I also said I would take you through some of the processes I went through when producing the Cappuccino quilt. So once all the embroideries were done and the top pieced it was time to decide what to do with it.
First of all each and every petal and leaf has to be stitched around and all of it stitched in the ditch to stabilise it before any of the fancy schmanshy things could be done to it.

This is when you start to wonder about your own sanity, it all seems such a great idea until you look at the number of hours spent on it so far and look at all the work yet to be done.
Once the draughts are done, I then have to draw them out on a plastic sheet and lay them on the quilt to make sure they will look ok but also to make sure that it fits nicely behind all of the different embroidery layouts in each block.
Once I am happy with this, the next bit of hard work starts, marking each and every block ready for quilting.

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