After the complete Mage dominance last week, this time the Managrind tournaments see a bit of diversity. The farthest on the right is Galleon's Rogues that runs pretty much a standard set-up for aggro locks. Posted By Zuggy on Jun 11, 2010Don’t forget to check out the other class changes as well.
Posted By Zuggy on Nov 3, 2008In this little gem of a video we have 2 central adversaries…in one corner the might of an alliance 40 man raid, in the other corner a lone horde elemental shaman.
Posted By Zuggy on Oct 6, 2008The past few days have been a whirlwind of class changes and blue posts. Warlords of Draenor changes things up slightly by using one set of art for Raid Finder, one set of art for Normal and Heroic, and one set of art for Mythic difficulty.
Oregorger is an overgrown Goren who has burrowed his way into the Blackrock Foundry's storage room and gluttonously consumed their Blackrock ore. Overview - Oregorger is fought in a Blackrock storage room.His abilities spend his Blackrock Ore resource to cast. Damage Dealers - Interrupt Blackrock Barrage to prevent raidwide damage and slow Oregorger's consumption of Blackrock Ore.Breaking open Ore Crates during Feeding Frenzy will leave Blackrock Ore on the ground for Oregorger to consume. Acid Torrent Retched Blackrock Explosive Shard Blackrock Barrage - Feeding Frenzy - When his Blackrock Ore reserves have depleted, Oregorger rampages through the room, trampling all in his path as he searches for ore to eat. Rolling Fury Earthshaking Collision - These collisions also create unstable slag at the location of the collision. With little opportunity to exercise her tactical brilliance under the ancient social structure of the orc clans, Gar'an was thrilled to be one of the first warriors to volunteer for naval duty under the Iron Horde. Damage Dealers - Blade Dash can be deadly - avoid standing close to other players if you are battling Sorka.
Uktar, Deckhand of Admiral Gar'an - Defeating Uktar will reveal the Dreadnaught Cannon's ammunition reserves.
Gorak, Deckhand of Enforcer Sorka - Defeating Gorak will reveal the Dreadnaught Cannon's ammunition reserves. Uk'urogg, Deckhand of Marogg the Blooded - Defeating Uk'urogg will reveal the Dreadnaught Cannon's ammunition reserves. On Argus - the former homeworld of the Draenei, now the stronghold of the Burning Legion - Azzakel waits, poised for a servant of the Legion to open a portal to one of the countless worlds they seek to invade. Overview - Azzakel alternates between engaging players directly in combat and summoning reinforcements from the demon world Argus. Damage Dealers - While Azzakel channels Claws of Argus, focus on killing the demons that emerge from his portal.
Fel Pool - In Heroic and Challenge Mode difficulties, Fel Sparks shoot out from the Fel Pool when it is created.
Damage Dealers - Avoid Unchecked Growth.Destroy Aqueous Globules before they can reach Witherbark.

In Heroic difficulty, Witherbark can continue to cast Unchecked Growth even while affected by Brittle Bark. Unchecked Growth - When touched by the life giving power of an Aqueous Globule the Unchecked Growth uproots itself and attacks anyone nearby. Thorny Vines - Aqueious Globules - A sphere of pure magical water that moves in a line towards Witherbark. You get one of the two Empowerment buffs based on where your bar is when you cast Starsurge.
It determines at cast time how many procs there'll be, then randomly distributes those procs throughout the ticks.
Proc count starts at 1, then it has successive 20% chances to add 1, until it fails a roll. Regarding the #WoD changes to Black Ox Statue's "Guard", what do Brewmasters now have to provide any type of wall for our raid?
Just to double check: The "additional 100% damage over 6 sec" means 100% of the direct damage dealt, not 100% of SP over 6 sec? With Siege of Orgrimmar stretching on for some time now, some groups are trying to make it more interesting.
In the Blue Tweets above, Watcher mentioned that the Blizzcon Live Raid is one of the most popular events at Blizzcon when someone asked about having one this year. I'm really not a far of shoulders which have either high animations or models because they look disastrous when the character is doing something more than just idly standing.
Although they did fall to two Alexstrasza control's Nimrod's Shaman and Galleon's Rogues made it to the semi finals of the last US tournament. The deck runs mass and single damage spells to wipe out enemy minions and gain advantage in the mid-game before playing its late-game cards: Earth Elemental, Fire Elemental and Ragnaros. Odd choices are the absence of Thalnos and the inclusion of Perdition's Blade but overall this is a set-up every Rogue player is familiar with - lot's of buffing creatures and lot's of removal to clear the way. On the elemental front we’re looking at some pretty nice buffs to riptide, which had been looking sub par. The recent changes to enhancement in combination with the buffed spirit wolves are really bringing the enhancement tree to a level it’s never been at. When he has spent all of his Blackrock Ore he begins rolling through the storage room consuming any Blackrock Ore he sees. Healers - Shielding and using damage mitigating abilities on the closest target of Acid Torrent can decrease the damage dealt to rest of the targets. Instantly successful in battle, she was named Admiral of the Iron Horde fleet and selected Marak and Sorka as her lieutenants. As Soulbinder Nyami lowers the defenses of Auchindoun, Azzakel senses that his services will soon be employed towards the destruction of the holiest of Draenei temples. While summoning reinforcements, Azzakel cannot be attacked and players should focus on quickly defeating the reinforcements that emerge from the portal, so that they are not overwhelmed as more demons invade.

At 0 Aqueous Energy, Witherbark gains Brittle Bark and Aqueous Globules form at the edge of the lake and move towards him.
Healers - Avoid Unchecked Growth.Aqueous Burst inflicts damage to all party members when a globule is killed or reaches Witherbark. But you don't need to know any of that in order to play optimally; that's just the nitty gritty. But I mean, aside from "kite tanking", what mashes Brewmaster diserable vs any other tank now?
If you are interested in attending, please see his topic and event for the full requirements. If you didn't watch it last year, FinalBoss has released a nice cut down version of the live raid that is faster to watch. The second place finisher - Twisted's Mage - ran a similar set up but with Loot Hoarder instead of Acolyte of Pain, an extra Ice Barrier and one Flamestrike instead of the Doomsayers and an extra Mountaint Giant instead of Kirin Tor Mage. Now that riptide can proc tidal waves there should be no question about the rotational significance of the new spell. Tank - Position yourself to be closest in the Acid Torrent cone and use damage mitigating abilities to decrease the damage dealt to others.Quickly regain threat after Oregorger leaves his Feeding Frenzy.
Together, they are called The Iron Maidens - and have crushed any who have dared face them in battle.
Periodically, one of the Maidens will use a zipline to man the Dreadnaught's main cannon, from which she will bombard players. Healers - Players who fail to avoid the Detonation Sequence from bombs fired by the Dreadnaught's main cannon will take heavy damage.
Satiated Slaughter - When sated, Oregorger draws upon his Ore reserve to unleash powerful attacks against his enemies. A team of players must use loading chains to get to the deck of the boat, defeat the Deckhand stationed there, and sabotage the ammunition of the main cannon before it finishes Warming Up.
At 100 Energy, Aqueous Globules no longer form and Witherbark loses Brittle Bark, freeing him to attack.
Tanks - Move between Marak and the target of her Blood Ritual to intercept the effect of Crystalized Blood. Tanks - The Felguards summoned while Azzakel channels Claws of Argus inflict heavy melee damage and must be tanked.

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