Ricki Lake, Dancing With the Stars front runner, recently revealed her heartbreak over an ex boyfriend.
The former talk show host says she even considered marrying her British beau so he could get a green card. The Dancing With the Stars cutie found a new man, Christian Evans, who she plans to marry next year. Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, Ricki Lake tries to be practical when it comes to love.  With Sun and Moon in Virgo, she tends to obsess in romantic relationships.

Also, Ricki Lake has a new talk show in the works that will air in September 2012, maybe she will be the new daytime Oprah. He was more charismatic than physically beautiful but I became infatuated with him very quickly. Fortunately, Ricki Lake came to her senses and kicked her British ex boyfriend to the curb.
Astrochicks predicts the wedding may be postponed, we think Lake has additional lessons in love to learn before she walks to down the aisle.

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