The women of Landline TV have repurposed the popular dating phone app Tinder for suspicious girlfriends everywhere! Does the buzzing, beeping, or squealing of your alarm clock put you in such a bad mood that you'd rather just keep it off and be late for work? You would think not too many things change when you cross that dreaded threshold from your 20s to your 30s. In an amazing moment of coincidence, an employee at a sporting goods store in Alaska witnessed a whale feeding at Knudson Cove Marina.
A man in England found an unknown car parked in his driveway and decided he wanted it gone. This little boy got scared when he started hearing a strange voice talking to him in his room — total boogeyman style. A mother always knows best, but does the same saying still apply when it comes to online dating? RightThisMinute's how-to guru Jessica Hord shares how to make colorful watercolor coasters.
First, watch the moment when these kids surprised their mom on her 50th birthday by arranging a visit from their grandmother. For his fourth installment of the "Getting Gymnasty" series, Nathan Barnatt solicited the help of all-American gymnast Calli Ryals. A street vendor in Colombia says that after Mick Jagger purchased wafers from her stand her sales increased.
These Seattle residence just thought they were getting into a normal Lyft with a very talkative driver — but little did they know the one in the driver's seat just happened to be a member of their football team's "Legion of Boom!" Richard Sherman couldn't help but make fun of himself as he drove unsuspecting fans around Seattle. What would you do if Arya Stark (Maisie Williams) showed up at your door—chips in hand—and asked to join your “Game of Thrones” viewing party?

Newborn Yola's mother, Nadiri, had some issues early on with nurturing Yola, who had to be bottle-fed and cared for by Woodland Park Zookeepers.
An elderly man, Seppo Laamanen, from Finland has formed an unlikely friendship with an adorable otter.
According to Variety, Lambert recently bought a sprawling 400-acre retreat in Williamsport, TN — about an hour outside Nashville — for $3.4 million. A little Instagram sleuthing also tells us she might have already begun spending some time there, given the fact that her latest photo looks like it could have been taken on the property.
Tinder is a dating app that many perceive as simply being a tool for guys and girls to hook up.
We've all come to know and love Action Movie Kid, now there's a new adorable baby on the block with some super cool special effects of her own. Instead of bringing the dog to the vet to check for a microchip, or hanging up flyers around town, now you can simply snap a picture.
The Hydraulic Press Channel has felt your pain, and knows the perfect solution to your problem. Now "UnDer" is combining two of the most popular and frequently used apps on your smartphone so you can kill two birds with one stone. The whale was in arms reach of Captain Cy from Strike Zone Sportfishing, but Cy wisely kept his hands away from the hungry whale.
So he asked a group of guys to move it with the help of a tractor, which they were more than happy to do. The camera was suctioned to the side of its owner's car, but the suction cup failed, sending the GoPro bouncing along the pavement. He ran to his mom for comfort, but little did he know, it was her behind that scary voice the entire time!

GQ enlisted one of its staffers to let his 59-year-old mom takeover his Tinder profile—and she throws out some very interesting opening messages to the ladies.
Next, check out the moment when a daughter surprised her mother in the teacher's lounge when she arrived home a few days early from an overseas trip. Separately warm equal sections of the white and colorful clay by rolling between your hands.
Barnatt may not have been implementing traditional gymnast exercises, Ryals rolled with the punches - and kicks, and face plants, and pretty much anything else Gymnasty threw her way. You simply sign in with your Facebook account and you're immediately bombarded with people in your area who are also interested in "dating." You simply swipe right if you like what you see and swipe left if you don't. RightThisMinute Skyped with Finding Rover's creator to find out more about how the free service works. How would you like to meet that special someone while you're being driven to your desired destination. What what happens when you in your 30s come face to face with all the bad questionable decisions you made in your 20s. And as if we needed more reasons to appreciate them, these moms reveal why your mom deserves a few more hugs this Mother's Day. Although this type of early detachment is not totally uncommon, the cameras at the zoo were able to capture their progression on video in a very tender moment. The park-like grounds contain a stocked lake ready for fishing, a boathouse, and a horse barn.

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