The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is no exception as the Creation Kit still isn’t out, but the community is already using whatever it can to improve the game over the already amazing original game.
The purpose of this column is to help those that may be a little disoriented with the size and scope of what the Skyrim modding community offers. As you may have read in Episode Zero of this column, Skyrim uses only 2 Gigabytes of your RAM, thing that can cause your system to choke a bit, especially when fed high resolution textures in large quantities. Last week I wrote about the Himmelsrand Custom Shader Suite, and today I will introduce a similar mod (actually the one that’s currently the most popular, quite a lot more than nude mods) that will radically change the way the game looks. FXAA Post Process Injector by Retspadez will apply effects like  sharpening, bloom, technicolor, saturation and sepia to the game, with a minimum cost in performance. One of the biggest problems Skyrim players face is that they will find a lot of junk during their travels, and most of that junk has value when sold, not to mention weapons, armor and similar.
This mod by WheresMyPocket mitigates the problem without making the items weightless or without going overboard. Unfortunately, since the game updates the amount of weight your character can carry only in the very moment you raise your stamina stat, the mod isn’t retroactive, meaning that it will influence only your Stamina gains from the moment you install it and onwards.
Skyrim HD – 2K Textures by NebuLa is an ongoing project that aims to replace the current console-friendly low resolution texture of Skyrim with high-resolution, more detailed ones.
What makes this mod stand over most of the rest is that it doesn’t use just an upscaled and sharpened version of the original textures (that tends to get average results at best), but textures made from scratch and native in high resolution. If you want to use this mod and other high resolution texture mods I strongly encourage you to use 4GB Skyrim as well, as it will give your computer more breathing room to load the textures. This mod by Kenney could be discounted as superfluous, but one of the best things of the Elder Scrolls modding community is how it provides many mods that, while not game-changing, add some convenience options that turn the game in a better one. KenMOD – Item icons simply adds some very well designed and fitting icons to most of the items you can find in the game, identifying them at first sight when you browse your inventory.
If you feel that the textures of the wildlife in Skyrim are a tad dull, you may very well be right. The author offers several combinations of saturation and contrast: for the full effect you can use the 30 saturation, 25 contrast version. This mod by Xclear does pretty much the same thing as Skyrim HD – 2K Textures, but focuses on the natural environment. I would avoid using it together with Lush Environments, as it they will pretty much overwrite each other completely.
The mod is still work in progress, so future updates are going to expand its texture range (you won’t notice, though, as the high resolution textures integrate well with the default ones). This mod by Isoku improves drastically the looks of the water in Skyrim, that is already good by default, but still shows room for improvement.

If you do, this mod is perfect for you, as it replaces the intro splash screen with a blank one that will be skipped immediately, launching you instantly to the initial menu.
Luckily Xenius noticed, and created a new tint map that removes the problem, letting us have beautiful, kissable lips on every character, regardless of gender.
Since we’re talking about mouths, he also created Improved Teeth, that complements Detailed Lips very well. I’ve always hated how the sounds in Skyrim are very generic, and pretty much unchanging for the most part. Adds several different sounds into the game, and changes a lot of sounds vanilla items create.
The sound created when learning skills and spells has also changed to get a more immersive feel. There already are more than 1200 mods ready to be downloaded, and that’s counting only the ones that I could personally find.
Unfortunately a recent update diwnloaded by steam made the previous fixes (including the one provided Spriggan, that I featured last week) useless. Just make sure to have steam running when you run the program, and it will launch the game with no problems. Even just having to go back frequently to one’s home in order to unload some weight can be seen as a bother by many. It will allow you to increase the weight allowance added by each point of stamina to 10, 15, 20 or 25, depending on which version you chose, reducing by a lot the frequency of your trips back home or to the shop.
The author describes how to amend this using the console on the download’s page, but be careful. At the moment it includes the village of Whiterun, mountains, cliffs,  part of the nature props and tundra rocks, but it will be updated periodically with more additions. No more selling your favorite sword by mistake while you were trying to give away a simple gemstone. My personal favorite is the 30 saturation, no contrast version, but again, it’s a matter of taste. You can also find another mod by the same author that will improve the wather ripples created by rain.
Every time you load up Skyrim (and you may have to do it a lot if you want to test many mods) you waste almost ten second watching an unskippable Bethesda logo fading in and out. You can download it here (might also want to backup the original file, as this is one of the few cases in which you’ll be prompted to replace one of the default files of the game). The problem is that the original tint mask is low resolution and badly compressed (didn’t someone at Bethesda say that they are really good at that?), turning mouths into aliased blobs from hell, especially when gazed at from up close.

The immersive sounds mod is a mod that makes it so you can now experience different sounds when doing various tasks, as opposed to the stock vanilla sounds that Skyrim has to offer. I plan on adding hundreds of unique treasures for players to find and display in their player homes. Personally I found preset 1 the most satisfying in terms of final effect, but feel free to experiment.
Raising Stamina increases the weight that can be carried, but it’s still very much on the limited side. If you want to gain further Steam achievements after you used the console remember to save, quit and then restart the game. If you want to use both I advise installing them separately and deciding which one you like most. If your rig is pretty beefy use the first, if it’s old you may want to use the first. The reason I pointed both of those out is because you sometimes get the same looting sound when you loot those two items, and it doesn’t make sense because when you grab a drink really fast, it should make a splashing sound and whatnot.
See the FNV mod here: Unique Items & CollectiblesThere are 69 collectible treasures now in game!
When you have done that, install the one you like the least first, and the one you like the most second.
That way your favorite texture will overwrite the others and they will work very well together, one way or the other. Nothing fancy.I know there are several animation-based kiss mods (most of them use FNIS or SKSE to work properly). Technically you can kiss any creature that can go ragdoll, including animals (not tested much).The only exception are Children. If you try to use TFC during the first scene, the time will reset and unfortunately both characters will fallAfter each kiss you will recieve a Kiss Effect: carring capacity bonus + faster stamina regeneration. Script lags or extreme ENB settings can interfere with the quality of the scenes (delays will cause incorrect timing).

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