Want to ditch your YouTube channel (and all the videos you've uploaded) but can't figure out how?
I did manage to get my youtube account restored, but he deleted all the videos out of it and I can’t recover those. The hacker deleted all emails in my inbox (I had probably 15 emails from 10 people in my inbox, 5 of which were to remind me to do something). I used the same password somewhere else and he hacked into some other database that had that password (most likely). If you’re not prepared to recover your gmail account and can answer the questions google asks, basically you can forget getting your account back. You submit your info to Google and a computer validates it against the data the computer knows about your account. If it were humans looking at the requests, why does it take so long to say no, but only 2 minutes to say YES!

If you get a NO back from Google after submitting the account recovery form, and you don’t hear back from them within 15 minutes, start gathering more data to recover your account. This is a bit extreme, but I’m now keeping an email account that I use to sign up for everything.
Amazing…as I was going through this nightmare, I had wished google would have some sort of 2-step verification system. Here you can view a rundown of every single bit of information associated with your Google account. We're not here to judge (although those videos from the company party you uploaded probably didn't help your career any), we're just here to help. As YouTube is now owned by Google newer users need a Google account to post videos on YouTube. You can't delete your YouTube account alone here, but you can click "Close account and delete all services and info associated with it" to obliterate your entire Google existence.

It's not like you need a YouTube account to watch videos anyway, so let's get on with the account deletion! Users with a YouTube account from the olden days (May 2009 or earlier) have since been asked to merge their YouTube and Google accounts (or as the company now insists on calling it, your Google+ account, even if you totally eschew that social networking aspect of Google).
That means all your videos—and all your Gmail messages, Blogger posts, uploaded Picasa pictures, Google+ comments, and more. But perhaps you want to kill that YouTube info without actually losing your access to Gmail, Blogger, Google Calendar, Google Drive, and more.

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