The thought of leaving your baby for the first time with a babysitter can be scary but you may also be ready for that break in your day or a date night with your husband, regardless, it’s time to find the perfect babysitter!
It is important to find the right person who will engage your child, have fun, keep them safe and follow your rules.
Every potential babysitter should email you their resume and references as well as an intro so you get a feel for them. Due your due diligence when it comes to who is going to take care of your kids while you’re not there. Test Drive:If you want to ease into choosing a sitter, have her come over to your house to watch the kids for an hour or two and play with them while you get some things done at your house or work.
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While most traditional statement bags are created by huge high-end designers like Chanel and Prada, investing in a gorgeous statement bag doesn’t have to signal the demise of your bank account! Sort through everything and make a short list of those you want to reach out to first based on how they fit your needs and their response to you. Rough because the first two out of three potential sitters that came over had to see meltdowns, my kids hitting each other, a timeout, whining and even a serious injury.
You want to feel comfortable and not worry about what’s going on at your house while you’re not there. You can observe and listen in on how she’s talking and interacting with your kids and you’ll really have a better feeling for her fit with your family afterwards.
If you’re a business owner looking for money, there’s Axial: Founders upload their company’s data to Axial’s app, then the startup’s algorithm matches potential investors of all sorts -- who simply swipe right to “like” a company and start a dialogue.
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It should fit snugly, but should allow for two fingers to be inserted into the side.The zipper and closing must lie flat and pockets should not gape. If you’re curvier or have broad shoulders, a teensy bag that only fits a stick of gum may not be the most flattering choice. A bag with small metal studs on the bottom will make a huge difference in protecting your bag when you set it down.
The first potential sitter handled it like a pro and helped out with distracting my kids and even holding my daughter while I took my son upstairs for a break. I have big dreams for this new blog I call home - to provide helpful info + encourage one another. Also check that the rise of your jeans does not have v-shaped “smile” lines around the thigh and crotch area, and does not ride up your derriere. A bag with a top handle that also has the option of a shoulder strap gives you extra options when you put together your ensemble and helps on those busy days when you’re running around. The second potential sitter tried to keep it together but it was very obvious that all the chaos overwhelmed her and she wasn’t quite sure how to handle it.
Be specific about what your company is about and what type of financing you’re looking for, and never bluff, says Ami Kassar, CEO of the business loan advisory firm MultiFunding (and an Axial user). In the case of an emergency or all three of my kids melting down, the second babysitter just wouldn’t cut it.
Investors are most interested in actual revenues, so post detailed finances for the past three years, says Axial CEO Peter Lehrman.

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