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If your child is starting kindergarten or preschool, beginning high school or heading to a new school this year, the first day can be an especially anxious time. If your child is starting a new school, see if you can take a tour and meet with the teacher before the school year starts. Allow yourself 15 minutes to sit down and have a cup of coffee or surf the Web before your little ones get up for school.
Many kids are excited to walk the school halls and see their friends after the summer break, while others are a bit anxious to see what their class schedules hold.
Now that we you have your A+ fashion game on, don’t miss the upcoming, exciting, in-store Saks Fifth Avenue’s Fashion Show for even more ideas to get the school year off to a successful start.
Saks supports our local teachers who often use their own money to equip their classrooms with the tools for education…On Saturday, 10% of sales will be donated toA Gift For Teaching, an operation that distributes more than $40,000 in school supplies daily, free, to highest-need schools and classrooms in our tri-county community. You are encouraged to attend one of two Bethel presentations on Oregon Rising, the campaign for increased investment in K-12 schools.
Please attend one of my two Bethel presentations (May 3rd and 4th) on Oregon Rising, a powerful new campaign to build momentum for increased state-level investment in K-12 schools. If Bethel received funding equivalent to the national average, what would be your highest priorities for the additional investment? How would additional funding improve the educational experiences and outcomes for Bethel students? All your feedback will be compiled with that gathered from around the state, and then shared with state legislators and the Governor.
We’ll be in the lecture hall in Willamette’s new office building, and I appreciate – your children will appreciate – your involvement. The retired Special Ed teacher knows the great-grandmother of a current Danebo student, learned what a great job the school was doing with the boy, and decided to support that kind of good education with a financial donation. Mari Ford wants to publicly thank Betty for her generosity, and to let it be known they’d welcome any other donors who feel so compelled to support students and programs at Danebo. Take a look at Willamette Indoor, an ensemble made up of Bethel 8th graders and high school students. She’s transforming Prairie Mountain’s little-used interior courtyard into a busy, hands-on school garden. Students in Redmond’s Farm Science class designed the layout for the garden space using raised beds, and they’ve studied which produce to choose and when to plant, harvest, rest, and till the garden. The ornamental plants that were removed will be replanted in carefully considered locations around the school.
Redmond hopes the garden will help Prairie Mountain students have healthier futures by providing them with the knowledge to grow their own food. Bethel educational assistants Yesica Meza and Ana de le Paz will receive $15,000 grants to continue their education and become classroom teachers. Educational Assistants Yesica Meza from Danebo and Ana de le Paz from Malabon have each received $15,000 scholarships through the Pathways Teacher Education program to continue their education to become classroom teachers. Pathways is a partnership between Bethel, Springfield, and Eugene 4j school districts, along with Lane Community College, the University of Oregon, Pacific University and Northwest Christian University.
The goal is to identify and support potential teachers who can diversify our teaching staff to better mirror our student population. Yesica already has her undergrad degree and after a few years away from the university is now ready to return for her Masters and become a bi-lingual elementary school teacher.
Ana completed community college and is excited to finish her undergrad and masters and looks forward to getting her own Bethel elementary classroom. Kalapuya students Alyssa Smalling and Heather Harvey won the KidWind Challenge with this turbine, but will work on even better prototypes for the national competition in New Orleans.
Alyssa Smalling and Heather Harvey had a big trip in mind when preparing to compete in the annual KidWind challenge. The EWEB-sponsored event gives kids a chance to design and develop the most efficient wind turbines possible, with the winner earning a free trip to the national KidWind competition in New Orleans, courtesy of EWEB. The two Kalapuya High School students beat all other competitors and can now start preparing for their trip to the Big Easy where hundreds of other teams will be waiting. Smalling and Harvey will spend a lot of after school time over the next month creating new prototypes as they experiment with blades, drivetrains and materials. Also going to New Orleans will be an 8th grade team from Cascade which won as 7th graders last year when there was no national event. The winner of this year’s middle school category was Chris Lonergan and Jerusalem Morris from Shasta. Irving principal Nathan Bridgens accepts a $500 check as part of the ceremony marking irving as Bethel’s latest Oregon Green School. Irving is sending a message to its students that they can be responsible caretakers of the environment. The school has already conducted a waste audit and made efforts to reduce waste, use less energy, and conserve water. Under the leadership of teacher Britni Cacan, Irving is also taking part in the recycling of electronics and colored markers, they’ve been composting food scraps from the school kitchen, and some students took part in the Oregon green Schools conference in Salem. The move from 8th grade to high school is perhaps the most anxiety-ridden transition for any student. That may be one reason why many hundreds of 8th grade students and their parents packed Willamette High School for 8th Grade Orientation Night.
The event created excitement and anticipation among students, sparked questions from parents, and resulted in kids choosing electives for next fall. They were introduced to Wil-Hi’s outstanding CTE offerings, the college-prep International Baccalaureate program, and the dozens of sports, activities and clubs that offer something for everyone. Next fall’s incoming freshmen – the class of 2020 – can see clearly that any anxiety should be replaced with enthusiasm for the opportunities that await them. Former Clear Lake students Gavin and Gordon Mindoro are teaching current Clear lake kids how to play Kendama, the old Japanese game that’s new to most students.
People around the world are playing the game that’s just being introduced to Clear Lake students.
Kendama is a traditional Japanese toy that has a “ken” – a spike with three cups – which is tethered to a ball.
It’s being introduced at Clear Lake by former students Gavin and Gordon Mindoro, who are now at Shasta and Willamette. Twice a month on Fridays after school they’re teaching Clear Lake kids some tips on Kendama tricks. The game improves hand-eye coordination, teaches perseverance, and gets kids off the couch and away from video games. Fellow contestants swarm Lexi Haller after she was named winner of the Wolverine Pageant, the first girl to win the pageant crown. This year’s pageant saw some successful changes, with girls taking part as contestants for the first time. It was no surprise then that Lexi Haller was voted as the winner, the first girl to wear the Wolverine pageant crown.
Together, the 38 contestants and coordinators shared the common goal of raising awareness of children’s medical needs, and bonding as a school community. As part of the choir festival they attended in Pasadena, Willamette’s Concert Choir joined 500 other students in recording a new musical piece that debuted at the festival. The Willamette Concert Choir – all 52 students – piled into vans and a bus for a long ride to Pasadena and the Choirs of America West Division Festival.
The Wil-Hi singers worked with Randall Stroope, a highly regarded choral conductor and composer. They performed before adjudicators, took part in an hour long clinic, and joined 500 other singers in recording a new piece that was premiered at the event. The WHS Concert Choir had been fundraising since October for this special, rare opportunity. Prairie Mountain’s band plays before adjudicators at the annual Shasta Invitational Concert Band Festival.
They performed all day, one band at a time, in front of an adjudicator who provided valuable feedback. Bands then went to a private clinic in the school’s band room for more one-on-one instruction.
The festival has a waiting list of schools seeking to participate, and it’s an important event for Shasta’s band.
They lived the life of Americans for two weeks, experiencing our big cars, big stores, and big smiles.
16 German high school students took part in an exchange with Willamette High School, which regularly sends students to Germany during the summer. The kids from Mainburg in southern Germany embedded themselves in the school and even made class presentations in English. They also saw the city, the coast, the mountains, and Saturday Market as a group or with their host families in Bethel.
Wil-Hi German language students will be visiting Mainburg again in the summer of 2017 as the exchange continues. Bethel’s new math curriculum is made possible by the Bethel Bond Measure, passed by voters in 2012 with a 73% Yes vote. Bethel’s updating its math curriculum for the coming school year and a district committee has now recommended new programs for all students. The Ready Common Core K-8 curriculum received a perfect score by the state’s review committee in every area. The Big Ideas high school curriculum offers a balanced approach between student inquiry and direct instruction. Bethel chose a temporary math program two years ago in order to bridge into the new Common Core State Standards. A district committee has been meeting to determine steps to prepare for the expected increase in enrollment. Quinn Peters, Daniel Edwards and Devin Allen work on their wind turbine, getting geared up for a national competition in New Orleans. A team of budding Cascade Middle School wind turbine engineers has been invited to compete in a national competition in New Orleans.
The three-boy team from Cascade Middle School placed 3rd against middle and high school teams at the Western U.S. Instead, the team has been invited to take part in this May’s the American Wind Energy Association National conference based on last year’s performance. They will also meet engineers and companies that are leading the way in green energy design…if they can get there. The surprise invitation has team members rebuilding their turbine while attempting to raise the $5,000 needed to pay for the trip. In a span of two weeks Willamette senior Alondra Duran was contacted by the Telemundo variety show ?Que Noche!, was videotaped at school by the show’s camera crew, and then was flown to Miami and interviewed in front of a live studio audience. The show’s producers were intrigued with Alondra’s dedication to volunteer service work, including being a long-time volunteer for Teen Court, a Wolverine Pageant coordinator, Transition Crew, Student Leadership, the student representative to the School Board, and Wil-Hi Yearbook. She’s also part of the ECMC program for potential first-generation college students with dreams of attending law school to work in family or immigration law. Bethel staff practice barricading a door from a potential armed intruder during a live ALICE drill.
Safety continues to be a high priority at all Bethel schools, and that’s why the district’s 90 newest staff members were recently trained in the ALICE safety protocols. ALICE (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, and Evacuate) has now been taught to all but a handful of Bethel’s 700+ employees.
The ALICE procedures encourage clear communication so everyone in an emergency situation can make the best informed decisions in order to stay safe. After an entire school year in Germany, Willamette senior Brielle Waff is preparing for college and another year of study abroad. She can thank a crowded Willamette school schedule for an incredible life-changing experience.
She now speaks near fluent German, has developed a completely different world perspective after meeting German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and plans to take part in another European exchange in college. This overturned school bus served as a classroom for Bethel bus drivers at a weekend safety training.
Bethel’s Special Needs bus drivers hit the road for a combined 290,000 miles last school year. They dealt with dense fog that made it impossible to find their way in an overturned bus, passengers hanging upside down from seatbelts, and a bus on its side that turned windows into a floor. Led by staff from Ophelia’s Place, Meadow View 5th graders take part in the Peers as Allies training. It encourages students to support each other, reminds them of their impact on others, discusses positive and negative peer dynamics, and identifies steps kids can take to reduce peer bullying and harassment. The research-based program is being presented by Ophelia’s Place, a local prevention-based organization dedicated to helping youth make healthy life choices through empowerment, education, and support. Its success may not be known for years, but creating a path for good decision-making is worth the effort.
Willamette’s young Chess team surprised the competition with a 6th place finish at state, boding well for the team’s future.
One freshman, four sophomores and a couple seniors finished back in the pack during the league season before their Cinderella 6th place finish at state.
Many of them keep sharp by taking part in the friendly Sunday quad events at WHS, kind of an open gym for chess. Cascade’s choir performs at the Bethel Choral Festival under the leadership of director Christina Boorman.
Always looking for a fresh perspective, Bethel welcomed Stacy Swartout-McKee, the choral director from Springfield High School, to provide feedback and helpful instruction to each choir. The Meadow View, Cascade and Shasta middle school choirs were joined by kids from Clear Lake and Willamette’s Women’s Chorus and TopNotchers choirs for the 15th annual event.
Ellen Sisneroz shows off a batch of freshly baked muffins for a photographer from Sift magazine. Representatives from Sift Magazine (produced by King Arthur Flour company) are preparing a piece about Camas Country Mill in Junction City.
Bethel is a recognized leader in the use of fresh, locally grown products in its school meals, purchasing food from 60 different Oregon growers, farmers, ranchers and processors.
United Way’s Sujata Sanghvi presents the grant award to Superintendent Colt Gill, Bethel Education Foundation’s Jennifer Jacobson, School Board member Paul Jorgensen, BEF Board member Sarah Piccolo and her daughter (and KITS graduate) Sofia Piccolo. KITS – Kids in Transition to School – is an original program developed at the Oregon Social Learning Center and first put into practice in Bethel School District in 2010. Children who’ve taken part in the KITS Program before entering kindergarten have made significant improvement in the key areas of letter naming abilities, letter-sound knowledge, paying attention and following directions, and problem solving skills. Families from all Bethel elementary schools will again be eligible for KITS, which begins in June. I am so proud of the work being done at all grade levels with our On-Track for Success System, outstanding academic choices like these and these for Bethel students at high school. And what is especially gratifying is the fact that Bethel is closing the achievement gap, meaning all our students are succeeding. The team of Alex Burton, Tyler Eldridge, Justin Harness, and Sterling Smith took first place in a Robotics regional tournament to qualify for the state competition next month.
Meanwhile, the WHS all-girls team of Sarah Walters and Tessa Guzman won the judges’ award for exhibiting the best overall qualities in robotics, including sportsmanship, participation, engineering notebook, and robot design. Willamette also recently hosted their own tournament, with one team finishing second against 19 others. It’s all part of Chris McGowan’s new grant-funded Robotics Competition class, where Willamette students are also learning perseverance, communication, collaboration, project management, and critical thinking skills. WIllamette grad Quintin Mikell played in Super Bowl XXXIX, which resulted in the school receiving a gold NFL football.
Quintin Mikell graduated from Willamette High School in 1998, but his legacy at the school continues in the form of a gold NFL football now in a school display case.
The NFL has presented a commemorative gold football to the high school of every player and head coach who has appeared in a Super Bowl. The gold football is part of the NFL’s promotion to mark the 50th anniversary of the Super Bowl.
Although Mikell now lives with his family near Philadelphia, his connection to Bethel continues.
Meadow View 8th grader Tannica Porter makes it clear; golf is her favorite sport, despite being part of a high-level club basketball team. She’ll be travelling to tournaments near Seattle and Portland this month, and occasionally is matched against girls 4 years older.
Tannica already has long-range dreams, including earning a college golf scholarship and eventually turning pro. He has a 4.0 GPA, has competed in Track, Cross Country, Swimming and Chess, plays the piano, and has been in the school’s Wind Ensemble and Pep Band.
Shasta’s Jazz Band has been playing their best at competitions, including a win at the West Salem Jazz Festival. For the second consecutive year the Shasta Jazz Band was chosen as the outstanding band at the Oregon Jazz Festival and selected from among 20 high school and 4 middle school bands to perform at the evening concert. The Shasta kids followed that up with a win at the very competitive West Salem Jazz Festival, with 8th grader Sam Prentice selected as the festival’s outstanding soloist.
Kalapuya students gave a tour to Deputy Superintendent of Education Salam Noor, including a look at the school’s professional-quality greenhouse. He heard about the rising KHS graduation rate, leading the area among alternative high schools’ grad rates.
Noor saw Kalapuya students in the school’s professional-quality greenhouse, and was told about plans for the working Bethel farm.
He now knows about Kalapuya’s strong connections to the Oregon Youth Conservation Corps, the Bureau of Land Management, and the local business community that provide students with valuable internships and future living-wages jobs. Old computers, TVs, mattresses, and a wide variety of items were given new life at Willamette’s Recycling Round-Up.
They were all part of the numerous items destined for new life at Willamette’s annual free Recycling Round-Up. Led by teacher David Novak, National Honor Society students greeted car after car dropping off items. The Recycling Round-Up is one reason why Willamette was named a national Green Ribbon School Award winner in 2014. Four and a half years after the doors opened, the Bethel Health Center is still a bit of a mystery to some.
They learned they could receive a wide variety of medical services such as physical exams, immunizations, treatment of illness and injuries, and mental health counseling. Located inside Cascade Middle School, the Bethel Health Center is a comprehensive medical center that serves current Bethel students, the children of Bethel students, Bethel Head Start students and Bethel School District staff. This work group is determining the next steps after receiving the results of Oregon’s state tests, the Smarter Balanced Assessment.
We are tasked with evaluating whether the state assessment accurately measures student learning, analyzing any gaps in student learning, and identifying necessary adjustments in instruction. The more information I have going into these meetings the more effective I can be in impacting the outcomes. Danebo teacher Angie Johnson was surprised by John Iglesias, the CEO of Northwest Community Credit Union, who delivered 6 iPads and extras for Johnson and her 3rd grade students. She’d requested 3 iPads through NWCU’s Project Community Awards, but NWCU was so impressed they doubled her request. And they added protective cases and gift cards for apps that weren’t part of the original grant request. The Bethel Health Center is thrilled to add Angela Bradley as its new Family Nurse Practitioner. Bradley built an impressive reputation during 23 years with PeaceHealth before making the move to Bethel. She is now available to see patients, including all students, all children who live within the Bethel School District boundaries, as well as Bethel staff members and their families.
In addition, Licensed Clinical Social Worker Michelle Rindy has been added to the mental health counseling team at the Health Center. For responsive, compassionate, and quality health care contact the Bethel Health Center at 541-607-1430.
Malabon teacher Theresa Haley is weighed down with 10 “heavy medals” from the Rock ‘n’ Roll series of half-marathons.

Malabon’s 5th grade teacher completed 10 half-marathons in 2015 as part of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon series. She traveled on weekends to run more than 13 miles in Phoenix, San Francisco, San Diego, Seattle, Portland, Philadelphia, San Jose, Vancouver, Las Vegas and San Antonio.
The 10th and final half-marathon earned her a gold record in honor of her 10 successful tour stops. Haley, who only started jogging a couple years ago, was never injured although she did battle terrible winds in Vegas and a chest cold during her run in San Antonio.
Cascade 8th grader Corbin Grantham with the bike he was able to get at the school’s Giving Store.
Corbin Grantham wasn’t seeking attention, which makes his actions all the more impressive. For months, the Cascade 8th grader saved up his Cougar Bucks (handed out for good behavior) in order to use them at the school’s Spirit of Giving store for a special purpose. Corbin ‘purchased’ a bike with his Cougar Bucks, and then gave it to a neighborhood day care for lots of kids to ride. It’s the third year in a row Corbin’s been able to turn his good behavior into a new bike for another child. Smyly’s Boutique is being set up at Willamette High School to honor Jennifer Smyly, the longtime Bethel counselor who passed away last month.
Tragically, Cascade’s longtime counselor passed away from cancer just days before Christmas.
Retired Bethel co-worker Debby Ferguson has found a small room at Willamette High School that will house lightly used dresses for middle and high school girls.
Everyday clothes, shoes, toiletries and essentials for all students are also being collected.
Smyly’s Boutique will be a welcoming space for kids to use with dignity, confidentiality, and pride, just as Jennifer would have wanted. Prairie Mountain’s Rachel Schuck, Nathan Hand, Krishna Patel, Colin Grigsby, Nathan Hand, Whitney Young sit on the KEZI News set with evening anchors Matt Templeman and Renee McCullough.
Prairie Mountain’s young TV news team wanted to investigate how the professionals do it, so they went to the source.
The tour is a part of Prairie Mountain’s News Crew class curriculum that also includes writing and editing scripts, learning to operate a studio camera, public speaking, and an overview of careers in journalism. Earlier in the fall, Renee McCullough and KEZI meteorologist Melissa Frey visited the school to see the students’ news facilities and talk about their careers in television news. Bethel’s Homeless Liaison, Donna Butera, accepts donations of clothes and blankets from Cindy Helmick of the Assistance League of Eugene. This is why Donna Butera is so grateful for generous donations like the clothes and school supplies from the Assistance League of Eugene and the Westside Faith Center. Butera is Bethel School District’s Homeless Liaison, assisting students and families through a district-wide program based at Malabon Elementary. Her daunting task includes providing enrollment and transportation assistance, referrals to area resources, parent education, along with clothes, blankets, school supplies, toiletries and other basic needs items.
Willamette Principal Mindy LeRoux explains how to use the new 65 inch touch-screen monitor that provides real-time information about the electricity being produced by the school’s solar panels. The huge monitor in the lobby of the new Willamette Science building is providing real-time information about the electricity being produced by solar panels located on the roof and the school’s parking lot light poles. The educational aspect of the renewable energy system is part of the building’s LEED certification. Students can break the power information into things they can relate to, such as what the energy equals in the number of trees planted or gallons of gasoline burned. For the record, power produced from the rooftop panels interfaces with the building’s electrical system, while power produced by the parking lot light panels sends electricity to the school’s cafeteria. Any excess energy goes back on the grid, giving WHS credit from EWEB for the electricity added.
Cascade band teacher Christina Boorman accepts a $1,000 check from Airport Rotary Club President-elect (and one-time Cascade student) Phil Groshong to benefit the Cascade band program.
The Eugene Airport Rotary has donated another $1,000 to Cascade’s band program to help with costly instrument repairs and supplies, including new sheet music.
It’s the 10th consecutive year the generous members of the Airport Rotary have supported Cascade’s band program, and it’s not the only Bethel program supported by this club.
The Airport Rotary also donated $2,500 for the district to purchase a book for every new 2016 incoming kindergarten student, which will be handed out at Kindergarten Orientation in February. Student Giving Stores, holiday food boxes, and other efforts to help the community kept kids and school staff busy before the holidays. Shasta students continued a long tradition of fundraising and then buying gifts for the less fortunate.
Malabon, Fairfield, Clear Lake, and Cascade staged Giving Stores which allowed all kids the opportunity to choose multiple gifts to take home and present to their families. Finally, Kalapuya students and staff saw the need and responded by volunteering at Food for Lane County and creating care packages for homeless shelters. Meadow View’s Rosa Mariotti puts the final touches on a colorful cherry tomato and corn salad during the culinary training for Oregon school kitchen staff. That was the message to school cooks at a hands-on culinary training hosted at Prairie Mountain School. A registered dietician and certified chef led the training for kitchen staff from schools throughout Lane, Linn, and Douglas counties.
They created Banh Mi on flatbread, chilaquiles, mega-cheese muffins, and honey cinnamon roasted pears. Participants left the two-day training inspired to create new, budget-friendly menu items for school lunches. We’ll examine our long-term financial outlook and budget priorities, our school capacities, enrollment trends, and the rules coming down from elected officials. She was a stranger in a strange land, arriving with her family from Mexico as a 14 year old, unable to speak any English. Now at age 17, Gabriela is a Willamette High School senior, making plans to attend Princeton University.
Gabriela and Princeton were matched through Questbridge, a program that connects high-achieving low-income students with the top universities in the country.
August 29, 2014 by Melissa Chapman 1 Comment It is truly GUT wrenching for me to even wrap my head around the fact that my daughter is 13, and she is entering her very last year of elementary school.
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With these helpful tips, you can get your kids off to school with ease and without any drama.
Parents also typically let their kids stay up later (and sleep in later) during the summertime. A week or two before school starts, throw a party to celebrate the beginning of the school year. For the first day of school, get them up a littler earlier than normal to make sure that you have plenty of time. Planning to sport a new crop of freckles on the nose, sun-streaked hair, and a really cool backpack for the first day of school? The perfect outfit goes a long way toward making the academic experience a memorable one, and Saks Fifth Avenue at the Florida Mall wants to help. Betty donated the amount she received from her state “kicker” income tax refund – and then some – to Danebo. She intends to direct the donation to purchase a computer-based reading program for Danebo students with special needs. It features a drumline, concert percussion, and color guard performers working together to convey a theme through music, choreography and movement.
We need teachers who speak multiple languages, come from a culturally diverse background, and perhaps are first-generation college students. They were invited back to this year’s nationals but had to raise their own funds to get there. They qualified for the Category Championships last December, which was the first time they’d advanced to compete against some of the best teams in the state.
They’re welcoming incoming freshmen and Kalapuya students along with any current Willamette students. A duck lays eggs in the school’s interior courtyard and then is escorted down the hallway and outside to a nearby wetland, all with kindergartners watching.
The annual Shasta Invitational Concert Band Festival featured 17 middle school bands which brought more than 1,000 students to campus. The money raised helps Shasta’s musicians pay for trips to other festivals, including the upcoming Pleasant Hill and Bellevue Jazz Festivals. Bethel’s committee believes Ready Common Core is the best option to meet our core math instructional needs from kindergarten through 8th grade.
Now that the textbook publishers have materials that are fully meeting the standards, Bethel will have the updated curriculum in all schools this fall. There are now plans for more than 200 new homes to be built within the Bethel School District boundaries, most by the end of 2018.
Regionals wind turbine competition last spring as 7th graders, but there wasn’t a national event in 2015.
That led to her spending her entire junior year in Aachen, Germany on a Congress-Bundestag-Youth Exchange Scholarship.
Syona Duffy will attend high school in Bolivia and Jonnah Taylor will attend school in Spain on Rotary scholarships.
Bethel School District was their first partner, and continues to use Camas Country Mill flour in products made from scratch, including muffins, rolls, breadsticks, focaccia bread, corn bread and cookies. The district has received a $200,000 Social Innovation grant through United Way to bring the KITS program to 80 incoming Bethel kindergartners and their families.
Hard-working students, dedicated teachers, involved parents, and proven programs are combining to continue improving the Bethel grad rate. Together we are making a difference in the lives of our students and the future of our community. Although he’s only a senior at Willamette, the long-range vision is a doctorate in physics and a possible career as a physicist.
Oregon’s Deputy Superintendent of Public Instruction, Salam Noor learned that first-hand in a recent visit to Kalapuya. They learned that the Health Center provides comprehensive medical care for all Bethel students.
They took tours of the Health Center as part of their Wellness and Skills For HhHHealthy Living classes.
Superintendent Colt Gill is seeking your input on the Oregon tests as part of his work on a select committee evaluating Smarter Balanced. Johnson was brought to tears by NWCU’s generosity, and can’t wait for her students to begin using their new technology. Housing construction is picking up within our boundaries and that means more students will soon be on their way to Bethel.
To better prepare I’ve formed a committee to take a close look at future facilities and programs in Bethel. She’s been awarded a full-ride scholarship to Princeton that is worth at least $240,000.
The first in her family to attend college, she’s received a full four year scholarship to attend the school she dreamed about as a little girl, the school where tuition, room and board costs about $60,000 per year. She spent hours every day studying English and continues to work very hard on her academics, preparing to graduate at Willamette with a rigorous International Baccalaureate diploma.
After this year- she will be a full fledged high school student and with that- comes a myriad of new concerns and fears ( on my part!).
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A few weeks before school starts, get them back into their school-time routine by going to bed earlier, waking up earlier and eating right. Make it a household rule that no TVs, computers or video games can be turned on until they are completely ready to leave the house. Meadow View presented gifts to 30 families and collected and distributed more than three tons of food. Of course the crazy thing about parenthood is that we essentially have these kids of ours on loan for a finite number of years and even then- they are not ours.
Often rebound relationships can be a band aid solution for the pain and hurt inflicted by the previous lover.
Well that depends really on how much you both want it to and what caused the breakup in the first place. Now granted, some people do find their sweetheart in elementary school, marry them as teens and then live on happily together well into their old age. There is a lot of rubbish printed about how you should ignore her or worse go out with one of her friends. He looked a bit sheepish and told me that he had met this girl at work and she smiled at him. This article will give you advice on love to save your relationship, it’s aimed at all the overly stressed busy people who still want to make their relationships work.
Your parents care about one thing (having to do with you) almost more than anything: Your growing up into a responsible, happy adult. Quality sleep and good nutrition is especially important during the school year so that your child can stay focused and healthy.
Plan your breakfast, set the table, pack backpacks and lunch bags, and do anything else you can to make the morning go more smoothly. And so without further ado- here are four outfits, for back-to-school Fall 2014 styled by Madison.
If the person getting involved in the new relationship was the one to end the old one, I would be less worried. If you wonder can you and your boyfriend get back together, you may want to speak to a counselor and let them evaluate your situation.
It takes dedication and determination on the part of both the husband and the wife to help save their marriage, regardless of what the underlying problems are or who is at fault. Hurt emotions, broken hearts and generally misery tend to lie in the future for people who fail to define the relationship they’re in. Here are 3 things you can start doing today to keep your relationship strong, or pull it back from the brink. If the answer to that is yes, then you can start worrying about what your previous partner wants.
Any way you can show them that you are moving in the right direction will help your case endlessly. Discuss a time that you were feeling particularly anxious about something, how you overcame those feelings and the positive results.
Leave the house early and expect there to be lots of traffic — it's the first day of school! Usually people have been thinking of ending a relationship for ages before the event actually happens.
Marriage and couple counselors have heard all sorts of problems and sorts of reasons from both the husbands and wives. Not that people whose longest relationship could be measured on a wristwatch are good advisors either.
So he, being a he-man type, decided that he had to dump his lovely girlfriend to date this beach babe.
The problem is that everyone, and I mean everyone, tends to think of everything they do as normal. Some of the best marriages have survived problems that would have torn apart less sturdy partnerships.
Believe me -- proud parents' hearts and wallets are much more likely to be open to your requests.
By the time they get to finish it, they may have worked through their feelings and be ready to move on. If you are thinking about ways to get him back, you need to think about all of your options.
They’re experienced in dealing with these sorts of conflicts and may be able to help you. Other times we can kill off a relationship, because we relocate with our jobs or our families.

But even aside from these two extremes, the average person is not a good person to get relationship break up advice from.
However, for these to work, both the husband and wife must be committed to following these guidelines and work together to solve their differences.
Needless to say, he soon found out that she had been smiling at his mate and looked on him like he was something on her shoe. I find it amazing that many people going through a divorce are unable to explain why they are ending their marriage, especially when there are children involved. Often the break up has nothing to do with the people involved just the timing or distance is wrong. The reason for this is that most don’t really have a clue why their relationships ended or what to do about it. But the loneliness that often comes after a breakup or a divorce can be quite a shot for anyone.
Well he deserved that but I believe he had ditched his girlfriend for a less obvious reason.
Arguments about silly things are often a sign of a more deep rooted problem so dont just ignore it. You need to be careful when you’re trying to win your girlfriend back under any circumstances.
It takes two to break up a relationship despite the fact that it is very easy to blame the other person.
Some people cannot bear to be on their own so will flit from person to person in an effort to avoid dealing with the issues leading to the breakup. The first thing to think about when dealing with breakups is to think about why you want him back. But sometimes there were specfic reasons why we broke up and if these reasons still exist, then you need to work out why you want to get back together.
The strengths and weaknesses that make us who we are make the need to define the relationship essential. If you were constantly fighting about the same small things, chances are there is some other issue affecting your relationship.
Some people want a boyfriend back simply because of the stability that a boyfriend provides. Absence can make the heart grow fonder but be aware that memories get distorted and you could be remembering events that didn’t quite happen that way.
The truth is, most break ups are simply too painful to allow people to get the right kind of perspective they need. He had started thinking about settling down and having kids and nobody had made him feel this way before. Don’t get me wrong, I am not condoning anyone being unfaithful but sometimes people are pushed into things.
They have an inherent need for someone to love them and need them and hence they can become deeply emotionally involved very quickly.
If this is your reason for trying to get someone back, you may want to rethink your decision. Unfortunately, many of these programs aren’t that good at really diagnosing the problem. The hurt feeling and broken hearts make it too hard to see the lessons that are there to see. You both must clearly state how you feel, your opinions, your wants and needs to each other.
This means that on some very essential levels, we assume that other people want what we want, feel what we feel.
The sexual attraction between a couple, especially in the early stages, can often cloud their judgment and it is surprising how many people enter into long term relationships without having agreed the basics. You do want her back desperately and would do anything to change what you did but it won’t be in your advantage to appear desperate. If you take your man or woman for granted and forget to pay them any attention, they may end up looking somewhere else.
Ironically this is often the reason for the rebound relationship breaking up as the new partner feels swapped by the level of neediness. However, if you are thinking of getting back together after a long time apart, there must be a physical and emotional attraction between the two of you. The best relationship break up advice is the advice that stops a break up dead in its tracks, or at least helps you get your ex back.
But the fear of being alone isn’t a good enough reason to decide you want to get back together with your husband. By discovering what each of you feel is wrong in your marriage, you can work towards a solution. Unfortunately he is not very good at expressing his feelings so decided that it was better to finish the relationship rather than try to find out if his partner shared his vision of the future. This is about connecting with each other, not just co-existing in the same place at the same time.
Also ask them for their insight into why you may have broken up – you may learn something new.
Little things like where you want to live and whether you want to have children are often forgotten in the excitement of being together. That would only contribute to the many reasons she has for not accepting you back right now. It is worth noting that often someone on the rebound often isn’t even aware of what they are doing.
As long as things seem to be going okay, we have a tendency to let this go on more and more.
And since their goal is to help you handle your relationship, the word divorce isn’t thrown around.
But unless it is accompanied or followed over time by an emotional connection, the physical stuff just isn’t enough to sustain a relationship. But if you need good relationship break up advice, the kind that gets you back with your ex, then you’re reading the right article. Honestly, how can someone so intelligent on a professional level be so emotionally backward. After all, when they seem happy and you seem happy, there’s no reason to examine your assumptions and expectations.
Arrange to meet up on neutral ground, preferably in a park or restaurant where there will be other people close by.
One of the best strategies in regaining your girlfriend’s heart is to write her a letter. But sometimes, a relationship is worth saving and the affair, whilst hurtful, can eventually strengthen the bonds between the couple. This can mean that they end up in a relationship for the sake of having somebody to hold rather than to be with that person.
You may not believe that you can get your ex back, but it is possible, even if it isn’t exactly easy. Not someone who stays because she believes there is no choice and they have to stay together.
Anyhow his ex partner is a lovely lady who, God love her, adores him so I knew that getting back with his ex girlfriend was possible. That will help each of you individually and also will allow both of you to bring more to the relationship since you’ll be more relaxed and at ease. When you care for another person and know them intimately you have the power to really hurt that person. Examining why a couple broke up will help both parties understand the issues in their relationship.
Their new partner can get very hurt as the realisation sets in that they aren’t loved for their individuality as much as the fact they can provide a quick fix solution to a painful situation. If you miss out any of these three key ingredients your chances of spending your twilight years together diminish. You both deserve a better and more fulfilling relationship that one of obligation like that.
It was also a great idea as despite his obvious faults, they make a great couple and he does love her. And two, it gives the two of you precious memories that you can relive from time to time with each other. So that you both have to remain cool and not let your meeting turn into yet another shouting match.
Tell her that she’s exactly right, the two of you should really be going your own separate ways. But for the most part, their aim is to keep you together or get you back together in a way that you can both be happy.
I know that Hollywood films would have you believe that a great romance is based on lust and physical attraction.
Take things slowly and try to make sure that it is you they are interested in before becoming emotionally involved.
The hardest part of you and your boyfriend get back together will probably be getting him to go to the counseling in the first place. You can be easily fooled into thinking the man just has to sweep you off your feet and you will live happily ever after. If you are thinking about trying to get your boyfriend back, put yourself in his mind, and in his shoes. Unfortunately, real life isn’t like that and you will have certain trials to face as a couple.
Little gestures that prove you are serious in finding out how you can get your ex girlfriend back will work wonders. A hand written letter is such an old fashioned way of courting someone that it almost always guarantees a positive response.
You may get back together but in the long run will split up again if this issue is not resolved. It is a little like grieving – there is a process that you must go through in order to emerge a stronger person at the end of it. A couple who are deeply committed to each other, on every level, is much more likely to survive the problems; real life throws at them. You need to be able to stand back from the relationship and look at it without your emotions getting in the way, which is crucial to the next step. By taking the time to define the relationship, you are taking the reins in the relationship. So many couples only talk about mundane daily things like asking your spouse if they had a good day, or if they picked up milk on the way home. Forcing someone into a huge life commitment like having a child against their will does not usually result in a long term happy relationship. Agree that it showed a tremendous lack of respect towards her and once again convey how you really regret having done it. My dads’ reply: that is where you are going wrong son you Never try to understand a woman!
For most people divorce and the breakup of a partnership means the end of a dream even if you were the one to instigate the break up. It might not be as effective, but it does a couple of very good things for you when you’re trying to get back together.
The next step, in this case, being to figure out why the relationship fell apart to begin with.
If you have very different viewpoints on these life issues, you should stay apart and find someone more compatible to fall in love with.
And finally, reveal that something really wonderful as happened in your life and you’d like to tell her about it whenever you can.
Whilst it is the sexual attraction that initially attracts men and women, it is their compatibility that will keep them together long after the sexual flame resembles a candle as opposed to a flame thrower. But all you have to do is essentially be the same person in some of your more pleasant actions. This will allow you to have a healthier, stronger relationship because you will both be pulling in the same direction rather than going off in two different emotional directions until the strain on the relationship is so great that it breaks. If, on the other hand, you split up because of jealousy or some other petty incident then your relationship may be worth saving.
So before you start wondering how your ex partner is feeling, you need to be certain of your own wants and desires.
If you do find yourself involved with someone who you suspect is on the rebound, gently advise them to spend some time on their own working through their emotions. If this is the case, you need to be sure that you are getting back together for the right reasons and not because your kids want you to.
You need to face whatever problems you had as sweeping them under the carpet will not work. The problem with taking action to define the relationship is that it’s not the comfortable path to take.
If you really miss your previous partner and know that you want to share your life with them, then you must do everything in your power to get back with your ex. Just as a couple should never stay with each other solely for the sake of their children, nor should they get romantically involved again for this reason. Whether it was that you were sweet, thoughtful or attentive depends on the person’s perception. The conversations can be awkward, and there’s always an element of fear that the two of you will have such radically different expectations and goals that the relationship may end. You may have to work hard to convince them, particularly, if hurting them is something you do; on a regular basis. Second, you can learn some important tips and techniques in counseling that you can start putting to use right away.
Maybe over the last several years of the marriage, you haven’t been nearly as attentive as you could be. Make sure to set goals in your marriage that reflect both of your views and determine what you both need to do to get there. An MBA from Harvard and he is looking at me like I advised him to pull out his finger nails. If this is the case, you need to ask yourself if you are sure that your ex is the right person for you. Just take things slowly and who knows, perhaps a marriage or remarriage may just be over the horizon.
You should at least be happy that he would never have noticed the drop in affection, if you hadn’t been so good at lavishing it on him in the first place. You’ll learn communication skills and persuasion skills that can make a real difference in how the two of you relate to each other. Believe me that this approach works much better than a text, a bunch of roses and a takeaway. If you need help in figuring out what you need to do to define the relationship, there is loads of help available. It is difficult enough to keep romance alive in any relationship but if you are always hurting your partner,love dies very quickly.
Instead agree that there were problems but that you would like to rekindle the relationship. This is just the first step in winning your girlfriend’s heart back and you will definitely need to be ready when she gets back in touch with you after reading your letter. And if he sees you going to counseling and better able to handle yourself in general without getting angry with him, that could actually prompt him to decide to go, too.
After this, the best relationship break up advice you get is to treat the new relationship with your as a new relationship.
After all, at one point she obviously loved you and you now need to restore those feelings. This is one of the best things you can do to build a strong relationship, and it is well worth the effort. If you want your ex back and your relationship was serious then you might want to suggest counselling.
You have to set the example and hope he follows if you’re the only that will voluntarily go.
You need to treat this as something brand new, not just an extension of the old relationship. Make sure that you are patient with your spouse as well as with yourself as you work towards fixing problems. His new question is what to say to his future father in law when he pops the question but I will leave my hubby to deal with that one! Tell them that this time apart has given you plenty of time to decide what you want and it is definitely them. Whether you and your boyfriend get back together or not, you will have benefited personally from the skills you learned in counseling so it’s definitely worth going.
If you need more relationship break up advice, there are several excellent resources available on the web, you just need to be willing to take that step to save your relationship.
You are less likely to lose your temper, storm out and find yourself suddenly single again. Despite what Hollywood and other entertainment providers would have you believe, men want stable happy relationships just as much as women.
You need to seriously think about your relationship, and the break up, before you consider trying to get him back.
Generally the male is not as good as vocalizing what he wants and can finish a relationship rather than have to deal with a bad patch.
Show her a very good time but, what ever you do, don’t put any pressure on her to take you back. So much of that positive reinforcement seems to go out the window the longer the relationship goes on. Let them know how attractive you find them and how much you want them but don’t go overboard. So instead of wasting time trying to answer does my ex want to get back with me, why not invite him round for coffee and see what happens. Depending on your situation, this can be difficult, especially if your partner was unfaithful. Hopefully this has helped you with the first step in your question of “How can I get my girlfriend to love me again. Make sure the both of you have fun and she can’t help but remember the good times you two had. If you want to save your marriage in spite of their infidelity, you will have to try and forgive them so that you can work together to preserve your marriage. You may realize that you want the comfort of a relationship, and that you do not want your actual boyfriend back.
If you are just trying to get her back to prove a point, shame on you and the horse you rode in on. However you are dealing with a human being, who may need time to see that getting back together; is a good plan.
Once you follow these tips, you won’t be asking how to get your ex-girlfriend back in 5 simple steps.
I believe that if you are with the right person, if you’re both mature adults who really want to make the relationship work, and if you know what to look out for, your relationship can be very easy.
A good counselor can help you with guidance, support, encouragement and give you unbiased views that can give you insight on how to correct the problems in your marriage. They can help you find the right solutions and methods based on what is best for you as a couple for the problems that are being faced. It is very important that you both agree to counseling and intend to take an active role in your sessions for counseling to be an effective tool for help in your marriage.
When choosing a counselor, make sure that they are licensed professionals and that you feel comfortable working with them.

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