COLEEN hears from a man who gave up everything to look after his son but despite searching online he can't find a date because he is a single father. SHARI hopes her children will be prepared to pay back decades of parental responsibility when she retires.
SHARON Maxwell, who previously hit the headlines over an alleged fling with former Rangers star Nacho Novo, pleads with Sheriff to keep her driving licence.
A MODEL who drove while nearly five times the limit has told a court she only did it to get away from her brutal ex-boyfriend. He also noted that she had been convicted of drink-driving before, in 2010, and banned for 18 months. John McAlonan, 37, was accused of donning a mask and assaulting two women, including an OAP, at a dancewear shop in George Street.
SOURCES initially claimed he had been attacked with a hammer but later reports suggested he was beaten with a a€?metal objecta€?, thought to be a pole. A SCHOOLBOY was rushed to hospital tonight after being attacked with a metal pole in a high school. ROADS bosses have described parking on the nearby Asher Road, Honeywell Crescent and Russell Street as an "ongoing problem". John Davis yesterday pled guilty to the brutal murder of his 19-year-old girlfriend in March and pathologists believe he took almost a full day to complete the horrifying attack. A murderer left his 19-year-old girlfriend lying in agony for up to 18 hours before finally killing her and burying her in a park. First, according to medical evidence, Davis inflicted a€?severe blunt force traumaa€? to Hazela€™s head and neck.
Doctors believe she survived for at least 16 to 18 hours after the injuries, including fractures to her eye socket and jaw. But convicted thug Davis then attacked Hazel again with horrific force, causing fatal damage to her liver and abdomen. Facebook pictures of John Davis who has been named locally in Kilmarnock as the boyfriend of Hazel North.
After the murder, Davis wrapped Hazela€™s naked body in a sheet and a curtain and buried it in Dean Castle Country Park in a wooded area 300 yards from his home. On March 23, as a massive search for Hazel continued and her family begged the public to help find her, Davis walked into Kilmarnock police station, clutching a suitcase.
Davis took the police to Dean Park, pointed to a patch of ground and told them Hazel was a€?in therea€?. A major ground search began and Hazela€™s body was discovered in a a€?reasonably well-concealed gravea€?. While in jail on remand, he phoned his sister Louise and told her Hazel had drowned in the bath and he had tried to save her. The court heard Davis tried to run away and join the French Foreign Legion after the murder.
Davis and Hazel got together in May 2012 after meeting in Stranraer, where they both grew up. He committed the murder less than three months after being freed early from a prison sentence for viciously attacking a man with a golf club. He was due to finish his 33-month term on May 9 this year but was released on Christmas Eve 2013. Davisa€™s counsel Sharon Gilbride admitted her client had murdered Hazel a€?in a brutal fashiona€?. RICHARD Buggs was left with multiple fractures to his face, eye damage and post traumatic stress when John Davis attacked him for no reason in 2012. Blantyre and surrounding communities were left outraged last week after South Lanarkshire Council announced they are proposing to shut the youth and community project centre later this year as part of their 2016 budget cuts.
More than 2000 people have signed an online petition to save Blantyrea€™s Terminal One youth centre from closure.
Pool closure figures for South Lanarkshire include contamination figures for Hamilton, Blantyre, Larkhall, Strathaven and Lanark.

Blnatyre bride Vikkie weds groom Kevin, from Whitehill, in stunning ceremony at the Alona Hotel. Canadian wood panel manufacturer Norbord has announced a new £95 million modernisation and expansion programme for its Inverness plant.
THE appliances were on their way to a car crash in Inverness - five male crew members were hurt, with two of them trapped in one of the vehicles. POLICE say a four-figure sum was taken during the raid and that witnesses saw a man enter the property with a firearm and demand cash from the owner. From ensuring safety to keeping the value intact, discover why it pays to take care of your car.
Millions of us get into our cars every day, be it for the school run, the commute to work or a quick drive to the shops. From booking the right slot to making sure you put the car through its paces, we look at five steps to choosing the right motor. A drunken reveller lost the plot and attacked a 14-year-old kid when his dance routine was cut short at a New Year bash. IT is a very dark place for some, but bosses at Paisley Sheriff Court are hoping to shine some light on the matter by installing solar panels on its roof.
The court has put in a planning application to Renfrewshire Council to allow it to locate the panels at the top of the St James Street B-listed building. Lingerie model Maxwell got in her car and drove on February 22 this year after an evening drinking in Paisleya€™s Burgh Bar. Maxwella€™s friend Morgan Gilchrist told the court she saw the ex threatening her before she drove away. The company said the expansion is in response to rising demand for oriented strand board (OSB) a€“ knows as Sterling board - in the UK and European markets, which it mills in Inverness. Paisley Sheriff Court heard how sozzled John Douglas, pinned the young boy against a wall with a table, believing he had pulled the plug on the music he had been dancing to.
In choosing to look after him, I gave up my job to work part-time so I could be at home more.
Based at the bottom of Logan Street, Terminal One runs several services including the Hyper Cyber Cafe, the Interactive Arts, Music and Digital Media Project, facilities for digital photography and filmmaking, the Express Yourself performing arts initiative, DIGIBUS, and a youth club which also operates in Coatshill, Burnbank and Hillhouse.
But it has cost me friends and relationships, to the point where, seven years ago, I chose not to bother with either and just to live my life continuing to look after my son and make him the happiest child he could be.
She had a look of fear.a€? But Sheriff Pender said there was no evidence a€“ apart from an alleged threat a€“ that Maxwell had been in danger at the time she decided to drive. Sources initially claimed he had been attacked with a hammer but later reports suggested he was beaten with a a€?metal objecta€?, thought to be a pole. Their annual general meeting and annual youth show is always a major attraction in the Blantyre community with young adults taking to the stage to perform a variety of skills. Ia€™ve been told I am a really nice man with a heart of gold and that not many men would have done what I did.
He added that, if she had genuinely been afraid for her safety, she could have taken shelter with staff and customers in the pub, which was still open at the time. Police said that two other teenage boys a€“ who are not pupils a€“ have been arrested in connection with the incident.
As the Advertiser went to press two online petitions, one of which is being spearheaded by the Blantyre Telegraph and the other by Terminal One themselves, had already gathered 2000 signatures in just a few days. Karl Morris, managing director of Norbord Europe, said: a€?Our Sterling OSB product manufactured in Inverness is the UKa€™s leading OSB brand, and with direct road, rail and port access the reinvested mill will be in an even better position to efficiently serve our customers across the UK and in continental Europe. When delivery driver Douglas appeared in the dock and admitted the three charges, defence agent Bob Mitchell said that it was a€?extremely surprisinga€? to find such a man in court as, apart from one minor matter many years ago, he was not someone who caused any trouble. They also tell me Ia€™ve also done a fantastic job bringing up my son to be such a happy, respectful and polite child. After hearing about Maxwella€™s previous ban, Sheriff Pender asked social workers to assess her before she is sentenced later this month. A spokeswoman for the Blantyre Youth Development Team (BYDT) at the Centre said: a€?Last Friday representatives of the BYDT met with South Lanarkshire Council officials who advised that they are unwilling to maintain, or make necessary repairs to the fabric of the building beyond summer 2016 and, as a consequence of this decision, they insist that they will have to close down the building after this period.

This investment underscores Norborda€™s long-term commitment to Inverness and the Highlands region, and we look forward to continuing to play an important role in the community.a€? Norbord said it expects the mill expansion will come online in the second half of 2017. The lawyer explained that his client had been wrestling with underlying tensions at the time and lack of sleep as well as alcohol over-indulgence had led him to react as outlined. My sona€™s now at the age were he has his own social life (better than mine, I might add) and is nagging me to find a nice woman.
It makes it easy to follow the maintenance schedule Following the maintenance schedule recommended by your manufacturer is important for keeping your car in the best possible condition.
The court was told that he had been dancing to music which was being streamed when the internet connection was suddenly lost. But for the past two years, Ia€™ve tried various online dating sites hoping to find someone to make me happy, rather than being just content with life. Maxwell was arrested weeks after claiming she swapped raunchy texts with Novo then met him for sex at a Lanarkshire park. Alex Paterson, chief executive of Highlands and Islands Enterprise, said: a€?This development will put Norborda€™s Inverness plant on a sustainable footing for decades to come, and is a huge vote of confidence in the companya€™s Scottish workforce. He then turned his attention to the teenager he believed was responsible for pulling the plug on the show and pinned him against a wall with a table. Lynne Sherry, head of the councila€™s education services, said: a€?No decision has been taken about closing the Terminal 1 facility, although the cost of repairs to the current site is significant. When his wife, Laura, intervened, other family members attempted to restrain him and he tried to head-butt the teenager. I send hundreds of messages every week and Ia€™m either completely ignored or told a€?Sorry, I dona€™t want to date a single parenta€?. And after police arrived, he reacted angrily, kicking out and striking one of the officers on the wrist. Mr Mitchell said that he would be very surprised if his client ever found himself back in court again and urged Sheriff Tom McCartney to treat the incident as a one-off that was completely out of character.
It has also cost me more than £200 so far and I havena€™t had a single date out of it. Sheriff McCartney told the 52-year-old, of Calder Street, Lochwinnoch, that he was prepared to make him the subject of a 12-month community payback order requiring him to complete 100 hours of unpaid work in a six-month period. I dona€™t have tons of friends so I dona€™t go out much and therefore struggle to meet women. Ia€™m a very talkative person and not too bad looking, but I just cana€™t seem to get that bit of luck. The service is tailored to your car Cars are like people in some ways a€“ theya€™re all different. For example, there are several dating websites just for single parents like yourself, which immediately eliminate those women who arena€™t interested in a man with a child. What works for one car, might not work for another, and this could be due to the make, model, mileage and age. It can help to preserve your car's future resale value Keeping your car in great working order is not only good for safety, but it can also be a bonus when it comes to selling or trading in. I think youa€™ve perhaps become too wrapped up in finding someone now youa€™ve realised thata€™s what you want.
Youa€™ve made the positive decision to try and ita€™s wonderful you have the support of your son, but try not to let a€?it take over. Ia€™d also recommend you get out in the real world as well, rebuild your friendships and cultivate new ones. Friendships often grow into something more and thata€™s a great foundation for a romantic relationship.

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