The mission of a fashion blog is generally to talk about trends, but let’s talk also about styles that never go out of fashion, it’s either you like them or you don’t.
In the beginning Preppy Style was all about argyle sweaters, chinos, madras, Nantucket Reds, button down Oxford cloth shirts, polo shirts and boat shoes. You can choose to wear the classic preppy as in the photos below, or… … you can add different textures and patterns, accessories and mix it with other fashion styles in order to create one that fits you better. You can add some jewelry with studs or spikes and the classic preppy will suddenly become edgy. Here’s a modern preppy style, boyfriend jeans and oversized sweater….

I think many of us are drawn to it because it’s a classic yet you can add your own bits and pieces! For those of you who are not so familiar with this trend, the term preppy derives from the expensive pre-college preparatory or prep schools that upper- middle-class children on the United States’s Northeastern states sometimes attend.
The usage of preppy in American high schools is quite often used to refer to a fashion choice, rather than the preppy lifestyle associated with upper-class East Coast preps. Preppy fashion started in the late 1940s and 1950s and is still an embraced style nowadays with brands like J.

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