From back-seat parenting to bossy strangers, dads reveal what pushes their buttons – and how you can help them deal. Take a deep breath, moms, and read on to find out what really drives your partner crazy – whether it’s being shut out, battling stereotypes or being told he’s spooning out the applesauce incorrectly. That’s what worked for Jones and his wife when she noticed the kids had cottoned on that she was the softie and were ignoring her attempts at discipline.
While the idea of a hands-on dad sounds great, sometimes the reality is just too much for some people to grasp. Emotions aside, research shows that children with connected dads score higher on cognitive tests than those with uninvolved dads, and are better in terms of self-esteem, self-control and life skills. What I have used is Hagen's Brew, its 50% ATF and 50% acetone, you can actually hear it eat rust.
I don't know if this post was for me, but I don't think that I will be tempted to use anything that would eat through my gloves.
No transmission fluid, that was just an anecdote, once you clean with WD-40 wipe dry with a rag, and rub it down with hydraulic oil. The bendy segmented things are called Mag Bases, they are used to attached a Dial Indicator to a machine using their selectively magnetic base (metal box on bottom).
I'm very glad that you openly profess your ignorance and ask questions, this is a great place to get answers.
Oh, and do you have any idea what the gizmo's are in the photos (more recent) that have the looong arm things on them.
Really enjoy your posts and it's been very cool hearing about your father and grandfather's appreciation for machine tools (and especially your appreciation for your father and grandfather).

So to try and keep your goal and situation in mind trying to using common household or hardware items, to clean and lubricate the lathe without damaging so you can sell it for the most money to help you mother.
Most of this advice would generally cause panic and mayhem and I hope we can all not hijack the thread about commercially available correct oils etc. When you go to the hardware store, you will find ATF and hydraulic oil in different bottles. There has been a lot of mileage on this particular post and don't want to go over the same things, if you plan on selling what appears to be a lathe in good shape advertise it with good clear pictures including the chucks and col lets.
Probably not, most likely the motor uses sealed bearings, if not look at the motor to look for oil cups or zerk fittings they would be at the two ends right around the shaft.
Most likely the motor will be very dirty, wipe the dust and crud off and you should be good to go.
Terms of Use: All coloring pages posted on this site are protected by international copyright laws and may be reproduced for personal and classroom use only. It may sting a little bit, but understanding dads’ frustrations will help you build an even stronger partnership. He’s seeking shared custody of his sons, rather than the once-a-week and every-otherweekend arrangement that stands now. I hope that if you continue to use this product you find yourself some nitrile gloves and a mask that filters out fumes or a respirator.
So if I have it straight; if I use WD40, I have to be sure to wipe it down with transmission fluid afterward. You inadvertently stepped on the landmine topic of oils and lubrication which will garner as many heated responses as if you asked a religious or political question lol.

Things you may have around the house that may not be the best but will work in a pinch are motor oil, sewing machine oil and castor oil.
Got the measurements for the chucks, and faceplate and found a bunch of gears that also go with it. Lance and his ex work together to buy clothes and arrange haircuts for the boys, for instance, but he handles the day-today routine – which raises some eyebrows. Don't use anything abrasive on the machine with the exception of 000steel wool and only on the bed. Other items like Scotchbrite will remove the paint and may scratch important areas like the bed.
You can use a good quality bearing oil from the hardware store like zoom spout oil, sewing machine oil etc.(do not use 3in1 oil).
Next will be all of the measuring tools calipers, scribes, reamers, borers and whatever else I dig up. I'm not sure if I will know if the lathe is in gear or not until I start the thing up and then I don't know if I will be able to figure out how to take it out of gear.

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