Actually it responds well to therapies such as CBT and medications and it can often be managed. Often they can see exactly how illogical their behaviour is;  which makes it even harder to deal with.
Hmmm, I have OCD, I am not very clean and tidy but I cannot withstand dirt and people who have been too much in their clothes, I take 2 showers a day and wash my hands a lot.
Breaking up is tough, and sometimes all we want more than anything is that person who broke our hearts to be back in our lives. In case you need a reminder of why you and your ex broke up in the first place, well, we’re here for you girl.
Okay, I get this, but also, every breakup IS different, and sometimes getting back with your ex can be a good idea. We’ve been together for almost 7 years,until 1 day he just texted me that he doesnt love me anymore, at 1st i was in denial and couldnt accept the fact that he was the 1 who broke up with we.

Give us your juiciest, wildest, weirdest and embarrassingest (it’s a word) hook up stories!
If I want to sit in a particular chair and it’s not available, I may feel annoyed or very slightly unsettled. I also hate incomplete patterns, so it’s a compulsion about closure and completeness. No matter what happened with you and your ex, it’s normal to go through a period of time where you miss them and want to get back together with them.
Getting back with your ex is (usually) a step in the wrong direction, and we want you to look forward to the future rather than staying stuck in the past. I dated a guy for a few months, and he broke up with me due to some misunderstandings, which I completely understood and forgave him for, now we are back together, as he admitted that breaking up was a mistake. My ex suddenly stopped speaking to me and a few weeks later he made an excuse to my friend about his friends being jealous of the amount of time he spent with me, so that’s why he stopped completely.

So read these quotes for a few reasons you shouldn’t get back with that loser who broke your heart, stop looking at his pictures and start realizing how terrific you are!
Until such time that my friend told me he was cheating while were still together,wats worst was i caught him with another girl. I’m just saying, because you should keep in mind that it depends on the person and the situation.
I don’t like being judged for getting back together with him, it was a decision we made together.

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