The spoilers for upcoming season of Sister Wives continue hinting that a very fundamental change could be in store for the entire Brown family, as a fifth woman moves into the family homes-with many speculating that Kody is taking on another wife. While no answers will be given before the premiere, the possibility of a fifth wife has been shocking to fans, as Kody has always denied that he would want another wife-even stating it wasn't in the cards for him as recently as last season's tell-all episode.
So if a fifth wife isn't joining the Brown Family, who is this mysterious woman coming into the mix? It is very clear in an early promo clip for the new season that problems have arisen in the family, especially about the arrangement for the marriages between Kody and Meri, Kody and Janelle, Kody and Christine and Kody and Robyn. There's a big possibility that someone's mom could be coming to stay with the family for a while. There has been talk for years about the possibility of the family having an 18th child, most likely by Robyn. Brendan Dassey's hope of getting a new trial may be squashed, due to the Strickland standard. Say what you will about Amber Rose, but there's no denying that the model mom is a wonderful and very hands-on parent to her 3-year-old son, Sebastian. Maria and Nat King Cole were married from 1948 until his death from lung cancer in 1965, shortly after he finished filming the comedy Western “Cat Ballou,” with Lee Marvin and Jane Fonda.
Maria Hawkins Cole was born in Boston and moved to North Carolina to live with an aunt after her mother died in childbirth, the family said. Having studied voice and piano, she moved to New York to pursue a music career with the Benny Carter band.
Maria sang with the Count Basie Band before moving on to the Duke Ellington Orchestra, as its vocalist until 1946, when she became a soloist. Besides her three children, Maria Cole is survived by a sister, two sons-in-law and six grandchildren. Want to read more articles like this one? Subscribe to EURnewsletter.Got A News Tip or Video You Want to Share? Get up to date black entertainment news and thought provoking editorials from the most insightful and knowledgeable sources online.
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Priyanka Chopra just can't help but feel proud of his kid brother, who's seven years younger than her.
The sexy Mallika Sherawat, as we all know by now, had to face severe objection and criticism when she made her career choice known to her family. While both of them forayed in films together, Ameesha has had a slightly better career graph than her younger brother.This duo has had very public disputes and weren't on talking terms for quite a while but have made up now and seem to be closer than ever before. Khallas girl Eesha Koppikhar has a younger brother and the bonhomie between the duo is evident from this picture. Roger Federer gets rushed by a fan on the court after competing in the first day of the 2015 French Open on Sunday (May 24) at Roland Garros in Paris, France. The 33-year-old tennis player was about to leave the court when a young fan rushed down and tried to take a selfie with him. With Meri declaring she doesn't think it's "fun" anymore, and Janelle appearing as if she doesn't forgive her fellow sister wives over something, a therapist moving in and observing how the family interacts with one another could be a solution to see if they need to consider moving on from their lifestyle, or if they should still stick things out together.
Kody's father (also Janelle's stepfather) died in 2013, leaving both their mothers alone, meaning one of them could be coming to live with the family.
Meri learned some time ago she couldn't have more kids after Mariah, and Janelle and Christine have already each had six children with Kody. She epitomized class, elegance, and truly defined what it is to be a real lady,” said Natalie Cole and her siblings, Timolin and Casey Cole, in a statement. She died how she lived – with great strength, courage and dignity, surrounded by her loving family,” the Coles further stated. A first marriage, in 1943 to Tuskegee Airman Spurgeon Ellington, ended with his death during World War II. After her husband’s death, Maria did charity work as well as briefly co-hosted a local daytime TV talk show in Los Angeles.
In lieu of flowers, the family asks that donations be made to Nat King Cole Generation Hope Inc.

From black celebrity news and gossip to the latest in the political world, health and international affairs, you can trust the EUR to provide you with the latest information and opinions on today’s biggest stories. Don’t miss a single day of important information from the leader of online urban news and entertainment. Not in attendance however was her husband, art consultant Will Kopelman.The pair welcomed their first child together in September last year. His elder sister Sunaina may not be as camera-loving as him but the pair are quite close to each other. And we know because we've seen him launch his dear sister Nuzhat's son, Imran Khan, in the movies with the fervour of a father. Be it wifey Twinkle Khanna or sister Alka, who is often pampered and showered with gifts by the actor.
Start work offered by Google!!Yes,this is definitely the most financially rewarding Job I’ve had . Meri's father also passed away in 2007-meaning her mother could also potentially be coming to stay.
Robyn is a mother of four, but her three eldest children were from a previous relationship-her son Solomon is her only biological child with Kody.
She died of cancer in 2009, tragically at the same time sister Natalie was undergoing kidney transplant surgery. However, the early preview clips seem to also hint she is having trouble conceiving-meaning the family may be considering a surrogate to allow either her or Meri to have a second child with Kody. Updated with the hottest urban news, African American culture updates, black celebrity news, sports and more daily!
That's the most important thing.'Perhaps it might be a different story by the time she reached her second birthday. Cole personally but I truly believe she died as she lived with grace, great strength and courage.

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