Formerly known as the Dorsett Olympic Hotel, the place has 141 rooms and is located on Anchor St at the northern end of Kowloon in the area known as Tai Kok Tsui.
To their credit they run a free shuttle bus at regular intervals from morning through into the night. Being located close to Mong Kok made it easy to visit all the nearby markets such as Temple st Market, the MongKok Computer Center for electronics, the Ladies Market and more. The staff at the front desk speak some english, and I booked via Hotel Club to get decent rates for my two night stay. It pays to book in advance where possible for accommodation in Hong Kong, as rates fluctuate continually, and can go up dramatically on weekends or if there’s a sudden influx of visitors and demand becomes high. The Dorsett Kowloon Hotel is very clean and reasonably modern, the room was small but acceptable as most rooms in Hong Kong are tiny. The hotel has a small cafe which serves a reasonably priced breakfast featuring a small buffet with the usual toast, coffee, tea, cereal and some hot foods including dim sum, baked beans and bacon. Nearby to the hotel is a McDonalds, a small local shopping complex with a seven eleven, a supermarket and some small retailers. China Travel Shop Visit my shop for a curated collection of the top travel guides, books, apps and everything you need for your China journey. But depending on the time of year (and your tolerance for staying in grubby Guantanamo Bay-like prison cell rooms), budget travelers can get away with spending less than you might think (especially if armed with more info than I had during my first clueless trip). Regardless of when you come to Hong Kong, it’s a good idea to book well in advance, especially during the high season.
If you do travel during the low season, the large supply of rooms translates to pretty big discounts off the listed high-season rates. The cut throat competition for business travelers and tourists also translates to better service and amenities. Hotels targeting business travelers in particular, typically have kick-ass business centers and all the related services. Most Hong Kong visitors to will either stay on Hong Kong island’s downtown area (northern end), or directly across the harbor in Kowloon, where in general, you get a better value.
If you’re planning on doing any late night drinking or partying on Hong Kong island (where the main action is), you’re better off staying on HK island. Competition is fierce for the very high-end luxury travelers—offering everything from insanely luxurious spas to Michelin star restaurants to rooftop helicopter service. For those looking for a less cookie-cutter experience, search out the many boutique hotels tucked away in different districts throughout area (mostly on Hong Kong island). In the downtown city area of Hong Kong island, you’re not going to find a lot in the way of hostels with dorm rooms (I’ve listed the Hong Kong hostel below). Other than a hostel, your next best budget option on HK island is to head to Causeway Bay, where you can find the cheapest guesthouses on the island; they are more expensive (but in general more comfortable with amenities like free internet) than their counterparts in Kowloon. Not far just north on Nathan Road, you’ll also find the Mirador Mansion, offering similar accommodations. Family run guesthouse with 21 clean rooms and good service (consistently rated well with travelers). Located in the middle of Central, a good value, with 64 large suites (with a kitchenette, small desk and internet access). As expected, everything about this hotel is spectacular, including the panoramic harbor views.
LP: “Stylish, spacious and relatively good value even if hotel facilities are a tad sparse. Great facilities and service in this colonial style luxury hotel, HK’s oldest built in 1928. Hong Kong was for 100 years part of the British Empire, it was handed back To Chinese rule in 1997 and despite initial unease life has very quickly returned to normal. Hong Kong's climate is governed by four distinct seasons influenced by its bi-annual monsoons in the winter and summer months. Kowloon is the main tourist region in Hong Kong, it is here that you will find the majority of consumer electronics stores nestled between bars, clubs and restaurants. Hong Kong island itself is even busier than mainland Hong Kong and much like Kowloon has a significant amount of tourist tack on display. The most notable other tourist attraction is the Victoria peak which rises 552m above sea level.
For tourists by far the most popular way to get around between the various regions is by boat.
Hong Kong has a reasonable sized metro system with four lines including a cross harbour route. There is a well connected local bus and tram network in operations which is inexpensive but often very crowded.
There are plenty of hotels in all of the areas of Hong Kong with over 40,000 rooms estimated to be available in the city. There are 4 YMCA hostels operating in Hong Kong including one in Kowloon, the YMCA can provide more information on facilities and prices of these excellent hostels. The quality of Healthcare practised in Hong Kong is excellent and easily on par with Western standards. Vaccination is advised against both polio and typhoid, these vaccinations are available from your local GP for around ?40. The food and drink in Hong Kong is considered safe and only normal everyday precautions need be observed. Hong Kong is a part of South China and is considered to be one of the most visited Asian cities. Snacks, spices or tea are brought to the table by waiters, but they go on the bill, so be careful where you eat if you’re on a tight budget.

Offering an outdoor swimming pool and a restaurant, The Bay Bridge Hong Kong features modern, self-catering accommodation.
At The Bay Bridge Hong Kong you will find a fitness centre with sea views and other facilities like dry cleaning and ironing services. The hotel is located about 400 metres from a secure and life-guarded Approach Beach and 2 km from Citywalk Mall. 169 spacious rooms include an exclusively floor for female, offering comfortably choices of rooms with private or communal baths to suit your needs and budget for business or leisure visits and extended stays.All rooms are very basic with 2 single beds. Hong Kong was known as the gold mine for entrepreneurs for years; however it has nowadays emerged as a popular tourist destination also. On your trip to Hong Kong you should always keep in mind that Hong Kong is an expensive place therefore you have to spend a lot on travel and shopping. If you land at the Chek Lap Kok International Airport, then it will take you just 40 minutes to reach the hotel by car or bus.
Hong Kong is a tiny yet crowded place, planning your travel route in Hong Kong can be confusing if you are not familiar with the city. It provides a one-stop service of point to point public transport route enquiry for pre-trip planning. The App will gives you most (if not all) travel routes base on your input, the expected travel time, cost will be displayed and can be sorted. The detail page doesn’t only tell you the name of your get on and off point, you can click on them it will show their position on map as well as your destination. Other function like live traffic camera is not needed by tourist and we’ll not discuss here.
All in all, it is a very helpful App for tourist to find public transport easily and it’s from the Government hence accuracy is not an issue.
The shuttle bus is a modern 21 seater that stops off at the nearby MTR station, it also runs through to the Dorsett Seaview Hotel and to the airport. Plus it’s only a short trip in the taxi the harbor, or use the free shuttle bus and Hong Kongs excellent subway. They were very good rates as it turns out, the reception desk staff seemed almost a little shocked at the price, they definitely didn’t want to extend my stay later on at those rates! Luxury hotels are complete with full-on spa treatments and everything else you’d expect in the 5-star range. Hong Kong is split into four regions; Kowloon and New Territories are on the peninsula of the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong Island is the main part of Hong Kong and the Outlying Islands are a collection of over 200 tiny islands which surround Hong Kong proper.
The summers are very hot with a rainy season occurring between June and August, Spring and Autumn are both temperate with mild precipitation. Some travellers can find this area a little tacky, but it is quite a good chance to get orientated in a more familiar environment, besides there are some sights worth seeing. While hardly a mountain it does offer some excellent views of the city, particularly Victoria Harbour.
There are a number of options available, the most common is the cross harbour passenger ferries which run every 5 minutes. There are also a number state registered hostels which mainly operate outside the main cities.
Charges are made for all services and medical bills can become quite expensive so it is highly recommended that you take out fully comprehensive travel insurance. There is a slight risk of malaria so you should contact your GP for medical advice on whether it is necessary to carry any anti-malaria treatments. There’s a Youth Hostel Association that have low budget rooms and accommodation for everyone.
Ladies Market is about 12 km away, while HK International Airport is a 30-minute drive from the property. For the no-facilities rooms, there is a wash basin in the room, but a communal bathroom with showers and toilets, separate for women and men.
This is proved by the fact that there is nowadays on your trip to Hong Kong you will find a huge increase in the two star three star hotels in Hong Kong. There is a way in which these expenses can be brought down; it is to stay in a hotel which provides you with all the modern amenities and has a moderate charge.
If you prefer to walk then you have to get down at Ya Ma Tei MTR Station and from there you have to walk just 10-15 minutes for reaching the hotel at 5, Man Fuk Road, Kowloon. Sometimes you might want to travel to somewhere not on your itinerary, which is not uncommon when in Hong Kong. The public transport services include Mass Transit Railway, Light Rail Transit, Franchised Bus, Green Minibus, Ferry, Tram and Peak Tram, Cross Boundary Coach to Huanggang, Bus to Ma Wan and Discovery Bay.
Simply input your origin (your starting point) then the app will prompt you for destination. It would help you to figure your way to get on point, and from get off point to your destination. The last decade has seen a big growth in boutique hotels as well, offering their own distinct decor and personality. Basic rooms are small, and paying the extra HK$120 for a larger room with a harbor view is well worth it.
The whole of Hong Kong is an incredibly busy city with a pace that most travellers first regard as frantic. There is a large night market on Temple Street which although has fallen victim in part to the tourist trade is still worth a look. Here you will find plenty of boat tours on offer which although pricy are well worth the cost. The best views are at night when the hordes of lights around the city make for a truly spectacular view.

Most ferries are operated by Star Ferries but there are other smaller companies operating services.
Tickets are normally bought from automatic dispensers in the station and cost between 30p and ?1 depending on the route.
Despite the huge amount of accommodation in Hong Kong during the tourist season it is essential to book in advance. These are regulated by the Hong Kong Youth Hostels Association who can be contacted for more information.
Tourists come and visit all year long because it is located in a mild climate area, even if between May and September temperatures tend to go a little high.
You should know though that these hostels are located somewhere outside the city, in isolated areas. The hotel provide a free shuttle service to Tsuen Wan MTR Station which is located a 7-minute drive away. All these hotels of Hong Kong provide not only good amenities and services but are also pocket-friendly. Though there are lots of places in Hong Kong which provides such opportunities to the travelers, yet Anne Black Guest House Hotel is the one which is worth-mentioning among them.
Also in this area is the Space museum which features an impressive OMNIMAX film projector as well as a range of hands on extension activities.
While here most tourists can't help but indulge in a meal on one of the many floating restaurants in the area. While at the peak it is worth doing some window shopping in the mall directly under the observation point, although don't expect many bargains here as these shops have geared up well to the "captive" tourist market the enjoy access to.
Visitors staying for longer than a couple of days could take advantage of an octopus card, which costs about ?5. There is a reservation centre in Hong Kong international airport which can help you out if you haven't booked in advance but they do charge a pretty heft commission.
Of course, if you are passionate about long walks or hiking, these are the perfect places for you.
So, reserve a table in advance if you don’t want to wait for a few hours to eat lunch or dinner. Hong Kong being an expensive place to stay in, everyone searches for a place with all the comforts and having a reasonable charge. This 20 storey hotel in downtown Kowloon is in such a strategic location that you will be near all the tourist attractions and shopping areas. Although its cost might make a long stay in Hong Kong prohibitive, it is worth including for a few days on any tour of the Chinese mainland.
Also of interest is the Museum of History and the Hong Kong Cultural centre which both have an impressive range of exhibits.
Other attractions include the Central Market which is the largest on the island and the ancient Man Mo Temple. In Aberdeen Watertours offers a tour of the harbour in Junks and there are various passenger ferries to outlying islands. This card starts with $50 credit on it and the cost of fares are deducted when placed on card sensors in the stations, these cards have the benefit of giving the bearer a reduced fare. You can find all means of transportation in the city, from buses and taxis to trains and ferries.
Tips are always welcomed and even if you can leave what you like, people tend to give 10% of their orders. Even more, if you are a good negotiator, you can bargain for items you want to buy since there are no price tags on most merchandise.
Of all these hotels, Anne Black Guest House Hotel, Hong Kong has earned an eminent position, because of the amenities, good hotel staff and moderate charges.
This is because the location of Anne Black Guest House Hotel, Hong Kong in the elegant residential area near the Waterloo Hill is close to all the famous markets and tourist spots. When the frantic pace of the city gets on top of you, and it will eventually, you can escape by visiting the Zoological & Botanic gardens or perhaps the glorious beach at Repulse Bay.
Once you go through the Anne Black Guest House (YWCA) Hotel, Hong Kong Hotel Description, then you will find why this hotel is ideal for you! This is a 2 star budget hotel in downtown area on Kowloon side, which provides warm and friendly atmosphere.
You can take a leisurely stroll down to Yaumatei and Mongkok areas and you will find every shop lover's paradise the Jade Market, Ladies Market and the Temple Street Night Market.
The location of the hotel is on the Man Fuk Road in the vicinity of all the major tourist spots including the shopping areas.
Room types available are rooms with private bathroom or communal bathroom, which are the rooms with no facilities. You can reach the hotel within 40 minutes if you land in the Chek Lap Kok International Airport and if you can walk for 10 to 15 minutes then you can be in the hotel from the Ya Ma Tei MTR Station.
Locals famous shopping areas such as Ladies Market, Jade Market & Temple Street are all close to the hotel. Although very visible from Waterloo Road due to the height, one has to go around to Man Fuk Road to get to the entrance.

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