Chipotle is Giving Away Free Food to Gain Your Trust BackThis is some serious damage control. Regaining the trust of someone is a challenging task which requires profound patience and unwavering determination.
The first step towards correcting the wrongs you did to someone is to apologize for your mistakes. The person will need some time to completely ward off the memories of the past and regain trust towards you. You might feel devastated when the other person vents out but remember this is a significant step in the recovery process. You may be in a serious romantic relationship where you have hurt your partner either through miscommunication or misunderstanding, false expectations of dating him or her exclusively, or something extremely serious such as cheating. Everyone makes mistakes but if you have made a few mistakes which have betrayed someone you have to understand there is a possibility you have absolutely zero chance to get things back the way they used to be. The best part of gaining trust back in a relationship is how we as humans, are generally willing to forgive and forget so we can move forward.
Both of you must have some common friends who know you very well and would be willing to help you. It might not make sense in the beginning, but staying at a distance from your partner for some time could make them realize your importance in their life.
Although you are going through a rough patch now, both of you must have some fond memory of each other.
Trust is a very vital element in a relationship.  It takes a lot of time to gain someone’s trust, but you make a mistake and it is all gone. The chaotic emotions of resentment, bitterness and disappointment cloud the person’s mind whose trust you have broken.
But if you are genuinely apologetic for your mistake and want to make amends, your efforts will pay though it may take some time. Being patient and understanding and giving the person time to rebuild the trust is a silent acknowledgement of your acceptance of your mistakes and your desire to win back the person’s trust.
So huge, in fact, that you wonder if this person will ever be able to trust you ever again. You should also accept how the person you hurt may never be able to look at you in the same way as before and he or she will always have a hint of doubt in the back of their mind. We tend to get impatient in such situations as we start imagining the worst possible outcome. But remember, even when you stay away from them you must keep a tab on them to figure out whether they value you or not. Make your partner remember the times in which you both shared the happiest moments of your life.

You must be very careful when you are in a relationship and always be honest with your partner. Instead, the brand is doubling the amount of free food each location can give away to customers. This article details some steps which you can help you to get the person’s trust back after breaking it.
But it is important that you express yourself and let the other person know that you value the person’s presence in your life. Once all the bitterness and anger is vented out, you can again have a peaceful relationship with that person. You may be someone who has betrayed a friend because you unexpectedly found yourself in a difficult situation only to hand that person up on a silver platter.
If the relationship is able to survive, you had better place a higher priority on maintaining trust between the both of you or your friendship will start to sink again. Figure out the reason for your actions and explain what happened without trying to justify the motive for your actions.
You will not be able to start the healing process until you accept full responsibility for your actions. You have to come to terms with the fact that you may have hurt another person so badly that there may be no going back in trying to make amends. Don’t crowd the person and appear as if you are needy, especially in a romantic relationship.
If the person wants to forgive and put the incident or situation behind both of you, wait until he or she makes that decision. This doesn’t mean you should take a chance on betraying someone so you can apologize and strengthen your bond!
You should be honest and put across a sincere appeal that would touch your partner’s heart and make them realize that you really care for them.  There must be regretting in your voice and most in your eyes. However, it is in such situations that we should hold on to our patience and wait for things to settle down. Once you figure out the exact reason, you must try your best not to repeat that mistake and should refrain from lying to them again.
Maintaining distance can work either way- it could bring you closer or could drive you apart. You could reignite these memories by talking to them, showing them pictures or playing some video. Put yourself in that person’s shoes to get a glimpse of the pain felt when one’s trust is broken. Every situation is different but don’t try to repair a relationship with false expectations or unfair demands.

Let them ultimately make the decision as to whether or not you have changed your ways and show that you will, only by your actions. If you cannot wait for long, you should at least give your partner some time to cool themselves to a certain extent.
What is the use of apologizing if you end up lying to them again?  You must mentally condition yourself to stay honest to them and stick to that resolve. You should take your partner to a place where you both have spent some good times together.  Just figure out a way to remind them of the wonderful moments.
Basically, you're going to have to stalk your local Chipotle until it announces any freebies, if it chooses to participate at all. Whatever the reason may be, once the person whom we have lied to, finds out, they get upset with us. Writing a letter would enable you to convey your feelings without any fear or embarrassment. Let their anger simmer down to a lower degree and then you can think about talking to them. So, bringing in a couple of friends and asking them to help you out could prove to be an effective measure to set things right. Thinking about those times will make them realize the importance of your relationship and would encourage them to forgive you.
When you are in a relationship, it is important that you stay honest with your partner and never lie to them. Yes, verbal communication could prove to be more effective but if they accept your apology, you can talk to them directly after that. Your friends might help your partner to see things clearly and make them realize that even though you committed a mistake you love them. It is very difficult to gain your partner’s trust after they get to know that you lied to them. If your lie does not have any serious consequence, they could forgive you easily, but if you lied to hide something really important, they could find it difficult to forgive you. Having said that, making your partner forgive you is a difficult but not necessarily an impossible task.

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