Japanese GardenThe art of Japanese gardens have been believed to be one of the most important parts of Japanese culture for many centuries. Dry Landscape Style Gardens are very simple and modern-looking, usually placed in a very small area. Tea Style Garden has a very intimate atmosphere and are meant to provide a relaxation from a person's busy lifestyle. Stroll Style Gardens that are meant for viewing from the path and that is why they never reveal the whole garden's beauty from one spot.
Courtyard Style Garden follows the rule of having an outside sensation while still being inside. Fundraising KickShot will contribute at least 25% of its proceeds to non-profit organizations that sell KickShot as a part of their fundraising effort. Once you get the idea of this, you can do this trick with any way of coding a bunch of symbols into a bunch of similar symbols. Mark Curran has put together this useful guide to where to find Japanese commuter airliners for those planning on visiting the country. Japan is a welcoming country for plane spotters and aircraft photographers, with excellent viewing terraces provided in not just every airport, but every terminal. Osaka is also the busiest airport for the J-Air Canadair Regional Jet fleet, with the majority visiting each day although only three night stop. If ever there was a fleet that stays away from the major cities it is the Japan Air Commuter fleet of Dash 8-Q400s. The five Dash 8s of Ryukyu Air Commuter are based at Naha, Okinawa province, and are used for local flying within the islands off Naha.
AMX Air operate a schedule that requires a single aircraft, and have just transitioned from their Dash 8 to a new ATR42-600. Hokkaido Air Commuter operate three Saab 340s from the downtown Sapporo-Okadema airport to destinations around Hokkaido island. ANA Connection is operated by Ibex Airlines Canadair Regional Jets and ANA Wings Dash 8-Q400s. Ibex, formerly known as F’air now has two CRJ-200s (from a peak of four) and seven CRJ-700s, which tend to operate from Sendai, Osaka and Fukuoka to secondary cities morning and evening, and fill in some flights between larger cities during the day.
Ibex Airlines CRJ700 arriving at Fukuoka’s domestic terminal (itself with two viewing decks): the impressive international terminal (with a substantial viewing deck as well) is in the background. The only other major airport served by FDA is Sapporo, which sees one or two aircraft per day depending on the day.
The Fuji Dream Airlines departure board at Fukuoka showing which aircraft is due to operate which flight.

The Japan Coast Guard operate nine DHC-8-300s and four Saab 340s (amongst other corporate jet and helicopter types) made up of a mix of new build and second hand aircraft, the latter primarily ex Air Nostrum Dash 8s.  They tend to work to fixed bases and are frequently seen outside hangars or flying regularly. Japan Transocean Air 737-400 operating one of the six daily flights between Fukuoka and Naha. The New Central fleet of five Dornier 228s operate flights from Tokyo’s Chofu airport to islands south of Tokyo. The garden design in Japan is strongly connected to the philospohy and religion of the country. The first Japanese gardens, that expressed Shinto, Buddhism and Taoism visions can be traced back to the Asuka Period. Aristocratic style of gardens where created in front of the mansion with artificial ponds and islands. Many gardens designed in that time  were properties of succesive shoguns and daymios, who belong to the highest class in Japanese society.
They reproduce natural landscapes in a more abstract way by using stones, gravel and sand onto mountains, islands and rivers.
They must be big enough to enable visitors to walk along the path and spacious at the same time to allow the path to take turns. Use of the web site constitues acceptance of the Defy Media Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The majority of airlines still produce printed timetables which provide a wealth of information. There are 15 lines of flying on their Embraer 170 fleet of which nine night stop at Osaka and some 13 lines of flying pass through Osaka each day. Only two night stop at Osaka, the hub of other Japan Air Lines owned commuter operations, with another two at Fukuoka.
These and the JTA 737-400s are the principal airliner attraction at Naha, which is also a JASDF base (substantial deployment of P-3s and F-15s amongst other types) and Japan Coastguard (Falcon 900, Dash 8 and helicopters). This is a different airport to Sapporo-New Chitose International which all other airlines to Sapporo serve. Of the major cities, Fukuoka and Osaka see several aircraft per day whilst Sendai is the principal centre of operations.
FDA ticket desks provide details of which aircraft is operating which flight, with a departure board showing the colour scheme of each aircraft. It can be seen that a good proportion of the fleet will pass through Fukuoka each day, although the main base and centre of operations is Komaki. Shinto, Buddhism and Taoism were used in the creation of diffrent garden styles in order to bring a spiritual sense to the gardens and make them places where people could spend their time in a peaceful way and meditate.

Famous gardens created after Meiji Period were frequented by business people and politicians.
They vary in size, usually cover many acres, but with careful techniques, it can be created in a small backyard. They contain a tea house where the ceremony is held and a stone basin where guests can purify themselves before participating in it.
All elements, as lanterns, bridges, basines have ornamental rather than a functional meaning.
With the spotter typically visiting Tokyo, not many of the country’s commuter airliners and regional jets will be seen.
Tokyo Haneda sees two night stopping aircraft and three lines of flying each day, with multiple visits from the same aircraft. The fleet does get about, there do not appear to be any ‘there and back several times a day’ type operations, so where multiple aircraft visit an airport each day it may only be once. During the course of the day seven aircraft should visit both Komaki and Fukuoka, although the latter is mainly single visits whereas the former is the home of FDA with multiple visits from each aircraft. Heian Period is also know as the time when the first book about garden-making technique was written. I have therefore used the printed timetables to establish where the commuter aircraft night stop and where they fly. Otherwise, Fukuoka and Sapporo are the other major cities the J-Air Embraer 170s occasionally visit, whilst night stoppers are also at Kagoshima and Sendai.
There are ten Saabs in the fleet, which I expect the spare aircraft are to be found at Kagoshima, and which are due to be replaced by slightly larger ATR42-600s. Nonetheless the busiest airports for the ANA Wings Q400s are likely to be on the spotters’ agenda, namely Nagoya-Chubu (Centrair) and Osaka-Itami. FDA is the only airline operating at Komaki, although it is an active Japan Air Self Defense base with based Hercules, 767 and BAe 125 aircraft, as well as being the home of Mitsubushi Heavy Industries, undertaking maintenance on multiple types as well as production of the new MRJ regional jet.
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It was compiled from Summer 2015 timetables, but there haven’t been any substantial fleet changes since then.

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