Fabian Strategy is an auto rifle you get for doing the rank 3 gunsmith quest for Banshe-44 as a Titan. Bolt-Caster, Raze-Lighter and Dark-Drinker are exotic swords you get by doing a quest for Lord Shaxx. You can also get Sleeper Simulant, the fusion rifle, via a quest whose name is still unknown. A pulse rifle called No Time To Explain is in the same boat – a reward for an unknown quest.
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Many fans have been putting a lot of hours into Destiny and even been able to surpass level 20 and now are on the trek to bring up their Light score and earn better armor.
If you plan on going through the Vanguard route, it might take a bit longer but it will give you quite a few more chances with random drops.
In the end, not counting any Legendary items you may have picked up along the way, you are able to go to your Vanguard armorer and pick up items for Vanguard marks you have accrued during the week. It’s a little bit harder to garner Crucible points as it takes longer, but you can basically just play and turn on various Crucible bounties.
Each weekend in Destiny, Xur, Agent of the Nine makes an appearance in the Tower to dole out exotic weapons and engrams to Guardians. Destiny just released and already players are reaching the higher tiers of levels through either Crucible play or story and Strikes with their friends. Destiny received an update today, one that seemingly prepared the game for the upcoming Iron Banner events, removed Quick Scoping, and alleged to aleviate connection issues. A partnership between Sony and Activision has prohibited Microsoft from advertising Bungie’s upcoming shooter, so the company has taken a unique approach to making sure people know that Destiny is also coming to Xbox One. One of the biggest releases of the years released this past Tuesday with Destiny and many gamers have been unable to stop playing ever since.

Bungie has made no secrets about their new partnership with Sony and the PlayStation brand.
Bungie has revealed that the Destiny Beta on Xbox One will not come in at native 1080p resolution, though when the game launches, the developers expect that it will.
Destiny players will be able to find new five weapons in the shared-world shooter in a few days. Kill an enemy called Blade of Crota on Earth or the Moon to get Husk of the Pit, a Normal quality auto rifle.
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This video will help you level up in Destiny fast and easy also how level up fast, and get tons of Rare, Legendary, Exotic Gear Fast.This Destiny tutorial shows you the best place in Destiny to farm loot, level fast, money in Destiny. Leave like on this Destiny video if it helped you get tons of Engrams or if it helped you get a high Cryptarch Rank also leave a comment on what you want to see next. They can be obtained through quests, by using blueprints, decrypting engrams, trading with Xur or as random drops.
Well, we decided to help out and mention some tips on how to quickly acquire Legendary equipment, if your playing with friends via the Vanguard route, or the PVP route with Crucible. You can potentially get two pieces per week, until you are satisfied or until you are leveled enough to do the higher tiered strikes and the Raid next week for better gear. However, in our recent interview with Bungie, they shed some light on how Season Pass holders will benefit.

This Exotic auto rifle reloads faster after you perform melee kills and has increased range when you aim down the sights. An easy way to find a Blade of Crota is to do The Dark Below's "Fist of Crota" story mission on Earth.
If you're looking for a challenge to tackle until then, try the Normal Mode of the raid again. You also need Reputation Rank 3 with Eris.Use the Embalming Orb to upgrade Husk of the Pit to Eidolon Ally, a Legendary auto rifle.
The other Hard Mode rewards announced by Bungie are a new ship called Bane of the Dark Gods and a shader called Glowhoo. Once you hit Crucible rank 2 you can go to the Crucible Handler and trade in Crucible Marks garnered (also a 100 per week limit) and trade them for the same price as Vanguard (65 for feet, chest and arms). They're simply ways to show other players that you're among the most skilled players in the game. The mysterious animal that had killed and eaten the 9-foot great white shark and had stumped scientists turned out to be a super predator feared by even apex predators like the great white shark.
Patrols range from 10-25 per mission and you can go from planet to planet doing them for as long as you want, meanwhile getting drops from enemies and doing Vanguard bounties.
Alternatively you can also buy a class specific piece from any of the clans in the Tower and garner reputation for them while you are playing Crucible and trade your marks towards them in the same time-frame. Alternatively you can gather planet specific materials from various sources and get a stack of 50 and trade them in for +25 to the Vanguard Quartermaster. Either way, weapons are still going to take you at least two weeks as they are 120 Crucible Marks.

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