Michael Hammers not only made me one of the best pasta dishes I have ever had, he also made one of the world's most breathtaking, beautiful crystal chandeliers for the lobby of Rockefeller Center. When in early 2005 Tishman Speyer, co-owner of Rockefeller Center, was close to reopening 30 Rock’s historic observation decks, Swarovski became proud sponsor and commissioned Michael Hammers to collaborate with the architects in charge, the New York based architectural and interior design firm Gabellini Sheppard. In his studio there is Hanna, a young lady with a God-given ability to craft, having both the passion and patience to do jobs which seem to never end. Joie Brisk Stroller is an ultra-compact lightweight buggy suitable from birth up to around 4 years old (15Kg) and designed for parents who are often on the go. To add to the Joie Brisk the Joie Gemm Group 0+ Car Seat (sold separately) will simply clip on to the frame of the brisk making it in to a light weight travel system.
It does not depend on the amount of crystals one uses and it also does not depend on embedding as many bulbs as possible.
And in 2001 when Nadja Swarovski started her Crystal Palace project to reinvent the rich tradition of crystal chandeliers, Michael and his crew were one of those avant-garde studios starting to play with outstanding visions of both established and upcoming designers, new lighting technologies and Swarovski crystal, first and foremost manufacturing the large scale installations.

This brings him back to where he started “…just hang one perfectly cut crystal into your window at home and you can get it…if you can…”. She created her own masterplan for those thousands of loops and handmade them with another young woman at precisely designed positions all over the 450 strands. The Brisk is built with a lightweight Aluminium frame with secure bolt points along each hinge joint to ensure solid folding action. For safety the Brisk has a 5 point safety harness made with plus soft touch material to ensure maximum comfort as well as a suspended seat to conform to your baby or child’s body shape. Made of 450 free hanging strands and 14,000 crystals it echoes the outline of “30 Rock”, the building that is the heart of Rockefeller Center. Of course something has already been designed when you show up and it’s not that easy to make everybody trust in you, in your sensitivity, in your own creativity and skills. The Brisk's folding action is a simple one hand one click system allowing you to fold the buggy down in just over a second.

Brisk Foot muff will fit perfectly in to the Brisk stroller and will ensure your baby stays warm and safe. The Brisk is simple in design and the one hand reclining chair system allows your baby to lie back comfortable, just pop up the multi position calf rest and you have a fully lay flat pushchair. During the course of a day you will see that the sun’s light has hit that crystal and there it is, magical!
Nothing will come to fruition if you ignore this by behaving like you are the only one who can tell how the world spins…” is one of Michael’s credos. The strapless styling and angular back cutout show off plenty of skin in this pretty, sunshine-ready look.

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