It is with mixed feelings that I congratulate Lynne Kemp who has been appointed Principal of Merri Creek Primary School from next term. Mrs Pam Anderson is Principal of Osborne Primary School and Ms Kendra Parker is Principal of Mentone Park Primary School. Principal’s Day What a lovely surprise on Friday when students came up to say Happy Principal’s Day!
Julie Shepherd evening Thank you to the parents who attended this informative evening to learn more about how to support your child with reading. Stranger Danger From time to time we have alerts about strangers and we always follow DEECD procedures when these alerts occur. Never go with anyone to help them look for a lost puppy or to get some lollies or get a lift home.
I hope that all of our wonderful SEPS dads enjoyed a great day yesterday with their family.
We have enjoyed many visitors from Japan who come to see our school and last week we received the following….. At short notice last week we were invited to host another Walker Learning Tour group who visited a level 3 class. After a 6am start to help set up for the Father’s Day breakfast, Lynne , myself and the School Improvement Team attended a conference titled: “Becoming an Agile School in the 21st Century”. These are all questions that we at Sandy East would encourage feedback from parents and staff. He also talked about celebrating our successes – we at Sandy East could share our successes much better. Planning for 2015 staffing and buildings is in progress so we would very much appreciate any information that gives an indication of enrolments upon which we base our staff ratios and number of classrooms.
If you know of any Foundation students for next year can you please ask them to enrol ASAP? Today we are teaching differently to the way you were taught in order to prepare students for tomorrow’s world.
Over the next five years, Victoria will need about 70,000 employees in construction, 108,000 in healthcare and social services, 72,500 in education and training and 64,000 employees in accommodation and food services.
Get your tickets now to join more than 10,000 families cheering on the next generation of superstars at Hisense Arena on September 13th. Congratulations to two of our students who have been selected as members of the School Sport Victoria Boys Softball state team.  Josh and Max will compete with the team in Toowoomba in November. Dads and kids turned out in droves last Thursday for the Father’s Day Breakfast.  A lovely sunny morning and sizzling spread were enjoyed by all.
We’d like to thank the Forrest family and Bakers Delight Cheltenham for donating the bread rolls, and thank you to ACC Catering Cheltenham for the loan of the BBQ. We hope our Dads had a great Father’s Day yesterday and were enthralled with their specially selected gifts.
A huge thank you to Belinda Wilson for coordinating this event, and also to all her helpers including Megan Bolton, Kerry Thomson, Alida Williams, Kelly Kelson, Marie Pascoe, Kylie Charlton, Sandy Celantano, Maz Lopes, Mel Harrison, Lianne Wells, Andrea Scott, Tanya Upton, Andrea Pounder, Louisa Begg, Vince Cavarra and Francoise Harbord. New school bags & the Foundation 2015 polo shirts are available from the school office. As we are fast approaching the end of term it would be timely to have a look through the lost property boxes located outside the library…currently overflowing!  Ranging from bomber jackets to drink bottles and the occasional baby shoe!  Jump in now before all is sorted for selling in our second hand uniform shop or shipped out to the Family Life Op Shop.
We also have three items of property FOUND in and around the school grounds which are being held in the school office…a mobile phone (unable to charge, so can’t figure out who it belongs too), a younger child’s scooter & helmet and a lovely women’s jacket.
In terms of LOST property, a child is missing their rainbow coloured wallet, if anybody knows its whereabouts we’d appreciate it being dropped at the school office.
The ‘Tendy Award’ is highly sought after and awarded weekly to the class showing the best attendance and punctuality. Every lunch time the level 5 students rostered on for the day don their high visibility vests and head for the little shed near the main gate. There are witches hats and Tonka toys, buckets and boards, nets and bits of plastic pipe…everything required to create a whole world of play given a bit of imagination and couple of willing playmates.

Our level 5 volunteers supervise the safe use of the equipment and make sure it’s all packed away at the end of the lesson. This week at SEPS we were fortunate to have Tim McKimm from Royal Ave tennis come and take free clinics for every class. Foundation children have had another very busy week encompassing many engaging learning experiences. The children have continued to explore the concept of subtraction through concrete materials and number lines. As part of our Geography focus this term the children commenced their three dimensional community project. On Friday the children completed their final swimming session at Bayside Aquatics in Mentone. During class time, the level 2s have been focusing on the difference between a fact and an opinion and how to write a persuasive text. Level 6 had some fun with their Foundation Buddies this week making Father’s Day cards and Knick knacks.
All students have been busy working on their Educational Research Projects and are looking forward to presenting them on Wednesday September 17th between 3-4pm to their parents! Dear Parents, Students & Friends, Thought for the Week Michael Grose Parenting Ideas Diary Dates for 2015 Book Week Garden 2014 Father’s Day Celebrations at SEPS!
This is a wonderful opportunity for Lynne and we will miss her expertise, and enthusiastic leadership at Sandy East. Julie’s down to earth common sense approach was refreshing and a good reminder for all of us.  Can you ask your child about CAFE?
Father’s Day festivals are considered extremely important as it helps acknowledge the contribution of fathers to individual families and to societies.
Her experiences, including her work with the Bushfire Commission, showed her resilience and respect. He was the keynote speaker for most of the day and said that leading an Agile School draws on global research lessons from the most innovative leaders and organisations, both inside and outside education, to teach the mindsets, processes and cultures needed to transform learning in schools.
The recent Naplan results will be shared at a Parent Information evening with Philip Holmes Smith on October 21st at 7pm so that’s a date for your diaries to celebrate with us. Education needs to be different and dynamic to meet the new and exciting challenges of a fast-changing world. The Department of Education and Early Childhood Development has created a range of industry snapshots designed to help students and their families find out more about career prospects in a range of fields. In maths, they have been focusing on sorting a group of items into quarters, reading calendars and combining numbers to make a total of 10.
An orienteering course was set out for them and they had to work their way around the school following specific coordinates. Helm at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.A A I also traveled on the pilot study abroad program to Martinique with Dr. We are proud that Lynne is the third Assistant Principal in my time as Principal that has gained a Principal position. It is not where you go for a coffee but strategies which our students are learning to further improve their reading skills. Besides observance of Father’s Day provide children an opportunity to express love and respect for their fathers.
The students had such a good time, for a moment there I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to get them back on the bus to come home! Thank you to Claire Parsons for sharing best teaching practice with the Walker Learning pedagogy. Simon was an inspirational speaker and we all learnt much about being an Agile School able to deal with challenges and equip ourselves to move forward, constantly adapting, growing and innovating.
We meet after assembly and discuss the educational programs at school as well as visit the classrooms. There are 19 new career trends fact sheets that will give you an idea of future employment opportunities in Victoria.

The teachers are extremely pleased with how well the VCOP program has been implemented into all Level 3 and 4 classrooms and the terrific results it is producing in our students’ writing and in their confidence in their own writing! Genevieve Casonato Pal will be stepping up to Higher Duties next term and we currently have an advertised position on our Recruitment system.
We are in a group of professionals whose job can be rarely appreciated or acknowledged and it’s great that at Sandy East this is not the case.
The sentiment goes a long way in strengthening father-child relationship and consequently in the emotional development of a child. The students were particularly fascinated by the flexible learning spaces which were very different from their own experiences. As parents, I suspect you are interested in knowing even more about how we are preparing children for tomorrow.
The job is always challenging but also so rewarding which is what motivates and inspires us to make a difference in learning and the learning environment for the students at Sandy East. The campaign features advertising and includes a link to updated content on the Department’s website. While jobs featured in the campaign, such as underwater infrastructure planner, hover train designer and bio dome gardener may sound futuristic, there is a serious message behind them.
Jobs are changing and many of our children will work in professions that don’t exist today. I am working on a MA in Corporate Communication at Duquesne University and am scheduled to graduate on December 17, 2009.
Thanks also to the amazing teams who organised the Father’s Day Breakfast and Father’s Day stall.
Our school is doing a lot of work to help prepare our students for this future and give them the skills to learn in a range of ways as well as develop their social and personal skills. The breakfast was a well-planned event – feeding so many in such a time frame is always a challenge but with our amazing mums from level 4 led by Kerry Thomson and the level 4 parent reps Sophia Ali, Marie Pascoe, Megan Dew, Jenn Bullen and Sandy Pullen nothing could stop them. Thanks everyone for your amazing support – parents and staff worked together to make this such a success. Then the day was followed by a plethora of choices for gifts for dad at the Father’s Day Stall led by Belinda Wilson and many other parent helpers. I aspire to undertake the study of human communication, engaged through the lens of intercultural communication, so as to delineate how narrative ground is lost, gained, or redefined through cross-cultural, literary, verbal and nonverbal communicative experiences and practices amongst different groups. After Northwestern, she spent a year working as a Human Capital Analyst in Human Resource Transformation at Deloitte Consulting in Chicago. Claire then decided to pursue a PhD, and she is currently a doctoral candidate in Higher Education at The Pennsylvania State University. Her research interests include information technology and higher education, higher education policy, and intra-institutional collaboration.A i»?Claire Gilbert has known Dr. I read all of her books I could get my hand on while I was teaching English in primary school of BesanA§on, France, the year after my graduation from OU (2006). Currently, I am finishing up my thesis for my Masters Degree in French Linguistics from the University of Alabama (It's on French Cyberlanguage). Currently, I am finishing up my thesis for my Masters Degree in French Linguistics from the University of Alabama (It's on French Cyberlanguage). Afterwards, I was fortunate to immediately find a part time job at Vanier College in Montreal (Canada), an English institution part of the cegep system, as a FSL teacher. At that time, I was also working a full time job in a high school teaching French and English, and a part time job teaching English for medical staff.
I have been to Brazil and France, and also many parts of the United States visiting former classmates. I was also thankful to meet up with Suzanne Dracius while she was promoting her books in Quebec City in spring 2010.

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