Bring Back the Los Angeles Rams Hall of Fame a€? Mark Yale a€? Don Benson a€? Ariel Socarras a€? Richard Hague a€? Dan Brainard a€? Want your name on the Hall of Fame? Grab your friends and prepare for another ShopHop fun-filled day of shopping, prizes, discounts and recipe tastings! This event gets BIGGER every year, so we had to increase the hours to make sure our customers can visit all 14 stores! So… grab a friend or two, carpool together, have fun, eat breakfast or lunch at Deja vu Restaurant, and have a full day of shopping fun!

He (we THINK it’s a “he”) is hiding somewhere in the back of the store with his name tag on him. Any donated funds will go toward maintaining this website, helping plan events, create merchandise, and publicizing our movement. If it is YOUR name and town that you find within the text of this newsletter then come on in and claim your prize: A $25.00 gift certificate to California Decor Store!
Ram faithful, we would not be where we are at today, and your help would be greatly appreciated.

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