time he received post-arrest care.
And they are helping physicians and scientists tease out the mechanisms governing the death process. Researchers are coming to understand that death occurs more on a sliding scale than at a single moment. Yet the more we learn, the more we realise how crude our understanding of death actually is.
Researchers now understand that cells and organs undergo their own deaths, a process that can take hours or even days depending upon circumstances. The woods’ cool temperature, it turned out, had prevented the woman’s cells from breaking down as quickly as they would have in a warmer environment, allowing her to lay dead in the forest for around four hours, plus survive an additional six hours between the time the passerby called the ambulance and the time her heart began beating again.
For instance, there are no scientifically validated guidelines about when to stop a resuscitation effort for a particular patient. One way to manipulate that process is to inject drugs that inhibit apoptosis, or programmed cell death.
In his book, Shocked: Adventures in Bringing Back the Recently Dead, he explores the history, science, and moral hazards of reviving the recently dead. Their methods seem dubious today: throwing the no-longer breathing person onto a trotting horse or dunking them in freezing water, tickling the back of the throat with a feather, blowing tobacco smoke into the rectum, or administering a good whipping. A young Swedish woman, for example, survived 80 minutes trapped under the ice in a frozen stream.

If humans could be put in a similar state of suspended animation, it might be an alternative to putting them on ice (or replacing their blood with freezing saline) to preserve the brain and other organs. But we also have to expect more hard decisions about the emotional and financial costs of these new technologies, and what kind of life - and death - they’ll provide. People have their own opinion, but most would ultimately say, "We can't bring people back from the dead to tell us, so we will never really know". Guru Shukracharya got to know about this mantra after doing years of meditation to please lord Shiva.
Osiris, the supreme god in ancient Egypt, was also murdered in a betrayal by one close to him, his body hidden away — though not for long, as he returned in a miraculous resurrection.
Sir James Frazer in his book The Golden Bough relates to these dying and rising gods, but many of his examples, according to various scholars, distort the sources. Then there was the story of a Yaksha who first took the lives of the 4 Pandavas and then resurrected them on the request of Yudhishthir. Jesus says to His apostles in the Gospel of John: "Amen, amen, I say to you, whoever believes in me will do the works that I do, and will do greater ones than these, because I am going to the Father. Some of the many listed are St Ignatius of Loyola, St Catherine of Siena, St Hyacinth, St Ambrose and many others. Sometimes this happens on purpose, like to someone with an incurable disease hoping a cure exists in the future, or sometimes by accident, like someone getting frozen in a glacier.
Here’s an incident that happened in 2012 that will change the way you look at Life, Death and our time on Earth. She recalled hearing about resuscitation research taking place at the nearby university, and insisted Conrad be transferred.
Most people consider death as a single moment – a person is present, and then he or she is not. Science is far from establishing when a body’s capacity for consciousness actually leaves it.
Despite the advances, there’s still much to learn..for immortality is not an option, either, at least not in the near term! The Prophet Elisha and the Apostle St Paul employed it with success.The deceased must be magnetized by placing the feet on his feet, the hands on his hands, the mouth on his mouth.
While most Christians believe Jesus' resurrection was in a material body, a very small minority believe it was spiritual. And who can forget the famous story of Savitri and Satyawan wherein Savitri made Yamraj resurrect her husband. It is the turning off of life’s switch, typically registered as the moment that person’s heart stops beating. That’s because when you’re unconscious, your muscles relax, including the sphincter muscle at the bottom of your esophagus that normally keeps your stomach contents from coming back up. Closed chest compressions combined with mouth-to-mouth breathing could alter a person’s fate by restarting their heart.
Efforts to shock her heart into action failed, but rather than send her to the morgue, doctors connected her to a device that acts as an artificial lung and heart, and left her to circulate. But instead of adding to that sorry figure, Conrad was about to join a group of people who are challenging our notions of mortality.

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