This idea adds a little bit of charm to any party: Stake your helium balloons throughout the yard for an enchanting whimsical effect! This is an easy yet striking balloon decoration without helium: Pin balloons upside down to the ceiling in a large bunch over the party table!
Large number balloons make it easy to find the party and set the tone for something extraordinary! A birthday party with a carnival theme will be more fun and cost less than a party held at a restaurant. For an extra added touch to your balloons, consider using other string options as opposed to party ribbon. Potato Head CupcakesDoodle Cake17 Unique Wrapping Paper Ideas About Lilly ChildersLilly is a slightly wacky (but crafty) mother of 2 who's always looking for ways to make her children's lives more interesting. These are very popular in the warm summer months so be sure to reserve your dunk tank at your local rental store in advance.
You can make your own with a small blow up swimming pool and plastic ducks from the dollar store. Small units are available to purchase but they are usually small and it will take you a long time to make them while the impatient visitors wait in line.

When the party is over and you returned all of the rental equipment, relax, you deserve it. I’ve thrown elaborate parties with tons of organized games, only to have the kid’s interest lost in the balloons! Bake a sheet cake big enough for your little guests and let them gather around and decorate themselves.
If using a commercial frozen drink machine from your neighborhood rental store, be sure to follow all instructions. Call your rental store to see if they offer any package deals if you rent more than one machine. Professional popcorn machines and movie theater popcorn pre-measured packages are available at most rental stores. Kids are a lot simpler than we think, and with a little bit of creativity, we can throw them a party they’ll never forget using just plain old balloons, cake, and presents.
Even if it does not rain, your older guests attending the party will appreciate the shade on a sunny day.
Rent a professional machine with original syrup and your guests will think they are at a real carnival.

For instance, if the moral is to not be selfish, the child could say that it means to share your toys.
Another activity you can do is give the children different kinds of vegetables from the show and let them dress them up how they want. Decorations could include banners, streamers, party hats and whistles, confetti, and balloons.
You can just let them draw on them with markers or you can let them decorate them with art supplies. You can get out the grill and slap on some hamburgers and hot dogs while the kids play in the water. The children have to figure out which person is on the letter or number that was called out.

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