Whether you're a Tiesto fan or not, you'll get some serious minute-by-minute coverage of what goes on behind the scenes at Tiesto's shows.
After finally receiving the Snapchat username 'Skrillex', your boy Sonny has ditched his former account 'Skrilloo' to serve up a delightful insight behind the OSWLA Empire. HUNTSVILLE, Texas — Pablo Vasquez, a Texas man who killed a 12-year-old boy in 1998 and reportedly drank his blood after a satanic calling, was executed Wednesday, the Texas Department of Criminal Justice announced.
Vasquez, 38, was convicted of killing 12-year-old David Cardenas in Donna, Texas, 18 years ago.

Vasquez told police in a videotaped interview that he drank the boy’s blood, according to The Monitor newspaper in South Texas. John Newman & Nile Rodgers - Give Me Your LoveSEE ALL MUSICGive Me Your LoveMartin Solveig- +1 feat. With millions of snaps being sent out each day, you can now find almost every DJ, Producer, personality or brand offering their exclusive take on what goes on behind-the-scenes. We've also gone ahead and created a snapchat database below, so you can have a quiet night in on "Snapper-chat", or squash the FOMO with a night on the town.

I mean, something just told me drink,” Vasquez said, according to a transcript of the statement.

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