Lauren Urasek has picked up more than 15,000 4 or 5 star ratings on OKCupid in the last 3 months, pretty good going by anyone’s standards.
Intrigued to see the kinds of pics that have these guys drooling all over their touchscreens?
While studies show it's actually far less, the small amount of weight the average person puts on around the end of the year may contribute to a process called “creeping obesity,” which is the idea that extra pounds here and there add up and add inches to America's expanding waistlines.
With a nationwide epidemic that's only getting worse, it shouldn't come as any surprise that the number one new year's resolution for 2014 is to lose weight.
I'm not saying she's not depressed, but it doesn't seem to manifest itself in any way that is visible to anyone else. She is the type that pushed SJW bullshit into gaming and it turns out to do that she fucked people for coverage.This would be like if Deepthroat actually did deepthroat just to get them to write about Nixon.

It also allows her to access pity from both independent journalists and her fans, and makes her more relatable. In reality, Zoe does not have depression, it is a false personality constructed to appeal to a large, foolish demographic willing to throw money at her for 'championing' their cause.Furthermore, she was at no point concerned about Mr. He was a stooge used to further her career, and for sex (which obviously wasn't very good, since she hopped on 5 other dicks to further her career) and entertainment.
In reality, she never at any point cared about him and used him and the other men she fucked solely for networking purposes.
This is the extent of her manipulation.Finally, her covering up the event is not due to personal embarrassment, she couldn't give a shit about that.
She is accessing a market of people who feel they're oppressed, and offering a snake-oil solution to their woes, while also working to make them feel more oppressed.

They do so by getting jouranlists to write the crap they want, in her case she fucked for favors. Calling attention to this works because it shames outlets that let their journalists fuck subjects of stories.

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