Becoming a CPA is often a challenging journey, but one that reaps big rewards for those who choose to pursue it. This powerpoint presentation includes information on eligibility requirements, testing, and steps to take toward certification.
College students and CPA Candidates: take a look at our website specifically designed to give you the information and community needed to get you past the CPA finish line! Are you a new CPA looking for a community in which you can network and discuss the challenges you are facing?
In this section we provide information on requirements for certification and answer some of your most frequently asked questions.

It can be used as general information or to talk to students about the requirements of the CPA journey.
Education RequirementsMinimum 4-year bachelor degree and in most cases, 150 credit hours.Must go through credential evaluation agencies to evaluate non-US transcriptsBachelor degree recognized by HKICPAComplete Qualification Program (QP) offered by HKICPA2. I am qualified for the fast track but I want to take the Uniform CPA exam instead of this IQEX that I have never heard of. What you need to do is to register through a state in the US and go through the Uniform CPA exam.Now that Hong Kong has switched to the 4-year system at the university level, it will make the qualifying process much easier. Each state has slightly different rules on these requirements.Send your transcripts to one of the credential evaluation agencies for evaluation.

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