One of the most challenging things for Internationals during job search is to find the list of companies that can sponsor H1B  visa.
One of the things we always wonder during job search is to get the magic list of H1B visa sponsors in that area.
Search based on the choices, you will get the results and then you can see further details.
The strategy for you look for a job in an area is to first get the list of the companies in your area and then sort them out based on criteria like number of visa filed, denied, if they are debarred or not, etc. At present I am working at a Private bank since 1993 onwards handling Mortgage loan section credit processing and Foreign exchange dept.
Im Arun with 11+ years of experience in retail operations for hyermarkets,apparels and telecom industries. I have performed Retail store operations,merchandizing, strategy building and retail advisory roles. I’ve 16+ years of software development experience out of which 7+ years worked at Cleveland, Ohio Location on H1B.
If I-140 wasn’t approved, then you need to go through the cap again as 6 year limit has been reached. I am work courier company 8yers exprience courier services,I am looking for a sponser in USA any location is fine with me.

I have 2 years of experience as Embedded software developer in India, also Have an engineering degree .Now I am looking for a Job in USA in the same field. I am working as a software tester in a IT company (India) and looking for job in USA or any where. I am working in IT company (India) as SAP-ABAP-Webdynpro-workflow and looking for job in USA . I am looking for H1b visa sponsorship, having four year experience from Indian IT company and onsite experience too from HSBC Geneva Switzerland.
I am anchal i am on H4 Visa i am looking for H1B sponsor ,i have experience in healthcare management.
I am working for a MNC as Java engineer having 8 years of experience and looking for H1b 2016.
I am looking for companies who can sponsor work visa in usa in the field of food technology.Please let me know.
I am a industrial engineer with experiences in production engineering manager and engineering planning & contractor affairs manager over 14 years of experience at car manufacturing company in Asia. With regard to the opening in your esteemed organization, I am looking forward for a sponsor in the manufacturing industry sectors.
My previous experiences have supplied me with many skill sets that I can use during my tenure at the designated organization.

I will try my level best to utilize my skills and domain knowledge along with my commitment and hard work to become an asset for the firm.
Especially with the New H1B visa rules, it is getting even tougher to find a good H1B visa sponsor. If I-140 was indeed approved and you have a copy of the receipt, then an employer (old or new) can file a cap-exempt petition for you on the basis of approved I-140. The information is more or less the same as referenced in this article, just that it is available on mobile phones for offline access. I am looking for a site such as yours that specializes in accounting for placement of accountants with F1 status in Curricular pratical training for two years. You may check article Guide on How to Apply for H1B visa and Complete process for more info.

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