App Logo: Here is where you can create the visual of your app that will express what it does.
App Category: This may seem like a simple decision but placing your new app in the wrong category could take it out or sight of those viewers who are looking for it.
Now that you have optimized your app inside the Apple iOS Store, you need to carry that activity out of the store too.
App Reviews: Reviews of apps are one of the most important elements that viewers will flock to when deciding whether an app is worth downloading. As with any online marketing effort, you will need to test and re-test to strike upon the best strategy for your app.  The market for mobile apps is still expanding and this explosion in growth will clearly have a high impact on how ASO is implemented, so you may see many new on-page and off-page ranking factors that you will need to add. The app store review guidelines for Apple developers are comprehensive, intimidating, and can take a long time to sort through.
The official guidelines state that many serious developers do not want to display their work alongside “amateur hour.” This translates into striving to be better than your competition. This is an important category to pay attention to, because there are many standards that must be met. Implementing a single color to guide the user through the app is a good way to provide clarity. Apple supports the use of open source software, and encourages developers to follow that trend. Learning about what you need to carry an original app from conception to download is an important first step. Node.js or most commonly know as Node, is a JavaScript platform that allows you to build large scale web applications.
Coding in Python is not hard, in fact - it has been acclaimed as the easiest programming language to learn for a long time. Ruby is one of those programming languages that have been around for many years, twenty in this case. All readers of CodeCondo are entitled to our free web development and web design courses over at Eduonix, our sister company. The Health app in iOS 8 has an area for medical information that could be critical to your safety in an emergency. New to iOS 8 is Apple's HealthKit platform, which offers the ability to track and share a vast range of health, fitness, and medical data points across multiple apps and devices. Ita€™s a dynamic platform, working hard behind the scenes to deliver a personalized experience to each iPhone user, using data pulled from your iPhonea€™s M7 or M8 sensor and allowing you to view all of this health data inside one app. Different HealthKit apps want to access different data points, which you can grant at will. Apple's Health app, which is pre-installed on any iPhone 4s or newer running iOS 8, is the exception to this rule. Health also includes a Medical ID feature that allows you to record important medical informationa€”conditions, medications, allergies, and emergency contacts (which can include your primary care doctor or specialists).
When you install an app that supports HealthKit, you'll need to configure it to access various types of HealthKit data.
When you configure an app to work with HealthKit data or if you later adjust which metrics it works with, you'll see a permissions screen called Health Access.
You can see a full list of all the apps that have requested access to HealthKit both in Health (by tapping the Sources icon at the bottom of the app) and by selecting Health from the Privacy screen in Settings. Apple has built HealthKit to respect user privacy in part with the permissions model that allows you to always see what apps can access what data. Even with these protections, however, it's wise to consider what an app is going to do with your data. Amazon Shop buttons are programmatically attached to all reviews, regardless of products' final review scores. Ryan Faas is a technology journalist and author who had been writing about Apple, business and enterprise IT topics, and the mobile industry for over a decade. Apps are a great way to supercharge your iPhone experience and Apple’s App Store is full of outstanding options.

Besides, the app was just updated with enhanced navigation with live traffic updates and incident reports. It is your chance to wow those potential users with your app’s unique attributes and create a need in the user to download your app. This is not an area to take lightly as it will be the first and most prominent thing an app viewer will see when they are scrolling through the growing list of apps available.
As with good reviews, viewers will almost always download an app that has a high percentage of positive ratings. The pitfalls of not understanding this information upfront include increased rejections and costs to modify the app before launch.
A commonly cited example is the flashlight application, because market demand is currently saturated. This applies to apps that can be downloaded over the cell network, as opposed to Wi-Fi only. Due to the large number of available apps, approvals have become more difficult to achieve.
In their guidelines, Apple states that saying anything negative about the brand in a public forum can get you banned permanently.
He has successfully created many android and iOS apps for many companies with his excellent programming background and writes good stuffs on Mobile Technology on Codecondo website. It can be used as a wellness and fitness toola€”aggregating data about diet, activity, exercise, and sleep from multiple sourcesa€”as well as a serious medical tool for managing and monitoring chronic conditions.
It can aggregate data from a range of apps or connected medical devices, like a glucose meter or blood pressure cuff, as well as consumer-oriented fitness devices. The platform is really little more than a data store on your iPhone, and apps can write information into and pull information out of it. It provides you the ability to view all of your HealthKit data from every HealthKit-compatible app. You can choose to have your Medical ID available from your phone's lock screen in case of an emergency where you're unable to provide that information.
That process will vary from one app to the next, but typically the option to setup an app's connection with HealthKit is something you see the first time you launch an app or it's located within the app's settings. The screen will identify the app and show you exactly which data points it will write into HealthKit and which ones it will read out of HealthKit. It has also barred developers from selling HealthKit information to data brokers or mining it for any purpose other than medical research, in which case all the data must be made anonymous.
For example, many fitness apps offer the ability to automatically post data to your social networks.
Our parent company, IDG, receives advertisement revenue for shopping activity generated by the links. His client list ranges from human services agencies, small non-profits, and private schools to fortune 500 hundred companies and major media agencies.
We give you the scoop on what's new, what's best and how to make the most out of the products you love.
There are currently over a million apps in the app store, so options for new products are competitive and limited.
Avoid religion, politics, pornography, gambling, violence, all illegal activity, and you should be fine.
One of the setbacks to this process is that you will only receive one reason for the rejection per submission. Size limits are not a problem for most properly constructed applications, but can still be a challenge for graphic-heavy games.
Design choices should be cohesive both within the app, and alongside the rest of the branding. Be wary of using the words beta or test anywhere in the app, because it is considered a giant red flag that the app may be unfinished. If an error is detected, a review will be sent to the developer with information on what to fix.

Enlisting professionals for graphics, coding, and testing will give your app the highest quality that it needs to be accepted by Apple. It also allows you to manually enter data and includes a dashboard for visualizing the data.
You need to explicitly confirm you are giving the app permission to access each individual data point both to write and read. Many services, including ones centered on weight loss, fitness, and healthcare store or process data in their own private clouds.
Because the buttons are attached programmatically, they should not be interpreted as editorial endorsements. You can’t just release your amazing app and let it fend for itself in that street bazaar known as the Apple iOS Store. Remember, your viewers are using their cell phones to research the app and are not viewing it on the much larger screen of their desktop monitors, so time is of the essence. Of course, your need to get your primary category right as that is the one that will be featured in the search algorithm first. The following advice has been curated to help you solve potential problems upfront in order to ensure a speedy approval process. Enlist the services of quality professionals to complete each stage, instead of trying to do it all yourself.
This means that if you have multiple errors, it will take a long time to report and correct them.
The price is the same for organizations, unless you want to distribute only to your company’s employees. Not all slipups may be caught and reported the first time, and may be noticed during subsequent submissions. If you're using connected devices, this helps to ensure the accuracy of the data because it goes straight from the device to the associated app on your iPhone and then into HealthKit. This means that you know exactly what information an app can work with and ensures that apps cannot access data without your knowledge and consent. What happens to information when you use such apps or services is governed by their terms of service, so pay extra close attention to what you're agreeing to when installing any health, fitness, or medical apps. In 2008 he was awarded a Neal National Business Journalism award for his work featured in Computerworld's "Week of Leopard" series.
So make sure you have clear and descriptive screenshots of your app that highlight all the best parts of your app. Even a simple chat app could be pulled from the store if it gains an unsavory reputation through the way it is used.
Having a thorough testing strategy in place beforehand will speed up this process, and eliminate weeks of wait-time. If your doctor's office uses an electronic records system that supports HealthKit, that data can then be automatically entered into your medical record. You can even get inspiration from existing app logos in your niche as you can make sure that your image is different enough but strikes the right appeal to viewers. Asking people to try out your app and provide a review will also give you insights into things that you need to change and edit before you app gains momentum.
And although Apple iOS Store is slightly more straightforward than Google Play, it still needs a lot of work. The Apple Store Relying mostly on user reviews, ratings, downloads, and general on-page optimization, the Apple Store search mechanism is a work in progress.

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