Finally, finally finished looking over the other self-help books available for helping you get back together with your ex.
Breakups are always difficult for anyone but when you realize that you made a huge mistake it’s even more difficult to get them back.
Right now your ex-girlfriend is hurting and has every right to be angry if you abruptly called it off. You don’t want to wait too long because she may realize she is better off without you. Getting her back may be easy but it’s the path shortly afterwards that cause couples to split again and for good. Either way, do realize your relationship will not be the same when both of you get back together.
You broke up with your ex-girlfriend and your friends warned you that you better know what you’re doing.

If you truly made a mistake and are able to work on gaining her trust, you need to make that phone call. In the future, use your mistake as a learning experience and never jump the gun if you are truly not sure. It seemed that your friends were right because just a few days later you’re regretting your decision.
At this rate, her friends probably all know what you have done so there are a lot of things you need to undo. Once reconciling, you need to show her with your actions and words that you are truly sorry.
Her friends are coaxing her to move on and that she is better off without some guy who just dumped her. It may not be smooth sailing directly after but with work your relationship will grow to an even better place.

With her network of support you could either be dust in the wind or someone she is still pining away for. Most men begin to get angry and think that if they won their ex-girlfriend back that there is no work to be done.
It can prove to be too stressful for her and may decide she doesn’t want you anymore.

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