Some styles from the past collections are coming back in fashion, like those traditional styles of engagement rings that feature beautiful red-yellow hue accentuating a brilliant diamonds. Here are a number of elegant silver wedding rings for women to inspire any woman looking for her best wedding ring. If you want to know how to go about finding cheap promise rings and discount engagement rings – or learn about diamond ring alternatives and clever ways of choosing engagement rings in styles that look much bigger and more expensive than they are…. Cubic Zirconia is much heavier than a Diamond.  When compared with a 1 carat diamond gemstone, a CZ stone of the same size will weigh around 75% more. Depending upon the metal you choose, many Cubic Zirconia rings can be found for under ?200 and for CZ rings in silver, for under $100. Cubic Zirconia rings therefore make a great choice as an alternative ring until such time when you can afford to buy your loved one a real natural diamond ring.
Since the introduction of Cubic Zirconia for simulated diamond rings, there has been some confusion between it and the Natural Zircon.  However the mineral compositions of these two stones are quite different.
Cubic Zirconia started to make its name in jewelry during the 1980’s when the well known lead crystal company Swarovski & Co began producing CZ for the mass market.
Gemstones engagement rings in their myriad of colors have made a huge impact and are now a popular choice for many newly engaged couples. You can find beautiful, affordable gemstone engagement rings at a much lower cost than a diamond engagement ring.  Although high quality natural gemstones such as ruby, emerald and sapphire may be only slightly less expensive than diamonds, many other semi-precious gemstone rings can be bought at a much lower cost. Many inferior natural gemstones are now being treated and enhanced to transform them into attractive, less expensive gems. Birthstone rings can make gorgeous engagement rings.  Choosing a ring with your loved one’s birthstone colors adds a personal touch that is sure to delight her. Choosing a less expensive metal setting with a beautiful gemstone is another way of achieving affordable engagement rings.

Many people can’t tell the difference between a silver ring and one made from more expensive white metals.
Palladium comes from the same group of metals as Platinum and has a similar whitish silver appearance. If you are set on buying a ring made from gold but have a limited budget then a 9k or 14k will be less expensive than one made from 18k gold. The price of a gold ring depends upon how many carats of gold it contains.  The number of carats of gold is an indication of the percentage of gold it has in it and not its weight, as it is for diamonds. The remaining percentages contain metal alloy that is commonly made from such metals as copper, silver and palladium.
Another benefit of buying a 9k or 14k gold ring is that, because they contain less gold, they are harder and more resistant to scratching.  Gold in its pure state is a relatively soft metal and therefore an 18k gold ring will be softer than 14k. Stackable rings are a popular way of building a collection of pretty rings that can be added to over a period of time.  Stackable rings are thin rings that stack together to be worn on the engagement ring finger. Stackable rings come in a wide range of metals and gemstones and different settings so your girl can create her own unique collection of rings that will be totally different from any other engagement ring. Subject to quality, the cost of a large diamond is usually much more expensive than many small diamonds of the same weight.  Therefore rings that are made from lots of small diamonds are likely to be less expensive than a large diamond solitaire. Cluster rings can be found made from gemstones as well as from diamonds and make gorgeous engagement rings. The effect is to create a blanket of shimmering gemstones that can cover the whole ring or part of the ring as enhancements for the ring shank or enhancing the center setting.
The benefit of the Layaway Plan is that the price is fixed at the time of the agreement and the customer is given a period of time in which to complete all the payments – usually 3 months but can be longer. Here, six classic diamond rings from Brilliant Earth, just in time for a Christmas proposal!

It's no secret that the classic engagement ring is a one with a diamond in the center, right? This split-shank CZ ring is made with 925 Sterling silver and finished off in a stunning rhodium plating. Natural Zircon is composed of the mineral zirconium silicate and the artificial Cubic Zirconia is made from zirconium oxide. And with the holidays fast approaching, I’m sure some of you are looking for the perfect engagement ring or sparkly gift. After all, what girl could say no to socially and environmentally responsible (and dazzling) diamonds earrings?!
Today we have gathered a beautiful collection of brides-to-be rings, that will not only amaze you, but will make you want a real husband already.
Of course, sapphires stay in trend for already some decades, of course they are expensive and ideal choice to make crazy any girl, by the way, they are less expensive than real diamonds. Each stone is carefully hand-set on this ring with pin holes on that back that give these CZ’s a brilliant shine. Here are showcased the engagement styles that are timeless classic, as the one with a diamond in the center, as well as modern and alternative to classic ones. One of Snippet & Ink’s favorite companies, Brilliant Earth is known for a range of beautiful jewelry designs as well as their commitment to social and environmental responsibility. So, here below you are going to find some beautiful highlights that feature big and small diamonds, stones etc., and if you are willing a style which is made from gold, silver, yellow gold or platinum, then we have them right here, below.

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