In trying to get your boyfriend to undo the breakup, it's often easy to be one-directional. No couple on the planet ever gets back together until something important happens first: they both want each other back. After the breakup, you're probably reeling with dozens of painful feelings and memories of your past relationship. Remember how awesome everything seemed to be when you and your boyfriend first started dating?
To accomplish this, the only thing you have to do is recreate the circumstances that made your ex fall for you in the first place. Below you'll find five quick areas of adjustment that will help you regain your ex boyfriend's love, attention, and respect. Ask a thousand guys and you'll get a thousand nodded heads: few things are sexier than a girl with confidence.
While you might not feel very confident after the break up, you need to shake those inhibitions off as quickly as possible. Another personality trait guys find very attractive in a potential girlfriend is independence.
For this reason, you once again need to do the exact opposite of what your boyfriend expects. Ask any guy what his biggest turnoff would be personality-wise, and the answer is always the same: high drama.
In the end, perhaps the best sales-pitch you can give your ex boyfriend is also the easiest: happiness. Yet when he does look back, it's crucial for you to make sure that your boyfriend sees all the right things. The master at reversing the thought processes of any breakup situation is a man named Robert Parsons. Check out all the various tips and tricks found within Breakup Reversed that you can use to not only get your ex interested again, but actually have your boyfriend looking forward to calling and catching up with you.
Valentine’s day might be an unpleasant day of the year for singles, but it’s awfully dreadful for someone who has just been dumped and is hoping to get an ex back.
In this article, I’ll try to clear out all the doubt you might have regarding your ex and Valentine’s day. Even if your ex is planning to go on a date on Valentine’s Day, calling them is not going to change that. Now I mentioned you should only contact your ex on Valentine’s Day if you want to ask them out on a date. If you and your ex boyfriend or girlfriend are extremely close to getting back together, then yes asking them out might be a good idea. Well my ex boyfriend and I were together for a year and we broke up a week after my birthday. I have been trying the no contact rule for 3 days but before I complete 30 days its his birthday. Having a legitimate reason for getting back together with your boyfriend is very important. So, while this page may seem insignificant to some I urge you to take the opposite view and realize that before you take any major step to getting back with him you are going to need to do some serious soul searching and come up with one legit reason for getting back together.
Generally, if you have read my strategy for getting an ex back, I am very adamant about implementing a no contact rule before you take any step towards getting back with your ex. Guideline 2: A truly legit reason for getting back together will have substance to it and can be explained in depth.
Lets take a look at some examples of really bad reasons that women tell themselves every day for wanting to get back with their ex boyfriends. You can become the perfect girlfriend, the perfect wife, the perfect (fill in the blank) but you have to remember that relationships are a two way street. My name is Chris, and I help millions of women per year improve themselves, and get back with their ex boyfriends to finally have the life they dreamed of. It has been a month plus now since we broke up and the both of us still aren’t doing any better. My ex boyfriend and I broke up a little over 2 weeks ago and I have been absolutely devastated the entire time we’ve been apart. We fought all the time because we both have trust issues for whatever reason and he was very jealous as am I, but we always new that breaking up was way to extreme. Because he was my first real boyfriend, I feel like that is really why I am having such a hard time with all of this.
My Ex and I just got back together for like less than two months now (we’d been together for 2 years in the past, like 10 years ago). My partner and I were together for 11 turbulent years, producing two kids, and on my part at one point a nervous breakdown. Your mind is a double-edge sword that can bring about success or can hinder your progress and the choice is yours. Of course, if you are reading this, you are wanting to get  your ex back, and one of the ways not to get your ex back is to occupy your mind with useless emotions such as fear, jealousy, and feelings of abandonment. Sure, it may be what you feel right now, but keep dwelling on it and you might as well say goodbye to your ex for good. You do not want it, and believe it or not, your ex does not need it, want it, or be persuaded by it. In Lead The Field by Earl Nigtingale, you learn various things, but one important aspect that ties in with the power of the mind to get your ex back is that your mind is like fertile soil. In other words, if you plant those unecessary energy sucking useless emotions into your mind, it’s much like planting weeds in a good producing soiled field. And these actions are the ones that you do not want, and actions that your ex does not want. This is key when mind power to get your ex back comes into play, and believe it or not, it comes in often, whether you want it or not.
In my next article, I will talk about what to plant in your fertile field to create the results that you want, and I will tell you why there and it starts with, believe it or not, confidence to get your ex back.
I do suggest you go and grab a copy of Lead The Field. You can either get a paper back or an audio version. Remember, mind power to get your ex back works, but depends on what you plant in it, and how you use it.
You can also grab the Your Copy of the Must Do Secrets Following a Break Up if you haven’t done so yet!

You can join me in my circle if you wish Carlos Google+ and find out about the latest add to this website. Learn 3 Powerful SecretsGet Instant Access To A 3 Part E-Course That Will Help You Get Your Ex Back Effortlessly!
Learn Why men pull away and 7 ways to improve your relationship and get him back.: Hello my friend! If you contact them on Valentine’s day, the day made famous by greeting card companies for being the most romantic day of the year, you are making it obvious that you are not over your ex and you are hoping that somehow this magical day will make them come back to you. You are only going to make yourself look like a fool trying to convince your ex not to go on a date. Unless you are already back together (or are extremely close to reconciliation), getting your ex a gift will show him that you are expecting the magical Valentine’s day to reignite their feelings for you.
If you want to get your ex back, you need an overall strategy (like the one in the 5 step plan). In fact, I am going to be bold here and state that if you do not have a legitimate reason for reuniting, I cannot help you. However, since this page is only focusing on the reasons you have for getting back with an ex I am not going to recommend the no contact rule. There are two of you and you can’t be the only one that puts in the proper amount of effort.
This is a good reason for getting back together if the impulsive decision to break up came from a specific problem that doesn’t span throughout your entire relationship. We split over the holidays, he was freaked out that we were moving too fast (we had dated for 11 months an saw each other about 4-5 times a week) He was going through financial problems and felt like he wasn’t able to give me what I deserved.
However, after like 4-5months of being with him that is when things started to go downhill. So much happened within the month with him going out with his ex again as friends and me contacting other guys now, him bad mouthing about me online to me ranting out a whole lot of craps with my friends about him but even after all that, at the end of the day we both know we just can’t live without each other. I had broke up with him because over time he just began to change and became really insecure and almost inhibiting to my dreams because I was close to graduating and had a job offer waiting for me post graduation. I know that I am super young but there has always been something about him that has told me there is something worth holding on too, ever since I first saw him. We decided to be together again because of one reason, it’s so hard to start from the basics again. You can let him know how your are feeling down the road but you really have to move him up the value chain for that. He wold get a quick temper all the time and think I was cheating on him or thinking I may do something to hurt him. This conversation came up because I’d just started a new job, and the girl I was working with asked if I had a boyfriend.
We get along REALLY well, and while I’m far from being head over heels with him just yet, I can see it going places, in the middle-distant future.
You can use the power of the mind to get your ex back, or you can use it to drive them so freaking far away even if you think you’re doing what you think is right. Because your ex will become tired of it, and decide to leave and find someone better that doesn’t bicker!
Your goal is to have a long and healthy relationship with your ex, which will include many Valentine, New years, Birthdays etc. Then we wrote a couple of emails to eachother to explain how we both felt about the breakup and why it happened. To meet up, one of you will have to plan a trip and for that, you need to build more attraction via emails. However, there are certain guidelines that you can look at to determine if you are on the right track with your reasoning. Certainly they are not the type that are required for you to have successful relationship the second time around.
I mean, I suppose a couple who has been together for a really long time that suddenly has someone pass away can kill someone from heart break but come on, that is a really rare case. I am going to go through each reason and give you why I consider these good legitimate reasons for getting back with an ex boyfriend. His reasoning was that although I had everything a man could want he just didn’t think he would ever care about me the way I care about him. I mean yes, I get it I went to a new school and all and he is insecure about it but at the same time I was so annoyed by him.
I tried for a long time to make it work in hopes that we would just go back to how we once were because I didn’t throw my success in his face nor asked him to keep up, I was never unloyal and he was essentially my world I loved him so much he was so passionate and intelligent and had goals and he was everything and he just fell off .
I always thought that the age difference was going to be an issue since we first started dating but he always said no. If we find another partners we just have to start from scratch again while if we get back then we just have to adjust a little (I guess?) but the past 3-4 days we had cold approaches already. And texted me in this 4 months at least 2 or 3 times that he misses me, he was happy with me and we really must think again and when we are ready, we may make a fresh start. Let them have their date, if you ever get back together again, you can ask them whether or not they had a date for Valentine’s. Because, every single thing I talk about from this point on should be done BEFORE the no contact period. Let’s dissect why these reasons are horrible.Want to Know EXACTLY How Likely You Are to Get Your ExBoyfriend Back, in Only 2 Minutes?
The fact of the matter is that you can have a very happy life that doesn’t revolve around someone else.
Secondly, you are basically admitting here that your ex is the best you will ever have in the boyfriend department.
Lets imagine for a moment that a couple who got along really well throughout their entire relationship had a huge fight and broke up. The thing about the situation that gets me is why did he take so long to tell me when I was always very honest to him and told him that if he wasn’t into something serious to let me go.
After about 3 weeks he contacted me telling me he needed me in his life and missed me so much he couldn’t lose me because of money trouble (it is short term problem) I agreed to meet and talk.
Yes, I can see he has changed he has realised his mistakes and all but for the past few days of being back with him I just don’t feel happy like how I should be. It’s instinct i get a pit in my stomach because i dont know what to do to get him back i know what i felt waas true love no matter what everyones says what to do? We both knew it was coming to an end and then he proposed to me and I said yes hoping it would fix everything but essentially things got worse and he tried to be more controlling and I felt like I was never going to move forward .

For example he had this friend I didn’t like and I felt that he was acting more and more like this friend. We started couples counseling and I saw changes in him but it just became too much so I ended it.
Since I was upset with his not-so-reasonable break up(I am really not sure what the real reason is, bu he said he thinks we don’t want same things out of a life and somethings about me being selfish sometimes) , since I was upset I was neutral, but approved that we miss each other and love each other still in these conversations. Both of them were really happy in their relationship but they just had a huge fight that temporarily changed their relationship status.
He even refrained me from going to any camps or social activities that requires me to mix around with guys.
I understand that stuff, and I also have my business that needs great attention right now but I’m still open to chat with him because I missed him. I contacted him two days later to tell him I love him and I didn’t want the break-up to be forever just for a period of time.
But after just a couple of days when I texted him back, he was so cold and I feel panicked. Sure, it may be great for a few months but almost always relationships built on an un-legitimate reasons of reuniting will fail.
You need to have at least one legitimate reason for getting back together with your ex before you can move on.
For first 6 weeks it was great, we went on fun dates, been away for a weekend, he was texting daily and I felt happy and felt my trust coming back, we were only seeing each other twice a week and just taking it slow. Well yeah basically we fought everyday since then until one day before our first ever anniversary I couldn’t tolerate it anymore and I left him.
During this time I did date but was unsatisfied because I missed him and aside from his bad qualities he developed I never questioned his love for me or how much he cared for me and he expressed it often to make sure I knew . But last Thursday, he arrived home very late (which is normal), I was waiting for his text & reply. If he really loves you and is understanding then he will have no problem with waiting for however long it takes.
I said I wanted to take a decision now, because I was tired of these unstabilities(It was a wrong behaviour I know). And then around Christmas I stopped talking to him but he was still going through my mind and I wrote him saying we can no longer talk. Each one has it’s ups and downs and if you or your ex threw your relationship out the window over one bad experience then you have a legitimate claim for wanting them back. He was very controlling and over protecting in the ways he would make delete and block and Guy friends that would talk to me and would not give me and trust. After about a month, he texted me saying that he missed me so much and he wanted to take things slower and hopefully eventually get back together. I contacted him again and asked him to just let me know if he ends up going to the hospital because he has a heart condition. When I drive the conversation in such direction, he said we should move on for now, or at least we should think and live as we are not going to come back together and move on. His texts just dramatically decreased one day, then it turnt into 4 days, he still sent odd message and always replies when I text, then I only saw him for couple hours that week, no more.
Things got broken and he got angry and pushed me but I replaced the broken things and got them sent to his house.
When I next saw him next I told him I was feeling worried, the lack of communication concerned me and I wanted to check if he was ok, was anything troubling him etc.. And I’m not ready but I can spend time with him all day just hanging out going to dinner for walks to the beach I love his presence.
I tried to do no contact but failed on day 3 ?? and text him back saying ‘Hey, I was just thinking about the first time we went to the cinema together to see Jurassic World, it was so good. Making another stupid irrational mistake, I told him I thought is was best if we both moved on. It has been 3 months now since he have broken up and I finally think that I’m ready to be in a relationship with my ex. But I’m beginning to see that I also need to love me and find a relationship that has a healthier two way street. I said I wAs hanging out with josh( the boy I used to see for a year) and rich ( a boy who always flirted with me) my ex started getting so upset that finally I just said I’m done with you. About a week after that I had sex with someone and it’s really bad because although my ex and I had been intimate we decided to be celibate.
I sent him one message just seeing how his day was and something funny about my day, he did reply but it seemed quite short sharp responses.
The day after that I went to go pick up my stuff from his house it felt so good to see him and i could barley leave the house. My ex says he forgives me but I lied the first two times he told me which further exacerbated his trust issues. He said he still wants to be with me so do I just ride out this for couple months whileh e gets his finances sorted, or am I missing something in the way he is acting? I kept trying to convince myself he was wrong but today I can’t stop crying and thinking about him I miss him and love him so much. I finally realized that I was so rude and obnoxious to him and i miss him every second of everyday.
He still wants us to be together but I don’t want to rush and just jump back into things because I think we will ruin it. Do you think the Nc rule will get him to speak to me or even give us a chance of ever getting back together?
Do you guys think it would be logical to reach out to him and let him know what I’m feeling? I’m no spring chicken, so the less time I waste on potentially fruitless relationships the better. Even if I have a weak spell and do give it a second chance, I know for a fact that things would have to be different or I’m done for good. In the last 20 days I’ve gotten a new job, am living on my own, quit a super strict religious life, begun exercising and am reaching out to new and old friends to do things with.
I understand he just got back from a long trip yesterday and I pushed my sentiments to him but WTH I am about to explode with frustrations that both of us can’t even talk properly already because of his work!

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