Shortly after we married, my in-laws had friends in the neighborhood who were looking for a good home for their pedigree adult pet poodle. A couple of years later we decided it was time to try the dog thing again a€“ for Thomasa€™ sake. About this time, Beverly fell in love with a frienda€™s Maltese a€“ a small, white, longhair dog. We tried breeding her, which was an interesting experience and potentially a profitable one. In the summer before Thomasa€™ sixth grade year, Bev and I were gone for much of the time pursuing our graduate studies. I would not return to the Humane Society in College Station, so while visiting family in Austin, we checked out a couple of places to no avail.
When Missy was a couple of years old, we moved 20 miles from Caldwell to the country just outside Somerville Lake.
Not only was she content being an outside dog, she actually developed an aversion to being inside the house.
Maybe someday wea€™ll get another dog, but until then, Ia€™m content to love other peoplea€™s pets.

Our son was born a couple of years later, and of course that kept us busy.A  But a baby grows into a little boy, and what does every little boy need?A  Right. In the summer before Thomasa€™ sixth grade year, Bev and I were gone for much of the time pursuing our graduate studies.A  We promised him another dog, a small price to pay to assuage a parenta€™s guilt for abandoning the kid. When the heat burns hot in the mid-day California classroom, nothing escapes change either.A  The air becomes stale with the scent of teenage sweat, feet start patting on the linoleum floor, pencils begin to beat out rhythms of discontent and attitudes are slowly brought to a boil. Considering that twenty five seasoned, baked and boiled teenagers met a few hundred likewise stewed students crammed in the too narrow halls of the North Wing when the bell rang for lunch, what happened was not a surprise to any of them, although Admin was heard - as always - A saying that they just couldn't figure out why it happened. Reginald Washington was an imposing figure of theA  first order, fashioned fromA a discarded frame of a mack truck and made to absorb the worst possible hits from whatever opposition team his college team faced. MalingoA  is trying to teach them about the jumble of numbers and figures on the dry erase board.
One thing of which he was certain was that he had been badly damaged, his nose broken, cuts and bruises from feet flying fast at his head, sore muscles catching their breath from beating but most of all, his love of the school was wounded forever.
Jonathan, a boy of great principle, an inheritor of his Mother's great sense of rightness and of his faith's teachings, would set the school straight and make sure that Admin knew about the evil that is creeping down every hall of Aurora High School.
Howard, may I please, please stay in the orchestra room and practice instead of going to the pep rally today?"A  I have All-State auditions coming up and a paper due for Advanced Placement Theory class on the development of polytonality during the Renaissance.

It doesn't help that all the markers on the tray at the bottom of the board are dried up to a crisp and no matter how many times Dr. It wasn't that he wished Jon any more ill-will or harm than he had already encountered, he just wanted to be sure that no one laid blame at the door of the administration or at the feet of the kickers of the scattered pins. Gosh, that was just a week ago and here we go again, trying to figure out a way to avoid another one of those terrible hours The band will be blasting away in the echo chamber of the gymnasium painfully killing a musician's greatest asset, their hearing.
That would be a lot like the quarterback having his throwing arm fed through a tree shredder. And we have to sit there again watching the jocks be praised and worshipped, cheered and honored for having a mack body.
If they want school spirit, let's have a rally for the ballet class and have them pirouette through the arch of victory as they are called one by one listing their names like the gods of the Greek temples.

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