The reason why we don’t suggest you simply go straight to the state link (for the state you now live in or once lived in) first, is because using the websites mentioned above will do a national search for you, making sure every state and province is covered in one search. We’ve all heard stories in the news of people finding out that they have unclaimed money that they didn’t know about. According to, every year 25,000 interest payments are returned to the Department of the Treasury as undeliverable and billions of dollars in mature savings bonds remain uncashed. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and several Canadian Provinces, with links to their official website’s unclaimed property divisions and contact information.
Besides creating a search portal within the state’s official website (see links below), most states publish listings in the newspapers of general circulation. Hey, you never know, a company that owes you money may be based out of another state and that may be where you have money owed to you, or you may have an inheritance of property you weren’t aware of, in another state or province.
But finding unclaimed money that may be owed to you has just gotten easier thanks to a web site from the Federal Government.
In many cases, the unclaimed funds are money due from government agencies or old bank accounts.

The National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators (NAUPA) suggests you search in each state you have lived. Treasury Hunt can help you find out if your savings bonds are no longer earning interest so you can cash them in or reinvest the money. Some States and Provinces also set up booths at their State fairs and other State events and many host telethons to try and locate missing owners. Or, they might be trying to get your personal information to either spam you with emails and phone calls, or worse, they might be trying to collect your private information to steal your identity.
While there are companies, and many online scams which promise to help you find unclaimed money for a fee, offers a number of resources to help you find unclaimed money for free. Through this one web page you can link to search for retirement pensions, tax refunds, mortgage insurance refunds and much more.
NAUPA provides an interactive map to connect you directly to each state’s website for unclaimed money. If a company you bought stocks, bonds or other investments from committed misconduct that caused you a financial loss, and the SEC conducted an enforcement action against the company, there may be an investors claims fund set up to help pay you back.

Are you one of the rightful owners of unclaimed money sitting in savings bonds, misplaced pensions, apartment deposits, lost tax refunds and more?
Treasury’s website are available to help owners to find their unclaimed money with their social security numbers. Find your unclaimed pensions and 401(k)sReaping the corporate benefitsIf your company went bankrupt during the financial crisis or ran itself into the ground, there are ways to find unclaimed pension and 401(k) money. Check out the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation’s website or the Employee Benefits Security Administration for 401(k)s.

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