A chameleon-like variety of man which causes confusion and frustration in prospective mates; this species tends toward cleanliness, vanity and an inexplicable love of footwear. An intuitive form of chameleon, this breed can accurately access the needs of potential mates and will verbalize his intentions to meets these needs. The species creates an impression of closeness called a Virtual Relationship through near constant indirect communication. A species known for their expensive modes of transport, they are endowed with a penis of inadequate size.

The specific male species so obsessed with a sport, their team, their fantasy football league, fantasy baseball league and sports center updates that they have little time for reproduction or even copulation. Known for his ability to ingest large amounts of questionable, and often illegal, substances, while giving little indication of this behavior. My son's mother "accidently" texted me, asking her husband "what hole was he on?" (he plays golf). Indigenous to nightclubs, frat houses, and often found in close proximity to reflective surfaces, this nomad is frequently found in packs of other Mansluts.

This specifically modern species of man is known for poor grasp of spelling and grammar, and also known for expressing all feelings through emoticons. Experts recognize this species by the excess hot wing consumption and empty pizza boxes littering their female free abodes.

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