This data is clearly represented in the Analysis window and can also be wirelessly transmitted to an iPad or iPhone via a local wifi network. Since the Apple Watch has no summary page in iTunes, you’ll need to use Xcode in order to find the Apple Watch UDID. Note: Your Apple Watch must be paired to your iPhone, and your iPhone must be connected to your Mac via USB.
Step 4: Click on your iPhone in the Devices side bar, and you should see your Apple Watch information under the Paired Watch Information heading. If we assign degrees of comparison to finding UDID of Mac, iPhone and Apple Watch, then first is easy, second is not so easy and third one is not at all easy.
In Mac, you are not needed to connect any device; rather you can always check the UDID from your Mac itself. Moreover, you need to download a third-party app to find your Apple Watch UDID as Apple Watch doesn’t have summary page on iTunes.
Now, you will see all your Apple Watch info like Name, Model, Capacity, Battery, watchOS and Identifier under Paired Watch Information. Water is undoubtedly the core ingredient of our survival and taking it adequately is mandatory for a healthy life. We all love YouTube because it has almost all variety of videos uploaded by millions of users around the globe.
The most likely situation you'll need your iPhone's UDID for is if an app developer has offered to let you try out some unreleased software.

There's some debate about this, and you'll note in the screenshots below that I've hidden sections of my UDID to be on the safe side. App developers are allowed a limited number of UDID registrations (these are effectively requests for permission from Apple to bypass the normal App Store download process) so it wouldn't make for a very efficient spam or malware dispersal mechanism; and the generally solid sandboxing between apps in iOS 7 and earlier makes it difficult to cause too much damage from a single app install - difficult, but not impossible.
For an iPad the process is almost exactly the same - just pick the iPad option from the dropdown menu if you’ve got more than one device plugged in. All the iPhone and iPod Touch devices will bear a a Unique Device Identifier(UDID) which will uniquely identify the device. You can now copy (Ctrl + C on Windows and Command + C on Mac) the 40-digit UDID and use it for your purpose. In combination Dashwood 3D Chart from DSC Labs, Stereo3D CAT is able to calculate and display empirical values of disparity between the left and right image.
The Dashwood 3D Chart from DSC Labs accommodates an iPad into the centre of the chart so this information can be displayed where the rig technician or stenographer is looking, instead of turning away from the rig to face the computer system.
Once approved, we will email you the app you’ll be able to load the application to your device via iTunes.
In this tutorial we show how to find out your iPhone or iPad's UDID, as well as what a UDID is and what you might need a UDID for.
Be aware that when and if you accept (or beta-test) non-vetted app software there is some danger that it won’t work or cause unexpected effects - not necessarily as a result of malicious action, of course. Plug your iPhone into your Mac, and go to iTunes (or start it up if it isn't already open).

After the serial number changes into the UDID, pressing Apple + C at the same time will copy the UDID to the pasteboard. The data allows the rig technician or stenographer to quickly make adjustments to the rig where necessary to remove disparity.
This display can also be transmitted to an iPhone is the user prefers to view it in their hand. I personally needed it to gain access to a prerelease app, as it can be used for access provisioning. This is commonly used to let reviewers try out apps before they make it on to the App Store.
You can see the iPad's capacity and serial number (but not phone number, of course) in the top box; click on the serial number and this will change into the UDID.
Click the serial number, as before, to change it into the UDID, and press Apple + C or right-click and select Copy. But if you need to try out beta apps then you have to register your UDID with Apple so they can approve the application especially for your iPhone.

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