Popular media is replete with images of muscular men with six-pack abs and a well-defined V-shaped upper body. The ideal male body image as evident from representations in the media, both print and electronic, seems to be a mesomorphic body type with large defined muscles and low body fat. The primary reason why women may find muscular men attractive is because the physical characteristics indicate strength and virility, qualities which must have mattered a lot in the process of evolution. Evidence of women’s partiality towards the body-builder type of men was put forward by a 2007 study carried out by researchers of University of California, Los Angeles. However since humans started living in organized social structures, the link between a muscular body type and high quality of life no longer remained so simple. The shifting priorities in what attracts women most has also been documented in recent research. The ambiguity in women’s response to the muscular male body is also evident in studies which have confirmed their attractiveness to the well-built body type. There are many reasons why muscle bound men may not rank at the top when it comes to women looking for long term relationships.
This comedian is giving out free cupcakes in front of a gym just to make people laugh and check if they really would eat cupcakes before entering the gym.
While some guys enjoy the “skinny” look, it’s definitely not a style that myself and most others are striving to emulate. Instead, we want a pair of trousers that give us a nice trim, streamlined look; neither too skinny nor too baggy. Fortunately, I’ve learned a lot about finding trousers that fit muscular thighs and the following article lays out 3 tips to help you find the perfect fit.
As counterintuitive as it may sound, it’s been my experience that guys with more muscular thighs are actually better off if they choose “classic cut” trousers. While for the average man a pair of classic cut trousers is a baggy, ill-fitting nightmare, for men with more muscular thighs they often fit more like a pair of straight or slim fit trousers. That’s because I’ve got thighs measuring around 25.5 inches at the thickest point and a waist somewhere around 32-33 inches. The most common issue I’ve noticed with classic cut trousers is that the leg opening is much too large. When it comes to finding clothes that fit the most common piece of advice I offer men is to size down. However, I believe the opposite is the case when it comes to trousers (at least for muscular men): you will need to size up. Frankly speaking, most straight and slim fit trousers these days are not made for guys with muscular thighs.
While these trousers may not fit around your waist they will at least accommodate your larger thighs, which is usually a much more difficult problem for your tailor to solve than taking in the waist.
However, I should mention that occasionally going up one size may not solve your fit issues. This means that you will need to do a bit of research on your part and try a lot of stuff on.

For example, I have determined that the best pair of chinos for me are either the Classic Khaki (straight fit) chinos from The Gap, or the Emerson Vintage Straight-Fit Chino from Banana Republic. For jeans, I’ve found that Levi’s 501s (which are straight fit) tend to fit me the best, although I have to size up and have a tailor take in the waist and taper them below the knee.
Although finding trousers that fit muscular thighs can be a difficult task it’s certainly not impossible. If you haven’t already noticed, the tips I’ve discussed above all have one thing in common: they require you to go the extra mile. Limited availability of food and the necessity for successful reproduction in primitive times were the prime concerns of human tribes. In the study ninety-nine male undergraduates were interviewed about their sexual histories. With every stage of evolution, it was a person’s control over economic resources that determined his ability to look after a partner and offspring. A study carried out by the researchers of University of West England this year found that women were equally attracted to men of average build as to muscular male models. In the earlier mentioned study carried out by researchers of UCLA, while muscular men were found to have more sexual partners than men of average build, sexual preferences of women subjects were not as simple. The reason why there can be no single definite answer to this is not only because women vary in their personal preferences but also because sexuality is a product of cultural, social and historical conditioning. This means that a pair of “classic cut” chinos fit much better (and more comfortably) around my thighs than they would on the average guy.
Fortunately, the solution is a simple one: just have your tailor taper the leg below the knee.
While most trousers may fit you around the waist, they are typically way too tight around your glutes and thighs. If you find that you need to go up more than one size in the waist then please be cautious. It’s only through trial and error that you’ll discover which brands tend to fit you the best.
In fact, I can wear either of these two brands of chinos straight off the rack without requiring any alterations. I’ve found that the best pair of Levi’s for me off the rack are actually the 513s, but they usually don’t come in the wash that I prefer.
I’m not saying that if you have muscular thighs that these styles will work for you (you’ll have to find that out for yourself), but rather I’m trying to illustrate that through a little bit of hard work you can take a lot of the guesswork out of finding trousers that fit. Whether it’s taking a pair of trousers to the tailor in order to dial in the fit, or spending some time finding a brand that works for you, make no mistake: you will need to put in some effort in order to find a pair of trousers that fit you well.
Many guys need the extra space in the crotch area but a shorter rise also make it difficult to keep shirts tucked in. The danger of going any bigger than that is a tailor will have a harder time bringing in the waist without altering the position of the rear pockets so just be aware of that.
Here is a lowdown on the sexual appeal of muscular men and body builders and whether women truly find them attractive.

As do the chiseled male bodies modeling for Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, DKNY and a host of other international brands. Thus when it came to choosing partners, women realized that their best chances lay in men who were strong and healthy enough to hunt for food as well keep their partners and children safe from enemies. It was found that the muscular subjects were twice as likely to have three or more sexual partners than their less-chiseled peers. This eventually resulted in a man’s financial status as the prime attraction when it came to women looking for a mate. Lead researcher David Frederick and his colleagues asked 141 female college students to look at six standardized silhouettes of men ranging from the slender to the muscular and rate their preferences.
At the same time such men are also less likely to be entirely committed to a single partner, as the results of the study revealed. If there is too much material to take in at the waist this may actually alter the way the back pockets sit on the trousers (or the way any large pattern appears).
Long years of this conditioning have led to almost a genetic predisposition among women which makes them partial towards men with muscles and a great physique. Lead author of the study, David Frederick of UCLA explained the results by likening muscles in men to elaborate tail feathers in male peacocks, the chief purpose of both being to attract the female sex by displaying signs of virility.
But now with growing economic empowerment of women, other factors like level of commitment and emotional intelligence have assumed equal importance in the choice of partners. The results showed that the average male build was found as desirable by the female subjects as the Greek God image with the six pack abs. The majority of women subjects went for a toned silhouette which indicated health and fitness but not exactly the body builder type.
So when seeking a long term partner, women were more likely to steer away from muscular men and instead look for qualities like commitment, financial security and emotional compatibility which is why perhaps average looking guys stand an equal chance to win female hearts.
A good tailor will be able to tell you if he can take in the waist without causing any such issues. It is almost a visceral response evident in the way a group of women will immediately turn to look at a well-built man when he walks through the door in a pub. The study, the results of which were published in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, was important in highlighting the significance of physical traits in men which made them attractive to women.
Women no longer need a man to provide for her and thus settling for a partner now is more about mutual compatibility and emotional support rather than muscles and money. According to Frederick hitherto most research has been limited to what men found physically attractive in women or how the earning potential of men influenced their desirability among women.
However this study proved that physical traits in men were equally if not more important when it came to attracting partners from the opposite sex.

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