To illustrate, Liptak highlighted a pending Canadian trial involving a magazine article deemed offensive to Muslims. Although the Canadian article may have offended the senses, its publication in America would not have raised an eyebrow from a free speech standpoint. Liptak’s New York Times article effectively illustrates that America, in contrast to many other countries, gives free speech free rein. The right to offend your neighbor may be a time-honored American legal tradition, but to much of Western world, a more hospitable standard prevails.

A Canadian tribunal will soon rule on whether the article violated a provincial hate speech law. Keegstra , upheld the conviction of a school teacher for “unlawfully promoting hatred .
One significant free speech limitation under American law is that the government may curtail speech that is likely to incite imminent violence.
Although they thought about reconciling, their strong personalities prevented them from doing so.

American courts have upheld speech by a Ku Klux Klan member advocating hatred and violence, and have refused to halt an American Nazi Party march even though it would have deeply distressed numerous Holocaust survivor residents.

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