Singh’s alleged affair with Sharma was no secret in the past and had split sometime back. There have been rumors that the ex-couple might be seen in Zoya Akhtar’s next movie, however, Singh stated that nothing has been confirmed yet.
If Sharma and Singh do reunite for a film, should Singh’s current rumored girlfriend, Deepika Padukone, be worried?
There have been various rumors regarding Padukone and Singh's off-screen relationship which neither have admitted nor denied and have been spotted together in many public events as well as a private dinner. Singh praised Padukone in a recent interview saying that they were "destined" to be in "Ram Leela" together.
Bieber is reportedly trying to get Gomez to go on a date with him again and the two have allegedly been texting nonstop.

Bieber later partied at Rihanna’s after-party and Gomez was there too, but he reportedly hung out with Kendall Jenner and her crew. Just last week, rumors rounded that Bieber and Gomez were reaching out to each other again. Bieber previously tried to win back Gomez as he released a song all about their messy relationship. This all comes after Gomez and Zedd decided to split and mutually decided to just be friends. Selena Gomez And Zedd Relationship Done For Good, Did Justin Biebera€™s Ex-Girlfriend Move On From a€?Claritya€™ DJ? After being spotted out together many times in public, Singh recently raved about his co-star stating how great of an actress she is.

However, Gomez is apparently skeptical about giving Bieber another chance because she doesn’t want to get hurt again.
And it’s Romeo and Juliet, so the chemistry between the leads really lies at the core and it is the essence of the film.

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