Yanmar is a world leader in the diesel engine business servicing industrial and marine markets. Professional fishermen Rocky Musumeci of Bermagui knows performance, economy and reliability are essential when choosing a commercial marine engine. When he and his father had their new fishing trawler built four years ago, Rocky now wishes that they had specified Yanmar from the outset. Rocky, a third generation trawler fisherman, listened to the talk on the wharves and then approached Craigh Hurst for advice.
The tricky engine transplant was achieved by taking the side out of the boat alongside the engine room.

Just as soon as Rockya€™s trawler Consolato was relaunched, the improvement was immediately apparent. The purpose built 41a€™ trawler Consolato is used all year round chasing king fish, blue eye and trawling for prawns. Yanmar purpose built marine engines are the preferred choose for men like the Musumeci family who make a living out of the sea in all conditions.
Power Equipment is the exclusive and authorised Australian, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and South Pacific Distributor of Yanmar Marine and Industrial diesel engines importing product from Yanmar plants in Japan, Asia, USA and Europe.
When you earn your living from the sea, safety is the first priority and economy is a close second.

When it came to selecting a commercial fishing engine that would perform he could not have chosen more wisely.
The proven package with a direct injected, heat exchanged cooled turbocharger and intercooled straight 6 cylinder engine pumps out 170mhp at 2550 rpm at the flywheel. From the time he leaves port until he returns to the fishing co-op, Rocky never shuts the engine down; the Yanmar runs for ten hours a day, often travelling up to 28 nautical miles offshore.

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