We recently saw a facebook post from Simple Hydration creating funny and whimsical running names.
Find your running name using the method described in the graphic or just pick a first and last name that best describes you as a runner.
Sincerely, Splitz Bonkerson (Adam) and Rundolf Carboloadski (Tim) from Run the Edge and Windy Couchcrusher (Colene) and Niggles Treadmiller (Devon) from Distant Runners. Ever wonder what your own personal Mardi Gras parade would be named and what your signature throw would be? Name generators on the internet are hugely popular online, helping you determine what your porn name, leprechaun name, Easter Bunny name, or even Honey Boo Boo name would be.

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I found this awesome Batman name generator that easily helps you determine what your Batman name would be.

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