The character of Joanna Eberhart is the best and most significant example of this difference. In the 2004 movie, however, Joanna is an executive of a television network, and the creator of several new shows. Can the creator of two such shows be the same person as the woman with a simple hobby of photography? Another character who provides a wonderful example of mockery in the 2004 movie is Claire Wellington, the wife of the president of the Men's Association. The change of the beginning of the story also demonstrates the mockery of women with power.
Just like Claire Wellington, Joanna was very successful in her area of expertise, but when her security was threatened, she could not handle the strain and had a mental breakdown.
The 2004 version of The Stepford Wives is clearly a mockery of women in positions of power. Seriously?  Watch this for the brat and the cattle-prod, the porn star in the wood chipper, the antlers and the gently bouncing fakeys above them and Donal Logue getting a faceful of brass knuckles. OK, so, this one TECHNICALLY isn't a full-feature about Christmas but 1972's Tales From the Crypt has to be mentioned. It's also a day celebrated with chubby, winged humanoids with angelic faces that fire arrows willy-nilly without regards to who's going to get hurt. This is another of those "high school nerd seeks revenge" films that are SO cheesy but SO fun.
I know a lot of you kind of hate remakes and I don't blame you BUT, and this is a big but (much like my own), they aren't always a bad thing. In 2006, I was recovering from a serious downturn in my life and I spent a LOT of time at theaters alone. In any case, I really think that instead of calling this "Black Christmas", they should have called it "Let's see how many times Lacey Chabert and Michelle Trachtenberg can drop the F-bomb in a misguided effort to drop their cutesy-wootsey little sister TV images".
So, anyway, Billy, in true b-movie fashion, stabs his guard at the insane asylum (what exactly are we calling those now?
So, anyway, this one is a little jumbled but it's not NEARLY the cluster that the original was. I have gotten into some DAMN heated arguments about remakes and all I have to say about that is this. If the remakes suck, call them out on it but there's no reason to say "remakes suck" just for the sake of them being a remake.
In both the novel and the original movie, Joanna is a stay-at-home mother with a small hobby in photography.

To gain an idea of Joanna's character, one can merely take a glimpse at the reality shows she created. In the pilot episode, the husband, a rather meek man, spends the week with only one woman and merely talks with her the entire time. Claire is the welcome-woman to Stepford, and also runs many social functions for the women. They are representatives of the driven women of society, but instead of promoting such women, the movie brings them down. The 2004 movie, instead of opening with the move into Stepford, opens with a network presentation in an auditorium, during which Joanna presents her new shows to the network's supporters. While Joanna was unable to function until she had intensive therapy, Claire turned to insane murder and developed an obsession with perfection. Both versions open with the move into Stepford, and the character of Joanna remains very mentally stable. When they first arrive in Stepford, Joanna's husband, Walter, suggests that she stop wearing black because, "only high-powered, neurotic, castrating Manhattan career bitches wear black.
The characters of Joanna Eberhart and Claire Wellington clearly demonstrate this mockery, as do the changes in plot and Joanna's mocked attempt to fit in.
Silent Night, Deadly Night, as mentioned previously, is a controversial cult horror classic.
She was involved in the women's rights movement, but, while very intelligent, was not remarkably outspoken or loud about her opinions. The wife, a simple but clearly strong-minded woman, spends her week with a myriad of lovers, and decides to leave her husband at the end. On one hand there is the woman who merely wants men and women to have equal standing in society, and on the other is a woman who makes a living out of creating shows that make men appear weaker than their wives. The 2004 Stepford Wives suggests that such women cannot function without having a mental breakdown, as both Joanna and Claire have in the movie. The only hint of insanity was when her husband asked her to see a psychiatrist when Joanna voiced her suspicions of the Stepford men.
These Rompers look so cute when they are a little loose, and even super cute when they are tight.
We truly believe that there is a reason you have come across our blog and we hope that our stories will be used to inspire you, make you laugh (really hard), but most importantly, touch your heart.
What man would not want to come home after a long day at work to find his beautiful, busty wife setting the dinner table, with a cocktail and hors d'oeuvres waiting for him in the sitting room? Then, one day, she came home to find her husband, Mike, with her young, blonde assistant.

Joanna went into a severe state of shock after she was fired from her job, and Claire turned into a maniacal murderess with an obsession of creating the perfect world when she found her husband cheating.
While Joanna may have seemed a little mentally troubled, her suspicions were, in truth, very well grounded. There is only one small question left: the original book and movie were serious comments on the sexism of men in the 1970s. That is what the men of Stepford come home to every evening: a perfect home with a perfect wife who cooks the perfect meal. After this ordeal, Joanna meets with her boss who is forced to fire her to prevent the network from being brought down after the shooting.
How serious of a comment is the 2004 movie on "high-powered, neurotic, castrating, Manhattan career bitches," (The Stepford Wives 2004)?
Well my mama friends, if you haven’t, let me introduce you to one of our favorite shops. In fact, everything is so perfect, one cannot help but think that life is too good to be true.
The three versions of The Stepford Wives, the book, the 1975 movie, and the 2004 movie, all share a general plotline, but the 2004 movie took a completely different approach to the story. Joanna proceeds to walk out of the offices as if nothing happened, and then releases a blood-curdling scream when she is alone in the elevator. It’s soft, stretchy, and pretty much the most comfy thing you can wrap your child in. If you do purchase don’t forget to #tagyourrags & let us know how you love them!! Instead of being a movie about the sexist tendencies of many men, the 2004 movie was more a mockery of high-powered women.
She then has a mental breakdown and is treated with electroshock therapy before her husband moves their family out of New York and into Stepford.
I’ve always been torn between dressing my child for comfort or cuteness- and this shop pairs both! This mockery is apparent not only in the characters, but also in the changes in the story line. This change of story line seems to suggest that women have to be slightly neurotic to be successful at all, and are also emotionally unstable when disaster strikes.

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