You can’t help missing school if you’re sick, so it is necessary to check in with teachers the day you come back, and ask friends for homework assignments. Here are just a few examples of recent designs from the Keep Calm-o-Matic creative community. Please fill out the form below and tell us why you're bringing this poster to our attention. You’ve been working on your GPA for three years. You’re preparing for the SAT, or you’ve already taken it. You’ve probably heard that you need to be well rounded, but by your late junior year and senior year, have you found a focus?
Misspellings, grammatical errors and incorrect word usage – The competition for college admittance is fierce. Missed deadlines – Between transcripts, recommendations and applications, all the deadlines can get overwhelming.
Leaving your counselor out of the loop – Your school counselor is your best resource right now. Weak letters of recommendation – Colleges ask for recommendations because they want the people who know you well to brag about you. Applying early decision instead of early action – This is an easy mistake to make, but an equally easy one to avoid. Social networking faux pas – There is a chance that representatives from your schools will check out your social networking profiles. Failing to double-, triple-, and quadruple-check – Always read every part of your application several times before submitting it. Merriam-Webster defines plagiarism as “stealing and passing off the ideas or words of another as one’s own or using another’s production without crediting the source.” As tempting as it may be to copy and paste thoughts from the Internet or the papers of others, doing so can have dire consequences for your college application. As more college admissions officers use software that easily and efficiently checks for plagiarism, the ability to “get away with it” quickly fades. With such extreme consequences, many students become anxious that they will accidently plagiarize. Between school, activities, work and friends it can be hard to find time to get your essays written and your applications sent, but putting in just a little extra effort can pay off big in the end.
Noise is distracting and trying to write while having numerous things going on around you can make it hard to concentrate.
If you’re given a generic prompt like “Why should you be accepted to the University of ___,” try to come up with a unique response that tells your story.
When you hit your rhythm, it’s easy for your writing to go in multiple directions, which can cause the flow and organization of your essay to be nonsensical. Once you’ve finished your essay, it’s imperative that you edit it thoroughly in order to catch any mistakes. In addition to sending SAT scores, high school GPA transcripts, and an admission essay to potential colleges and universities, you’ll also be asked to send in letters of recommendation. The admissions board will be interested in learning about you through your recommendation letters.
After you identify the people you’d like to ask for a recommendation, make sure you tell them why you chose them. When someone has agreed to write you a letter of recommendation, make the process easy for him or her. In order to qualify for general scholarships, you must complete the Federal Application for Financial Student Aid (FAFSA). All scholarships are competitive, whether based on academics, athletics, or special skills. Grants, like scholarships, are forms of gift aid that do not need to be repaid, but there are very few grants available to individuals. Grants can generally be used for various college expenses, but most scholarships can be used only for tuition and housing costs.
This should get you well on your way to securing financial aid, but procrastination is your main enemy. Even if you haven’t made great strides in choosing your best-fit college yet, I’m sure you’ve thought about it several times this week alone. If you have no idea what you want to do after graduation, list the jobs you definitely do not want to do. Be sure to allow yourself a cushion before the college application deadlines, as many school’s use them as an easy way to filter out less focused students. 10.Turn in your college applications as early as possible, preferably all before Thanksgiving.
You don’t have to pick your major and minor until the second semester of your sophomore year; so if you’re not positive what you want to do, don’t worry.
Start visiting as many colleges around home as possible; this will better acquaint you with college procedures, offerings, expectations, etc. While we’re sure the man or woman who got you dressed, made your dinner and filmed every volleyball you spiked is extraordinary, such an essay will likely inspire a mere groan in those all-important college admissions officers. Dig deeper with this topic and think outside the typical subjects of mom, dad and Abraham Lincoln. The point of (almost) every college admissions essay topic is to express your perspective on an issue.
If you’ve taken debate, or even if you just watch Law & Order reruns, you know the importance of making your point with evidence.
Now that you have a clear point of view and relevant supporting evidence, you must be sure that it’s a clean fight—no bashing the other side! Overall, your college admissions essay should be clear, compelling and have a viewpoint that is easy to follow. You can help confirm this entry by contributing facts, media, and other evidence of notability and mutation. In 2014, the humorous tweets continued to grow in volume and became widely adopted by high school and college students on Twitter[5], Vine[9] and Tumblr[2] as a way to commiserate over their poor academic performance. Valedictorian is based upon GPA, points which can be easily elevated by academically-easy classes like cooking, Auto-CAD, woodworking, Drama, and Music.
Researching Now The Dover Boys 10,822 views Dat Boi 372,551 views Running Man 47,838 views Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress 7,816 views Views from the 6 Cover Parodies 12,706 views Suggest a Change   Edit History Entry Editors Onion Syrup Entry Moderator Brad Le Editor Ari Spool The Mayor + Request Editorship View All Editorships Hot Today ?Que opinas? Avoid procrastinating by starting work early and trying not to cram things in the last minute.
If you want to bring your grade in a class up a letter, just find a way to manage your time!
Click through to see more designs, create your own, share designs and purchase customised products. Although your grades and test scores certainly help qualify you, your dream school(s) likely want to see more than numbers.
Even if, or especially if, this isn’t true for your school, a commitment to the betterment of your community goes a long way with college admissions officers. With college applications adding to the homework and extracurricular activities that already dominate your senior year, your road to college can seem endless. A misplaced apostrophe or a misspelled word can mean the difference between an acceptance letter and crushing disappointment. The best way to keep track of everything is to create a master calendar with all the important dates for each college listed.

They aren’t necessarily looking for the standout student who led the basketball team to the state championships while presiding over the chess club and starring in the school play; and lying could make all of your real achievements seem illegitimate.
If you keep your counselor informed, he or she can help make sure your transcripts and other materials arrive at each college without errors and well before the deadline. Unless you know the governor on a first-name basis, it is best to restrict your letters to teachers. Many colleges offer early decision, which is binding upon admittance, as well as early action, which is not. However, if you limit your list to just a few schools in a very specific category, you could end up without many options. Look to be sure that you used the correct college name in any essay and that every part of your application is complete. However, if you’re careful, you’ll be thankful once those acceptance letters start to roll in.
You have a football game tomorrow, work on Sunday and most importantly, a big date on Saturday night.
Those found plagiarizing their college admissions essays will have their application denied. Everything in your application from your SAT test scores to the essays needs to be absolutely the best you have to offer.
Plagiarism by definition is purposeful but nevertheless, but follow these simple steps to avoid trouble. If your essay requires any outside information, do the research beforehand and make quick notes. When using any full or partial quotes from any outside sources, do not forget to properly cite the source and use quotation marks.
If you have a quote that you think is too long, paraphrasing it may be the best way to get your point across. While there is no harm in talking about potential essay topics with your friends, it may be better to keep your final copy to yourself.
Some are born to do it, while others have a hard time reeling in their thoughts and putting them on paper. While hanging out in the local cafe might help get you motivated, the steady flow of customers and the accompanying chatter could prove to be very counterproductive.
If this is a long-standing family tradition, talk about how the university has made a difference in your family member’s life and how it resulted in shaping your decision. Create an outline before you start, noting the points you want to make and in which order you want to make them. Not only is it a compliment to be asked, but by telling each person why you’ve chosen him or her, you will also help each person to identify what you’d like him or her to say.
Even though you think your parents earn too much money to qualify for a need-based scholarship, it’s still a good idea to complete the FAFSA since most colleges and universities wait on the FAFSA results before offering any assistance. Many scholarships require auditions, extra essays, portfolio evaluation, interviews, and other competitive materials. These include thousands of awards from companies, all of which require essays addressing their special criteria. Also, grants generally come from government offices or non-profit organizations, while scholarships come from a variety of sources. As noted above, many scholarships have deadlines in October with semi-finalists being notified around Thanksgiving. Remember, each school sets its own deadlines and makes its own rules; and these are non-negotiable. Make an appointment with each other so you will have plenty of time to really talk to each other. Remember, the question just indicates “influence” — it does not have to be someone you know directly or even your personal hero.
The point is not to give accolades to your subject, but to analyze how you have been changed or swayed. Whether it’s about a societal problem or something you’re passionate about, your essay has to prove to admissions officers that you have a clear point that is backed up throughout the paper.
Yes, we said don’t be a people pleaser, but that doesn’t mean to vilify anyone who holds the opposite viewpoint. Of course, our editors at Essay Focus work with students every day who need essay help — contact us today! On Twitter, the phrase is usually accompanied by photographs or animated GIFs depicting a variety of futile or ineffective attempts at accomplishing an infeasible goal.
The attached image shows Fez (portrayed by Wilmer Valderrama) of That ’70s Show attempting to seduce Jackie’s mom. The “me trying to get my grades up” jokes saw a significant spike between May and June as the end of the academic year approached in schools across the United States.
A major cause of poor grades is doing work right before it’s due and coming to a point where you don’t care. When you do not attend school, it is your responsibility to make up tests, homework, and class information that you missed. Focus on what needs to be adjusted during the second semester that will make you a better student. If the essay prompt asks for your opinion on an issue of international concern, try to find an issue that actually means something to you. Find an organization you’re passionate about and build time into your schedule, even if you have only a few hours a week to spare.
Speeding through your college applications might be tempting, but it will only make your journey all the more difficult.
You don’t want to leave out important activities and awards, but it is best to show your commitment to a few activities throughout your high school career. If you are completely sure about your dream school, applying early decision can positively affect your chances. Do not base your applications on where your friends are going, and visit as many schools as you can to ensure that you have a variety of options. If your email address is slightly less than professional, now is the time to create a new one. Students who have already been accepted are likely to have their acceptances revoked; and those already taking classes could have their credits erased.
It’s safe to say that securing your future may be worth putting in the few extra hours on your essay.
No matter which camp you’re in, there are some basic tips that make the essay writing process a little bit easier.
If the school has one of the top programs for your major, launch into a story of how you discovered what field you want to go into and why this school is the perfect fit.
Be sure to print your essay and read it aloud to catch those awkward phrasing and mistakes you could miss when reading it on a computer screen.
You should think carefully about who to ask, what aspect of your relationship with them you’d like them to highlight, and how to make the process as easy for them as possible.
It would not be in your best interest to ask for three references that focus solely on your academic standing. For instance, you might tell your coach you think he or she would write an excellent recommendation about your diligence and determination, even in the face of loss and failure.

If the college or university requires hard copy recommendations, provide each person with an already addressed and stamped envelope. Therefore, you should gather your parents’ income information as early in January as possible. Be sure to check each university’s requirements for admissions scholarships to the university itself and then again the department’s mandates for scholarships.
Check to see if your choice(s) of colleges automatically consider you for scholarships and grants. For instance, if you know that you want to design video games, first compile a list of all the colleges that offer accredited degrees in video game design.
In this case, select a school with a strong liberal arts program so you can take a variety of courses to see what catches your fancy. If your college is not included here, go to the school’s website and fill out the application online. It could be statistical data, results from a recently published study or merely a personal experience you’ve had. A smart college applicant will state their perspective, recognize any opposing views, and then use supporting evidence to prove your original point. In the following months, a number of variations on the same theme began to surface on Twitter as the end of the semester approached.
All there is to it is sitting at a desk, couch, or on the floor in some people’s cases, and writing down what you know.
According to the Kaiser Family Foundation Website, teens can spend up to 7 hours a day using videogames, the television, cell phones, and most importantly, the internet. Start changing your habits by spreading out work over a longer period of time and avoid staying up too late, doing everything in one night.
Not very hard.  When you are absent, you are missing the information you need for future assignments, tests, and life.
By changing a few things in your day-to-day high school life, you’ll have at least decent grades by the time you graduate. It’s better to choose a less widely discussed issue and display deeper insight than to tackle a problem too vast to wrap your head around.
Wouldn’t it just be easier to just copy someone else’s essay or better yet, buy one online? Give these a try as you begin drafting essays for college admissions requirements and scholarship applications.
Don’t be afraid to stray away from standard answers and really give a glimpse into who you are. You might tell your chemistry teacher you think he or she would write an excellent recommendation about your ability to think critically and find solutions to problems. If the university accepts electronic letters, send him or her the necessary links and instructions.
The Coca-Cola Scholars program also awards scholarships to outstanding seniors; the current deadline for applying is October 31. You can determine accreditation by checking out the school’s website, usually under “accreditations,” “about us,” or something similar. All degrees have similar basic requirements which are to be completed your freshman and sophomore years. Even after graduation and acceptance into your dream school, the admissions officer can withdraw or increase his offer of scholarship or even the invitation to attend if your grades go up or down.
College is a place where you will be exposed to people and perspectives that are unfamiliar to you. If you are one who chooses to avoid the matter of homework in general, doing even a couple assignments will help boost your grade in that class! It’s easy to eliminate a couple of those hours using technology and do some much-needed homework. Admissions officers won’t expect a high school student to be an expert on any subject, but showing a commitment to your passions can help differentiate you from other applicants.
Your letters will be much more detailed and heartfelt if your teachers aren’t crunched for time.
Having a fresh set of eyes look at your work can give you a different perspective for suggested tweaks and changes.
So, while you should get one recommendation from an educator (counselor, teacher, etc.), ask for other recommendation letters from people who will highlight your other strengths.
By providing these details, you are identifying the character traits you’d like each person to write about without telling them what to write.
Make sure you also provide any additional information or instructions that may be unique to a specific college or university. Some are awarded to students pursuing particular fields of study or to students who are part of underrepresented groups and students. These include English, history and government, fine arts, science, physical education, math, foreign language, and social science.
Each type has both advantages and disadvantages and should be carefully considered in order to find your best match. Has an author inspired you with their words, or has a part-time job or a field trip influenced what you want to study? Your essay will be much stronger when you make a point and back it up with evidence or personal experience. Providing relevant evidence in your application essay will prove that, if accepted, you will be able to handle any term paper or research project thrown your way.
Admissions officers will use your essay to judge whether you can be respectful to those whose views are different from your own. Most of the teachers at AHS are more than willing to spend a few minutes going over what you need help with. It is also a good idea to provide them with a copy of your resume or a list of academic and other achievements. In other words, you should do everything for your recommenders other than writing the letter! List the characteristics most important to you in selecting a college, then begin investigating to see which schools best fit your ideals. Avoid phrases such as, “On the other hand” or “Others may feel.” It’s better to acknowledge the other side, but make your own views clear. Understanding the material means understand your homework, which means you’ll get good grades on tests. Consider what your best traits are, and then consider who would be able to discuss those traits persuasively in a recommendation letter. For example, a degree in engineering will require many hours of upper level math, whereas a degree in early childhood education might only require two lower level math courses. The admissions director will respect your opinion and how you express it, regardless of whether they agree. Don’t forget to see if your parents’ companies provide scholarships to employees’ children.

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